Day 4: Going out

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The saved-up GP was used up in yesterday’s production work, and the third time’s the charm. Today would be the day I’d go outside. 

Honestly, limited materials are available at this stage, and I was tired of doing stay-at-home production. For a change of pace, I decided to go out for the first time on my fourth day of playing. 

But as soon as I opened the door and stepped out, I was forced to look up. 

This was the first time this had happened to me, so I was slightly surprised. It seemed like something you’d find in a game. 

A large shadow was cast across the field, which reflected on the roof. Giant flying ship?

“A blimp!”

“It’s a circus!”

“The Yufaz circus is here!”

The children ran after the ship with such voices.

The magnificent orchestral sound of the BGM echoed through the air, and fireworks shot up from the ship. 

Then a large number of flyers were scattered all over the place. When I caught one of the flyers that fell down and looked at it, it read, “Yufaz circus begins performances tomorrow!” the big headline read.

The music eventually fades out as the ship moves away, and the usual everyday BGM returns. 

What was that? It was beautiful and dramatic, just like a movie opening. 

While standing blankly, I heard a popping sound and the Guild App symbol appeared. It seemed there was an update.

When I opened it and checked, I found that the number of mission types had increased. One was [World Mission], and the other was [Special Mission].

The world missions seem to have been opened by going outside, and they are accomplished by going to various places. There were items such as [Going to Lestein Guild HQ] and [Going outside the city].

The special missions are related to a limited-time event that starts today and lasts for a week—the items included [Get a circus ticket] and [Tailor a circus member’s clothes].

This one had a slightly different reward. Instead of GP, it was SGP. I wonder if it means Special Guild Points?

Maybe what I just saw was some opening for the event. 

Is there any information in the announcement from the management? With that thought in mind, I opened the system panel, and sure enough, there was an event announcement. 

[World event “Yufaz circus troupe performance” will be held on April 28th at 14:00!]

[Complete missions and collect Special Guild Points! SGP can be exchanged for various items. Some items are exclusive to this event, be sure to check them out.]

[there are also many secret missions available. Let’s get to know the circus members and discover the hidden missions!]

That was the announcement.

Hmm, it sounds kind of fun. For a beginner among beginners like me, it seems a little too much. 

I should concentrate on going to various places and collecting materials first. The events will happen as I encounter them, but my priority is to familiarize myself with the game.

I’ll start from the top world mission [Going to Lestein Guild HQ].

Lestein is the capital of the Fortress Country, a fortified town with a castle at its center. It has a somewhat steampunk-like ambiance, with factory-like chimneys and airships flying overhead. 

And there are many massive towers. My home was not an independent building but was built as part of a large tower.

Although there are not many clear and open spaces, there are many small squares where people can relax or where children can play. 

There are so many stairs. Since it is a virtual space, I can move forward without getting tired, but if I lived in this town in the real world, it would be challenging to get used to it. 

For the record, I’m currently in a semi-active mode. In this setting, players can sense other players’ presence and communicate with each other to some extent using stamps, but they can’t have voice conversations with other players and can’t make contact with each other.

Since this is an MMO, I want to feel the other people’s presence but not necessarily make friends with them. This is the perfect setting for someone like me. 

This is how I plan to keep it for the time being, unless otherwise felt necessary. 

While displaying the map, I went around the guild, the library, the central street crowded with various stores, the fountain square in front of the royal castle, the port where the airship docks and other places I thought were interesting. 

Sadly, you can’t enter the library and the castle without a permit. 

I was invited to join a clan in the guild, but I declined. 

That’s a community of players, right? Since I want to live a carefree solo life, I don’t think I plan to join unless I have a good reason. 

I also happened to find the circus troupe’s tent. Seeing people who looked like the troupe’s members struggling to set up their tents and practice their performances were nice. 

Although many onlookers like me, it was not so crowded that I couldn’t move freely. I had expected that the central spot would be amazing during the event, but I was slightly disappointed. 

According to what I heard, the servers are further divided into areas where crowding is expected during the events, so the game doesn’t lose its comfort level. 

Moreover, players are forced to enter an individual event mode when talking to NPCs, so they don’t have to wait in long lines for a single NPC.

There was a phenomenon where players were disappearing one after another. I thought perhaps they had all logged out one after another, but that was probably the moment they went into individual mode. 

Walking around like this, it was hard not to notice that the area where my store was built seemed remote. The area was so quiet, and they were hardly any pedestrians. 

There were signs around that looked like stores besides mine, but I guessed they were players’ stores that had just started playing the game like me.

They probably have to move to a busier location to attract more customers or make the area more lively on their own. 

But the latter is unlikely to happen. In any case, other players will eventually move out thinking the same thing, which makes it even more unlikely. 

But there is something romantic about a store in secluded places, isn’t there?

Simply wandering around like this is enjoyable. 

The townscape is beautiful, and observing the people on the street is interesting.

I could go on and on. There are so many people in cute outfits.

It occurred to me that until now, I had remained in the same clothes I had chosen in my character creation.

It’s not shabby, but it is ordinary. Is it not good for a tailor to stay like this forever?

For starters, I would aim to get my own clothes in order. 

This requires materials and money. And this money should be obtained at no cost as much as possible. 

Okay, tomorrow I’ll go outside the town and do some gatherings. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・World Events Discussions】

[Ma Yu]
Sad news: there is no Ryl-sama
I wanna cry

The last two times Ryl-sama was favored too much even though Ryl-sama is a very popular character
I believe there’s a hidden secret

Is there any way that the group is involved in the secret?
If you read the announcement, it says to look for the group members

It happens rarely
But the strategy team is awesome
The guy who won the tribute to Princess Felke some time ago is insane

[Ma Yu]
Did you try all the items you have thoroughly?

That sounds like Chon www

Eh? Seriously? (;´・ω・)
How much free time do you have?
I spend all my time at home in Kimakura. Did you spend all your time in Kimakura?

Kimakura. I’m sure y’all playing Kimakura are bored
That’s an exaggeration, I don’t play all the time
I got the jackpot around the 200th 
At that point, I gave up, thinking that there would be no more events like that one

[Yoshio www]
You must have some major free time to be able to do that now www
Maybe you’re a NEET pretending to be a corporate slave? www
Do you keep your eye on the forum 24/7? www

Hey, you got a boomerang stuck on your back

[Behind the Shadow]
If you have a production job, you should be collecting soda
Fog crystal is a priority since its event-only items
Star crystal will be a top priority once its discovered

Thank you, Shadow-san
I will collect soda and fog crystal for now

I suppose it’s well put, but the management is somewhat unreasonable to the users
At least tell the players how many easter eggs you’ve placed in or the total number 

Wasn’t Magdalene selling foggy shit?

It’s a deadly fog, isn’t it?

I was fooled…

I mean, how sick can you be to repeat that process 200 times?

It’s Kimakura. Watching the live stream while playing Kimakura. You’ll be able to play mindlessly

Not another Mikoto Lyria Giltoa favorable treatment

Wake me up when you find Ciel-sama’s event

Closed forever

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