Vol. 1 Chapter 04: Audience with the King

After a black hole appeared above the campus, the next day, I come to the Royal Castle to have an audience with His Majesty the King.
Many people seemed to witness the black sphere that floated yesterday, even though it vanished immediately, it causes an uproar in the royal capital.
A knight dispatched to investigate at the academy, and I was questioned. Of course, I emphasize that Prince Edwin is the one who was responsible.
Not only the prince and the principal, but the teacher and the students who see that also get questioned.
Wearing school uniforms seems an acceptable dress code for an audience. It appears to get the same treatment as formal wear like a military uniform.

When the heavy door of the audience chamber opened, the guide knight was urging me to enter.
In the back of the chamber, paved with red carpet and decorated with luxurious furniture, sat a good-looking middle-aged man. The Queen sat next to the King, and around them were the leaders of the country.
I know information about major noble, but I don’t know who they are because I can’t match the name with their face.

I went inside the audience chamber and gave a courtesy; His Majesty calls out.
「Yumiela Dolknes, raise your head.」
When I raised my head, his Majesty continued to speak.
「I know what happened at the academy. It seems that my foolish son and the academy teachers have behaved impolitely. Please forgive me, Lady Yumiela. 」
His Majesty apologizes with a slight bow that caused the audience chamber in an uproar. I never thought I would receive an apology from his Majesty.
「N-no. His Majesty shouldn’t apologize。
I did something outlandish and caused trouble for those around me. I’m sincerely sorry. 」
When I apologized in a hurry, his Majesty said in a gentle voice.
「Please raise your head, Lady Yumiela. At the entrance ceremony, there were many ways to check your level, whether using physical strength or magic.
I think it’s unfair to denounce it with a one-sided decision. 」

「But, it’s hard to believe that such a delicate young lady is level 99. Some of my men are suspicious.
Therefore, I’m going to let Adolf make the judgment. Everyone will have to accept his words. 」
Declared his Majesty, a big man as old as his Majesty step forward.
He is Adolf, the Commander of the Knights, praised as the strongest in the kingdom. If I’m not mistaken, he’s level 60. Considering the suitable level to fight Demon King in the game is 60-70, he is strong.

He pulls his sword in silence as he stands in front of me, and swing the sword sideways aiming at my neck. Eh, suddenly?
Is it okay to fight back? I feel bad using magic in front of the king without permission. His Majesty never told me to fight back or defend against the attack.
I should’ve moved out of the way, but I must not jump backward. And I should avoid running out of the allowed movement range at the audience chamber.
At that moment, I thought quickly and bowed deeply to evade Commander Adolf’s attack. The sword sweeps over above my head.

「No one in the Knights can deal with the blow. Moreover, you can maintain your composure to think quickly and evade it. I have no doubt her level is real. 」
Said Commander Adolf, he didn’t notice the loud surrounding when he swings the sword.
「Please forgive me, Lady Yumiela. It’s shameful to launch a surprise attack as a knight, but I can’t go against his Majesty’s order. 」
I can only hear Commander Adolf apologized.
It seemed like he acts on his Majesty order.
His Majesty was scheming to lull me in a sense of security, and his men will do the dirty work. He’s using the apology at the start to make me more receptive to the conversation.
「Forgive me for the unexpected, Lady Yumiela. I’m glad you didn’t get injured.
Then, can you show me your magic? I don’t mind if you use these small things. 」
After Commander Adolf returning to his Majesty’s side, he asked her to demonstrate her dark magic.
「Hai, excuse me.」
Contemplating what kind of magic that didn’t affect the surrounding area, I cast Shadow Lance.
When several shadow lances jumped out of my shadow, the surroundings began kicking up a fuss.

「Woah, it’s the rare dark magic. Is the dark attribute dangerous? 」
An older man in a robe answered his Majesty’s question.
「Dark attribute is an attribute similar to the other four basic attributes or light attributes.
It is unusually strong. It’s weak against the light attribute, but it’s formidable against the basic four attributes.
It’s all depending on how you used it. 」
「Dark magic also used by high ranking monsters. Isn’t that bad? 」
「There are monsters who able to manipulate the four basic attributes, even light attributes mentioned in the existing literature. But I’m not sure about the authenticity.
It seems like many people have lousy prejudice against dark attribute users because they’re rare. 」
「Well, people are afraid of unusual and unknown things. Maybe it’s the same reason why they seemed to despise black hair. 」
We could hear His Majesty and the Grand Wizard talking to each other. I wonder if they are having this conversation for my sake.
In this world, dark magic and black hair are having the worst image. So, I feel grateful.

「Lady Yumiela has reached the world’s remarkable height. How splendid.
I want to ask about the process that brought you to this achievement. 」
His Majesty seemed interested in the method that I use for leveling up. Maybe it might affect national power. I don’t think it’s a useful reference because I did nothing special?
「I’m not doing anything special. I just keep defeating the monsters.
I had been fortunate enough to deal with magic since level 1. 」
「Was there a teacher?」
「No, I taught myself. At first, I went to the forest in our territory to defeat monsters. When I’ve grown accustomed to the forest, I continued to dive into the dungeon. 」
「Dungeon? Was there a dungeon in the Dolknes territory? 」
「There is a dungeon where many dark attribute monsters appear. It’s not popular because it puts the four basic attributes at a disadvantage. 」
I’ve never seen someone inside the dungeon.
It was a bonus stage for the heroine in the game.

「There is no teacher? Don’t you have combat training? 」
「Yes. I thought that raising my level and defeating monsters would be better than doing combat training. 」
「A-ah, really?」
For some reason, the mood plummet. There’s a theory in this country if you train enough, you will be able to fight monsters.
「Did no one ever stops you because it’s dangerous?」
「Ah, I’m afraid I was sneaking out of the residence without permission…
They didn’t realize it because I’m always home when my private tutor came. 」
「Your parents… ah, forgive me. 」
He remembered my parents never leave the capital, and I can see his pitiful gaze. But it was enjoyable and fun.

「There’s something particular that I did… oh, I wear growth charm. 」
Charms are equipment that can have various effects. Growth charm has the effect of doubling experience.
You can buy this item after you defeated the demon king in the game but was sold generally in stores.
「You didn’t bring protection charm?!」
Charms can affect each other, and sometimes it won’t work if you have more than two.
A protection charm has the effect of preventing a single, fatal attack. It’s useful but rarely used in the game.
It was the most expensive thing in the store.
「O-oh, and I also used a monster summoning flute.」
Monster summoning flute is an item that forces the monster to encounter.
It was different from the game because the monster didn’t always appear when you walked around, it’s handy.

「Adolf, can you follow that method?」
「I’m not willing to part with my protection charm when I’m alone blowing the monster summoning flute, it’s terrifying.」
His Majesty and Commander Adolf are looking at my way.
That’s regrettable that you can only level up with average efficiency. I rarely brush with death.

Clearing his throat in a stuffy atmosphere, his Majesty opened his mouth.
「Yumiela Dolknes. I want you to wield your strength as this kingdom’s sword. 」
「Yes, your Majesty. As one of your Majesty’s faithful subjects, I will serve as this kingdom’s shield. 」
I nodded my head in acceptance of his Majesty’s order, but I slightly changed my words.
It’s my declaration of intent that I won’t be a human weapon that will invade the foreign kingdom.
「Let’s working together exerting our power in case of national danger. 」
I had the peace of mind that his Majesty acknowledged and accepted my intention.

「I would like to reward you for your unprecedented achievement. You may freely speak if you wish.
I will prepare the peerage, territory, and national grade treasure. And a proof the royal family welcoming you. 」
The audience chamber descent into chaos over his Majesty generosity.
I’m probably being tested. Is the thing I want money, prestige, or marriage to the prince?
「I’m grateful for the unexpected rewards.
I wish for a peaceful life. If the kingdom and the people around me are living in peace and had enough food, clothing and shelter… there’s nothing I wished more than that. 」
「I’ll do my best in my endeavor for your peace.
But you have no desire. You can say if you have something else you want, I’ll make the arrangements. 」
His Majesty seemed happy with my answer and oozed this small bitter atmosphere.
He probably worried that no chain ties me to the kingdom.
That’s right if there’s something unpleasant happened I’m planning to run out of the kingdom.

I left the audience chamber when my audience with the King finished.
The tension is no joke. But I was relieved that I was able to speak to your Majesty.
I had the assumption that his Majesty would one-sidedly decide whether I join the war or not. If that happens, I will run away with all my might.

The knight still guides me on my way back, but it seemed we took a different path from where I came.
I asked the knight who was going farther and farther into the palace.
「Ano, it looks like we’re going in a different direction from the exit…」
「Yes, Her Majesty invited Lady Yumiela to the royal tea ceremony. 」

It seems that I cant get back from the palace yet.


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