Day 11: Set up

Day 11 login

Since I ran out of time yesterday during the preparation stage, today is the day for the final stitching. 

This time, each piece is made by repeating the process. Since the detailed specifications will not be reflected in the final product, the method used this time is to repeat making each part and component piece by piece. 

The key seems to be how much pattern paper is placed on the workbench. For example, if I put the pattern for a sleeve part and materials appropriate for that part and use the skill, the process will only finish for the sleeve. 

The entire piece is finished when multiple parts are made and the patterns are placed and sewn. 

This arrangement has benefited me as someone who likes to elaborate on various decorations. 

Let’s start with the clothing part, which is easy to make. 

Blouses should be tucked into the bust and lined with gold buttons on the front. 

The jacket is hemmed with gold braids from the cuffs and collar. 

This one uses a large gold button. It’s an original design that I bought with a lily crest engraved on it. 

This is the first time I’ve bought someone else’s original design item after falling in love at first sight, and it cost me a lot of money. It probably made up half of the material cost. 

And the lining is red satin fabric. 

Although it’s not usually visible, it gets slightly more exciting when taken off. I don’t know if there are situations where I would take off my clothes or not. 

The pleated skirt is pleated to a very fine pleat, almost accordion-like. The length is above the knee. 

It is decorated with a gold ribbon at the waist, which hangs long enough to hang down to the knees when tied.

For the Napoleon Hat, which is the centerpiece, I decorated it with the same braid and gold buttons as the jacket. Then I used some leftover Full Moon Rabbit Fur and white bird feathers to give it a gorgeous look. 

The last one is boots, which were quite tricky for me to modify without knowledge of shoemaking. The best I could do was to change the color and parts and adjust the length. 

I wanted to go with high heels but didn’t have any recipes for reference, so I’ll settle for standard low heels. 

This was probably my only complaint about this outfit. Once it was finished, I was not unhappy with it. 

The boots were knee-length, high boots made of white leather and gold metal fittings. 

This completes the work. I click on the 『Finish』 button. 

This is the first time I’ve seen it. 

Some items can be set up. Do you want to make it a set item?


Oh? Oh?

Um, you mean, like, I’ve created a coordinated look with the Intelligence Cloth. Can I make it a set item or something?

What should I do? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

No browser is available in this state, even if I wanted to check it out. 

Alright, let’s make this a set item. 

By selecting 『Yes』, the inventory is expanded, and the hat, jacket, blouse, and skirt are available for selection. Okay, not all of them, but two or three would be fine. 

The boots are excluded, probably because this is the only item that wasn’t made with Intelligence Cloth. 

Since it was a good opportunity, I selected all of them. 

In the end, it looks like I can name the set item. I think 【Female Captain’s Costume Set (White)】 is fine. 

The details of the finished item looked like this. 

【Female Captain’s Jacket (White)】
Quality: ★★
This clothing has brain activation power.
Common usage: Wearing
Concentration +20
Set bonus: Concentration+40

【Female Captain’s Blouse (White)】
Quality: ★★
This clothing has brain activation power.
Common usage: Wearing
Set bonus: Concentration +40

【Female Captain’s Skirt (White)】
Quality: ★★
This clothing has brain activation power.
Common usage: Wearing
Concentration +10
Set bonus: Concentration +40

【Female Captain’s Bicorne Hat (White)】
Quality: ★★
A hat that has brain activation power. |
Common usage: Wearing
Concentration +10
Set bonus: Concentration +40|
Possible skill acquired: Accuracy

【Female Captain’s Boots (White)】
Quality: ★
Common usage: Wearing

I didn’t know there was such a thing as a set bonus. This special effect occurs when wearing a set of items together. 

Compared to items that aren’t set, items in a set are less effective when worn individually. 

That makes sense. For those who want to enjoy coordinating their outfits in various ways, it may be better not to set them as a set. 

But why is it that only the jacket has a higher effect? What bothers me most is the 【Possible skill acquired: Accuracy】 attached only to the Bicorne Hat. 

According to the strategy site, skills are acquired through repeated use of a particular item or long-term wearing. 

This is different from other effects because it disappears as soon as the wearer acquires the skill, so it is not possible for many players to learn a skill from a single item! 

Even so, this allows one ability to be used permanently regardless of whether it is equipped or not. 

Although I don’t know why such an effect was suddenly added to this item, it seems like a good deal. 

And this 『Accuracy』….

Optional Skill  30% consumption
Aiming accuracy. 

Somehow, I get the feeling this is a skill for hunters. In my opinion, this skill doesn’t seem useful right now. 

Alright, let’s put on the finished items right away. 

I also put on a pair of black tights I had bought in advance. The tights seem to be made by weavers, I can’t make them with my skills. 

The special effects of these items don’t increase as they are stacked. The items can be stacked as many times as desired, but the maximum number of items that can be registered as special attachments to activate their effects is five. 

Even if I put on all the items I just made, only four slots would be filled because boots and tights don’t have any abilities attached to them. 

But thanks to the set bonus, the concentration value is +90, which is a huge increase. The value added by the items is even higher than my original status. 

When I stood in front of the mirror, I saw a beautiful, fresh captain dressed in gold and pure white. 

Mhmm, I’m satisfied. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・Tailor Room Discussions】

It’s a Vermilion Cloak, which is common among the three countries
The other jobs are the same for all the major NPC clans

I thought the HQ was in Danama?
Does it make any difference if your branch has a master or submaster? 

[Don’t deny it]
There is no difference
If you’re trying to increase favorability, it’s better to have a high encounter rate
Avery and Seliart usually wander around in other countries

I guess both the clan and the workshop are the same

You can enter both

I’m not a cripple nor a real life professional, I can’t do both

[Don’t deny it]
If you don’t complete your missions, you’ll be expelled from the group w
I envy those who have good communication skills
It’s the quickest way for the players to share materials and produce with each other 

[Piano jam]
The problem is that the weavers’ population is catastrophically small
Why didn’t they just mix them with tailors?
Except for the merchants who specialize in being a middleman, which is unfair

No, honestly, I wonder how many people would be able to handle the weaving work even if they were mixed

The people who want the production will want to see the finished product, and the people who don’t want to make it will turn to hunters and gatherers, and it’s not in anyone’s best interest
Who wants to work on weaving? I’d avoid it unless you want to do it

From that viewpoint, I’m sure there are many subtleties going on in the players’ clan, too
The last clan I was in disbanded when the only weaver ran away

The clan didn’t disband that quickly, is it a bad clan?

That happens more often than not
People who are business-minded will disband or unfriend the clan as soon as they can’t achieve their goals

It’s a tough world out there

[Piano jam]
What’s the point of having a clan if you can’t achieve your goals?
It’s a very parasitical player’s way of thinking 

It’s testing our ability to ignore the nonsense 

[Anticlimax lizard]
I’m not sure about what Poifreu said
It’s not an anonymous forum

I thought so

Okay, okay, enough
You will be temporarily frozen by the police AI again

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