Chapter 58: Today’s soup is salty

Good morning. 

Last night, Nell and I slept in bed together. 

I get out of bed. 

Nell is still sound asleep in her bed. 

The sun hasn’t even risen yet. 

It was still too early to wake her up. 

I leave the room by jumping open the door, leaving the inn to use the toilet at the town’s dirt road. 

“Ohh, good morning, Neko-san.”

On my way back to the inn, I met Nancy. 

She was carrying a jug of water, probably because she was fetching water. 

“We are out of fresh meat today, aren’t we?

Perhaps I should have Nell practice her errand skills.”

Nell is around four years old, right?

Isn’t she a little too young to be running errands?

She needs two or three more years. 

“I wonder how cat meat tastes like, ufufufu.”

Blah, blah, blah!

Instinctively, my hairs stand up in alarm. 

“Huh? It’s like you can understand what I’m talking about. 

Fufu, I can see why Nell likes to play with you.”

Am I being used as a toy? 

I hope not. 

“I’m going to wake her up soon. Come with me.”

I followed Nancy into the inn. 

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Nancy woke Nell up for breakfast. 

She prepared some soup and rang the bell on the counter. 

The people staying at the inn wake up. 

“Good morning. Morning, Nell-chan.”

“Good morning!”

Nell served the guests with a smile. 

The elderly male customer smiles and hands Nell a few coppers for pocket money. 

He told her to use them to buy herself a snack she liked. 

“Thank you, sir.”

“No, no. 

My son has grown up, but he’s still unmarried. 

I can’t wait to have a grandchild like Nell.”

Nell came over to me.

“I’ll buy you some treats later!”

Good girl. 

But the money was given to Nell. 

She should be the one to spend it. 

“Nell, you can buy some treats, but would you mind running an errand for me?”

While saying this, Nancy gives her several silver coins. 

She told Nell to buy enough poultry with this money. 

“Okaay! Neko-san, follow me!”

I would offer to share some poultry with her, but I think she’s doing it mainly to practice Nell’s errand skills. 

I didn’t want to interfere with her education. 

Nell ate her soup with some bread for breakfast. 

I got a bowl of soup. 

The salt and spices used in the soup were apparently added to the soup bowl afterward. 

That makes sense because salt and spices are costly in this town. 

The more soup you have leftover, the more money you lose. 

This must be Nancy’s way of saving money. 

As a result, the soup I’m served contains no salt or spices. 

……But today it was supposed to be dried meat soup. 


The saltiness from the dried meat is a bit strong. 

I have no idea why I find it salty, but cats are supposed to be insensitive to saltiness. 

I emptied my bowl inside my four-dimensional space when everyone’s attention was not focused on me. 

Sorry, Nancy. 

When breakfast was over, it was time for Nell’s first errand. 

I’ll have to keep a close eye on her. 

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