Chapter 53: King Franbel’s worry

Franbel IV’s point of view

The Grand Mage that Nico was referring to was a tawny cat.

That reminds me, the stray cat that showed up when I summoned the hero was a tawny cat just like that one.

Is he still alive and well?

Nope, there’s no time to think about such unnecessary things right now.

In the meantime, I’ll appraise the cat in front of me. 


Appraisal Results

Name: xxxxxx

Lv: 2x (xx years old)

Race: Cat

Skills: [Appraisal xx] [xxxx] 

[Lightning Lv 11] [xxxx Lv 3] [xxxx]

[xx Lv 4]

[xx Value 100x] [xx Lv xx]


HP xxx/1,920 MP 1,3xx/1,3xx

ATK 337 DEF xx MAT 3xx MDF xx SPD 473 INT xx LUK xx

Title: [The One Who Defeated the Champion] [The Savior] [xxx]

[False x] [xxx]

An orange tabby cat that has been xxxx. He xxxx human.

He has xxxx a dragon. 


It’s useless.

It’s blocking my appraisal. 

The other party seems to have some kind of appraisal obstruction. 

Or is their appraisal magic interfering?

The appraisal disguise skill doesn’t work on the royalty. 

This means that all the appraisal information that we get in bits and pieces is true. 

ATK 337 or approximately 34 times more powerful than an adult adventurer. 

Even a minotaur has about ATK 100.

And the number of skills, the extraordinary HP. 

The cat has the power of an ancient dragon. 

He can even master the human language. 

With these characteristics, there is no doubt. 

This fellow must be Cat Sith, the King of Cats.

If it were a human being that was transforming, then the species would be human and not a cat. 

It seems that I’ve invited the most extraordinary person. 

This cat is more powerful than the Demon King and equivalent to an ancient dragon. 

If we anger him, he could destroy both the castle and the country. 

For the moment, let’s pretend that the great mage is in disguise. 

It would be unfortunate if I offended him by asking unnecessary questions. 

Cat Sith-dono offered us information about the Demon King, Sylph and the elf.

According to him, the elf had taken up residence without his permission. 

They wanted to expand the forest and set up barriers, hmmm.

After finishing those talks, he wrote, [Please don’t interfere with my life.]

“Hmm… Grand Mage-dono, thank you for the valuable information. I appreciate it.”

The army disrupts Cat Sith-dono’s life and puts him in a bad mood.

If we anger him further, it will be a disaster. 

I will send no more troops to the forest in the future. 

“Your Majesty! Are you going to take this cat’s word seriously?

What do you think he’s doing living with the elf?

Are you sure he’s not part magical beast part of the Demon King’s army?!”

Are you stupid?!

Thanks to Cat Sith-dono, there was no damage from the basilisk, the heroes were protected, and the forest was at peace!

How dare you call him part of the Demon King’s army! 

However, if Cat Sith-dono were to get serious, it would be equal to an ancient dragon’s seriousness, it would be able to bury the Demon King easily. 

Not doing so means that he is neither on the human’s side nor the Demon King’s side. 

On the flip side, there is a good chance that he could become the enemy of humanity. 

“Minister, if this cat were working under the Demon King, we would have taken care of long ago.

I have the skill called [Appraisal Lv 13].

I used that to examine some of his statuses, and it seems that the Grand Mage has abilities comparable to an ancient dragon.”

Although I said that, deep down I didn’t feel like living. 

I had taken upon myself to expose my skill, which I would have preferred to keep a secret if possible. 

But since there was a good chance the Minister would say something disrespectful, I went ahead and shut that possibility. 

I caught a quick glimpse of Cat Sith-dono. 

Oh, he looks a little grumpy. 

Following this, I permitted him to live in the forest, promised not to send any more troops to his forest dwelling, and sent him home. 

He left with the wooden box. 

When I offered him other gifts in appreciation, he refused. 

Instead of giving him money and stuff, he told me to give it to those in need. 

What a man of character. 

He’s a cat, though. 

The exhaustion from the emotional strain I had endured made me decide to go to bed early. 

I laid down in bed after kissing my beloved wife, daughter, and dog on the forehead. 

Good night.

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