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【Revolution Event】

This is an event that affects the whole game world as well as individual players. Plus, it’s something that could change the environment, the flow, and the common sense in the game. 

An event can only be triggered once by the first player to meet the conditions and agree to perform it. (The event content will be automatically published as a video on Kimakura Historia. The video will be available to the public.)

While pioneering events increase game content (missions and activities), revolution events increase and decrease the game content. This will benefit some players and disadvantage others. 

This is a moment of change that can have an impact on all of the players involved. 

Revolution events triggered in the past include [The Last Princess’ Debutante], [Closed Forest], and [Clifeus’ Agony].

『Hey, Giltoa is gone!』

『We want our Giltoa back! He was a valuable patron who gave us financial support for our material shop!』

『My oshi… my oshi has disappeared… there’s no point in living anymore…』

『The school is out www』

『This is an unexpected win for Clif’s group!』

『Ehh… I was about to collect Fog Crystal and meet Giltoa.』

The official video site’s comments section was filled with bittersweet comments, making me shudder. 

The video of the event I triggered was automatically published, as I suspected. The decision to use a dummy avatar was a blessing in disguise. 

Even so, I had no idea my choice would end up this way. Who knew it would become such a big deal?

Here’s how the whole mess got started. 

The man I met yesterday, Giltoa, is said to be among the NPCs’ most important “Sages.” These Sages give special skills in exchange for an item called 【Fog Crystal】.

Giltoa is also an excellent customer, offering financial support and exchanging rare items for sale.

Among the requirements for him to appear in the shop is the title of 【~Academy Graduate】. It is randomly assigned at the start of the game and is unobtainable unless you reset the game. 

In other words, I have buried such a capable character by triggering 【Magdalene’s disappearance】. That was the sad part of the bittersweet moments. 

How does this event make people happy?

It appears Giltoa hasn’t always been a super capable person. 

In the rare instance, the librarian who originally appeared was another sage named Clifeus, who occupied a position on the Privy Council. He was a guest character who could also help the players a lot. 

But the conditions for benefiting from it were the exact opposite of Giltoa’s. In short, it’s for the “Uneducated.”

A revolution event like this caused his disappearance and Giltoa’s rise to fame. 

Some people are happy because the previous revolution event reversed the disadvantages. 

Others are just happy or sad because they love the characters. 

In summary, 『The first time: Clifeus group > Giltoa group』, 『The second time: Clifeus group < Giltoa group』, 『The third time: Clifeus group > Giltoa group』. Considering this sequence of events, I feel that this will be repeated in the future. 

It wasn’t until yesterday that I heard about Giltoa and Clifeus. Since I’m uneducated, I thought I should be happy about Clifeus’ return. I have never had the benefit before. It doesn’t feel like a real thing. 

If it were someone else’s business, the whole thing would have ended with, “Wow, I didn’t know this existed. That’s cool!” In reality, the people who don’t care is the one who started the revolution.

People making noise or complaining seem to know it’s just for fun. 

Scrolling through the comments on the video, some people seem angry. Some even say, “Let’s find out who’s doing it!”

Ugh, all I want to do is enjoy the game quietly by myself. 

I don’t want to get involved in the future. It’s scary. 

I thought about talking to my little sister about it. She plays Kimakura too. She’s a hardcore player who’s been playing since it launched. 

But I quickly dismissed it. 

I find it somewhat challenging to deal with my little sister, four years younger than me. Not that we don’t get along, but I think she looks down on me.

“Ha? That’s your fault for not doing any research before playing,” she’d probably say. My frozen heart would be shattered. 

I might as well hold on to protect my pride as a big sister. 

It’s just a game, and the revolution event is part of the fun. People who disagree with that shouldn’t be taken seriously. 

…I’m staying indoors today to make some clothes. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・Pioneering or Revolution Event Discussion】

I remember the person who triggered Agony was beaten and disappeared
They were one of the few roleplayers in Kimakura and were quite famous

It was the first revolution event that affected all the players
It was pretty shocking

Do you mean Yuuma?
Yuuma was a hardcore player. I was surprised her mentality was weak

[Yoshio www]
All you have to do is play a role as a noble young lady instead of using dummies

It’s bad to ask whether or not they use a dummy before activating
Do it when they’re done

If you have a weak mentality, don’t roleplay

First of all, a revolution event is nasty

It’s Kimakura. The game is nasty

There’s a chance that management believes in the player’s conscience

I don’t think so

I don’t believe in the management’s conscience the most

>>The revolution affects all players without exception
This isn’t true, right?
It only affects material shops, right?

Anyone can be a material supplier if they have materials in their shop

All you have to do is place one Healing Mint in your shop, and Giltoa will come to you

Are you serious?!!

[Milk Kingdom]
I used to love Yuuma’s roleplaying
I watched the short videos uploaded on SNS 

The interaction between Miss Yuuma and Clifeus was hilarious
The contrast between a wilful ojou-sama who pushes around a sage LOL

Not only did it now lower his favorability, but he was ranked number one…

I’ve just watched the Agony video. I think it’s crazy that the triggering condition is Clif’s likability and the players’ love for him
I like it

If I could take my favorite character to an event, I would choose my oshi

I have a feeling there was a hint in Clifeus’ character
I know I wouldn’t have had a choice not to take him on that role

Yuuma didn’t quit. She just reset and joined the dark side
Now she’s busy seducing NPCs after getting a fresh start


You’re kidding

Don’t say unnecessary things(^∀^)

Are you kidding me?!

Yuuma → YUMA → MAYU
Like this?!

[Milk Kingdom]
I… loved Yuuma’s character…
I never thought she would be a love hunter…

Revolutions create all kinds of tragic comedy
It’s Kimakura. I can’t seem to stop

Mayu’s main oshi was Clifeus?

Though, indeed, Mayu-san never misses the world’s dating events, only Clifeus
The other characters are more fickle or fluctuate quite a bit

Please don’t get me wrong. I didn’t reset because of the attack on my person
I just wanted to atone for my sin of hunting Clif

Yandere is scary

The character’s oshi hardcore crowd is kimakura biggest shame

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