Day 8: Message

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The sales at the World Market are going well. Plus, I received a message from a buyer today. 

A player buyer can leave one message for each purchase for the store. Unlike reviews, only the seller can see the message, and the seller can reply to the message once. 

TMostbuyers are silent buyers, so the first notification is a bit intimidating. 

The player who sent me this message, “Memeko,” had bought clothes from me twice before. 

I opened it with trepidation, hoping it wasn’t a customer complaint and found the following text. 

『I love your original design dress. Simple but adorable! I was wondering, did you set the price at the guild’s purchase price? This may be nosy, but you may want to review it. The guild purchase is considered the lowest price in the game. An original design takes a lot of time and effort. You can safely set the price at least 1.5 times higher than the guild purchase. If the products are well made, they can be priced higher. If you want to keep the game going for a long time, it’s good to set a reasonable price now while still attracting a few customers. It’s troublesome if you get involved with resellers or claimers. Since the number of craftsmen who make the original design I like is limited, I would like to see them continue to do so for a long time. Please give it some thought.』

Not only did they not make a complaint, but they’re also kind of nice. 

Hmm, I see. Is that what the market price is for this game?

When dealing with real people, even in a game, it’s a lot of trouble. 

It’s not enough just to make a sale. 

In the meantime, I browsed through other players’ clothing stores in World Market to see if Memeko’s opinion was true. Most of them are priced higher than mine, even if they are plain cotton items. 

Only I couldn’t find anyone selling items with original designs that don’t have any added value, so I couldn’t make a comparison. 

There might be some, but without the original design tag, I can’t track which ones exist and which are not. 

In the meantime, I’ll fully trust Memeko’s message and set the price at 1.5 times the guild purchase for original design items and 1.2 times for non-original design items.

I should also reply to thank them. 

Today I’m going to make a fur tippet using the Full Moon Rabbit Fur I bought from Magdalene-san. I will make one with a ribbon tied in front for a feminine touch. 

But as I begin to work, the bell rings. It’s a customer. 

When I walked outside, I saw Mikoto-kun, the dog-eared boy, looking around the store. 

Upon noticing me, he came up to me with a goofy smile. He was cute. 

“Hello, Vivia. Ah, I’m sorry. I don’t have anything with me today…. But somehow I wanted to see your face, so I came here. Hehehe.”

This doggy is suddenly closing the distance between us. Is he unexpectedly charming with a soft face?

I don’t mind, so I give him an emoticon stamp with a smiling face. 

Then there was a rumbling sound. 

Mikoto blushed and put his hand on his stomach. He is hungry. 

There are two options appeared, 『Do you want some of this?』 and 『Don’t say anything.』

I tried the first option, but the only edible item I have is 【Wise Nuts】. I guess you can give them whatever is in the item box, but if I gave them 【Garbage】 or something, I would lose favor with them. 

Thus I gave him some Wise Nuts, neither good nor bad. 

“Wow, you’ll give it to me? Thank you! I’ll take good care of them.”

“I’ll be back,” he said, and Mikoto left.


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Unofficial) (Locked)・Clan [Alkalimental]’s Room】

[Behind the Shadow]
Thanks to everyone who participated in our members-only flea market! 
Thank you for the good time!

Thank you for your hard work~~!
Thank you for hosting, Shadow-chan(*´∀`*b)
The gathering is really helpful~~

Thank you!
Wee-san, thank you for the cute little Mokoguma!
The expression also exceeds my expectations~~ I can’t get enough of these eyes!
I’ll cherish her every day!

Shadow-sama, thank you for all your help
I’m glad I could make something you like, Memeko-sama 
Is it okay that I received so much Cloud Wool?
It’s a great help!

Please don’t worry about it, I have no use of it^^
Use it to add an extra layer of fluff to the animal

I’m back from work
I wanted to go to the flea market
I wish the event to be held secretly late at night

[Behind the Shadow]
Otsukare, Poiret
Are there many people who want to come late at night?
You can host it since I don’t think I can

Late night, please! sobs
I saw on Twitter that Shadow-san’s clothes are adorable
Pretty phantom thief

[Behind the Shadow]
I had full-body tights made by Gokuraku Outfit for me w
The mantle looks great

Thank you for your hard work
I’m jealous of your cosplay
I want a custom-made one by Gokuraku-san, but I can’t win the battle for the slot

People who can do original design have my respect~ 
I’m terrible at drawing (´∩`。)

You don’t have to be good at drawing
Just be good at piecing parts together

[Behind the Shadow]
When you get down to it, it’s just another form of artistic ability
Drawings are just lines pieced together
CG is just a bunch of dots, right?

I see w
Maybe you’re right

Thank you to everyone who bought the material set
Now that I have enough money, my dream is within reach!
It was fun looking at everyone’s stylish avatars~ 
Memeko-san, the plaid dress you’re wearing is cute
It’s an original design, right? The simple design is wonderful

How did you notice? w
Although it’s a plain cotton dress, I like it because of the elaborate stitching and other details

Cotton only original design has a beginner’s vibe lol
I’m surprised you can find something like that

I enjoy looking at newbies’ stores
Sometimes I stumble upon a bargain, it’s fun to check out craftsmen who I think are going to make it big
Some rare newbies are good at original design but have no game knowledge, sometimes I meddle a little with them

What a volunteer spirit!

[Behind the Shadow]
I can smell a similarity between Memeko and Efy

Efy is a weirdo www
He’s a weirdo who goes beyond being a good guy www

Efy-san is the one who often sets up rooms to answer newbies’ questions, right?
Those rooms are usually messy, I was surprised to see that they are as safe as the official room

[Behind the Shadow]
I heard he’s dealing the anti at a very high speed

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