Chapter 80: Nell becomes an older sister (part 2)

“That was before I came to the capital.

I gave birth to a boy in a remote village without a doctor.”

During Nancy-san’s delivery, Oba-san told us the story.

Mac-kun and Nell listened attentively. 

Nancy-san was also listening to the story while enduring the pain. 

“…When he was 15, he left the village when he heard they were recruiting soldiers in the capital. 

He became a soldier, got involved with a baker’s daughter, and wrote a letter to me about it. 

My stupid son didn’t come back to the village at all.”

I appraise Nancy and the fetus. 

Hmm, there’s no issue. 

“He wrote to me boasting about his newborn daughter. I came to the capital to see my grandchild. 

You know that girl, Nell-chan. Her name is Siam. 

I was ecstatic with my grandchildren that I decided to sell my house and move here.”

“So you ended up living together. Did you experience any trouble?”

Mac-kun was being chatty. 

“We did! We were always fighting over who got to give Siam-chan snacks! 

We don’t fight over trivial things!”

…Huh, the fetus’ head is beginning to show.

This is where Nancy-san feels intense pain. 

Why not use Heal for the pain?

Because I don’t know how Heal works, if the normal pain relief effect inadvertently manifests itself, it’s no good because it will harm the fetus. 

“Oh, no! Is the baby coming out already?!

Isn’t it too early?!”

“Since this isn’t your first birth, it will be quicker than the first delivery.”

The second and third delivery stages would have been only an hour apart. 

The time for the first stage to be over will be much shorter. 

The fetus should be delivered within another two hours if all goes well.

“Ma’am! Breath, take a long breath, and exhale!”

“Hu, hu, haa—. Ouch… it makes the pain a little better.”

I’d like to teach her the Lamaze method, but let’s just do the breathing technique. 

We decided to stop wasting time and keep an eye on Nancy-san.

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