Day 18: Kepi hat

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Takenaka-san asked me to make a navy blue version of 【Female Captain’s Outfit Set】 and also asked for a male version.

“Huh. Are you going to wear both of them?”

There is no need to say that I have no tact. Knowing the wearer’s image would make the design even better, wouldn’t it?

I asked him point-blank, so I wasn’t very discreet about it.

However, Takenaka laughed at my impatience. 

“No, no. I was thinking about giving the women’s one as a gift.”

M-matching clothes?!

Are you saying you’re playing Kimakura together? Do you have good friends to play together? Matching outfits are a great way to show off in the game. 

But it is also true that because it is in a game, the embarrassment is significantly reduced compared to wearing matching clothes in real life. It’s absurd.

Then, one of the clothes would be made for someone I had no image of….

“Can you send me a picture of the person in question so I can use it as a reference when I design the outfit? Or maybe you could describe her features… like her hair color or vibe.”

“Hmm… I can’t do that. You can imagine her as someone with unrivaled beauty. Well, it’s fine. As long as the clothes have the same style as Boutique-san’s, there will be no problem. Plus, she’ll be able to wear any fashion she wants.”


What is it that you don’t want to tell me? Do you want to keep it to yourself or something?

I never thought I’d suffer this kind of damage. This is why I wouldn’t say I like social interaction. I want to go home. Sigh.

Despite the broken-hearted exchanges, I got a million in exchange for the garbage. 

He also provided the materials, pattern paper, and handmade accessories as a bonus. “Please feel free to use them. I like Boutique-san’s design, and I will continue to purchase your products in the future,” he said.

Hmm, he’s a nice person. But it doesn’t feel right to call him a nice person.

Although I was reluctant to make clothes for the couple, I had no choice but to make them. 

Takenaka-san also offered to pay for the manufacturing cost. As you can imagine, I was adamant against that. 

In addition to the navy blue and matching outfits, he also ordered another item. He got me the pattern paper and recipe for 【Kepi Hat】.

Aside from the pattern paper, I didn’t know the recipe could be itemized as a book. And I learned that they are transferable. 

Items such as recipe books and skill books are said to be available mainly at bookstores. However, beginners may not be able to afford these items. 

I can’t wrap my head around it.

He wanted me to make the costumes by replacing the two-cornered hat with a kepi hat—which looks like a Western soldier would wear with a circular shape. I decided to start by making this one, which I think will be the main focus. 

After temporarily sewing on the 【Sheeting Cloth】 and confirming what it looked like, I began the process of putting the parts together. 

The buttons requested to be used have round, diamond-shaped gold buttons. 

As usual, Takenaka-san’s handmade items are unique. 

At first glance, it appears to be just an elaborate geometric pattern, but upon closer inspection, you can see the design is made up of overlapping bamboo. It is impressive how well he has taken a strong Asian motif, such as bamboo, and adapted it to a Western style. 

The item was named 【Nichirin Gold Button (Bamboo)】. I think 【Nichirin Gold】 is the highest grade for gold. 

The buttons I use for my jacket and hat are regular 【Gold Button (Lily Pattern)】 and buying four cost me half the money I had. 

While the buttons used in other parts of the costume are 【Gold Button (Gold-pleated)】, Takenaka-san sent me 20 Nichirin Gold Button designs. Plus, another 20 small, unengraved pure gold buttons.

He also said, “If you don’t have enough to cover the cost, send the bill to me.” Takenaka-san is rich. 

Well, I’m not surprised. He spends a million on trash without hesitation.

The border between the circular side crown and the brim shall be decorated with green ribbon and gold braid. 

A bamboo button and two 【Alto Canary Feather】 will be placed on one side of the brim. The feathers came in vermilion and yellow, but I dyed them gold and green. 

This hat is for his girlfriend. 

Instead of feathers, a larger studded version of the bamboo button was embedded in the Takenaka-san’s hat side crown. I felt that it would be more balanced if her hat were showier. 

The fabric used is 【Spider Ester (Thick) (Navy Blue)】.

The fabric is firm, thick, and wrinkle-resistant. It might be some polyester in this world. 

Using my skills, I assembled it, and now the hat is complete. I’ll continue tomorrow. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・Carpenter Room Discussions】

Remodeling completed
Smart and capable

A master… a master is here…

I like how you integrated the garden into the townscape
And you’ve done a great job with Danama, a complex material to handle

[Kiki Sakamoto]
The building and the streets are all integrated into the capital
I hope the scenery killers go to hell

I wouldn’t mind if it were done discreetly on the edge
It takes a long time to report a complaint, and it goes around in circles

I don’t feel at all comfortable when people say it’s the default townscape
If I don’t know what a player’s home is, I’m gonna think it’s a normal path and commit property invasion

The garden is open so that you can go through

[Pretty Prawn]
That is no longer an urban development w

Among the three towns, Danama is the most colorful, so it isn’t easy
In Byakuya, you can make it Japanese style, and in Lestein, everything is messy, so that you can get away with pretty much anything
Danama needs a complex sense of unity

|Ancient modern fantasy neo ruins, that’s Danama

Don’t you think it’s funny that you said that?

But it’s true

Wow, I want to build something like this
I love the spiral staircase around the home
I might build in Danama myself
But I already have three homes…
Which one should I choose to destroy… I want to kakin…
(t/n: kakin is slang for buying/paying for items in online games)

[Kiki Sakamoto]
I’m jealous that you can maintain three houses

1000 Yen for each additional one…
That’s a lot of money

[Pretty Shrimp]
If you think about people who spend thousands of yen a month on gacha games, it’s pretty cheap
The maximum number of bases is 6 in Kimakura. It’s a utopia for housing lovers

You could go further if you set it as clan home

Do you even need it?
Once you finish it and enjoy it for a while, you can demolish and rebuild it again
Two is enough

No accumulating dust, no insect infestation, no deterioration 
How many villas like that do you want?

Considering that an actual rental locker costs around 2000-3000 Yen monthly
A thousand yen monthly for maintaining one home’s data is huge

[Pretty Shrimp]
They aren’t charging money to maintain the data

I wish they would allow me to pay a flat fee like the first time when I purchased the game for 5000 Yen (ToT)
Sometimes I can’t play because of my work schedule, and it makes me feel like I’m losing money every month to a game I don’t play 
Honestly, I also feel somewhat pressured by the system that takes away your home if you don’t log in for six months

You might as well get it

I’m playing Koguni, but MO Koguni and MMO Kimakura are entirely different. They are completely different

[Late Autumn]
What is Koguni?

[Kiki Sakamoto]
Kodomo no Kuni

[Late Autumn]

If we’re talking about freedom, Koguni is the best
But Kimakura has the unique pleasure of housing mastery within the landscape protection limits 

Eh, landscape protection law is crap
Let them build whatever they want

Go back to the countryside

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