Day 22: NP party (part 1)

Day 22 login 

It is time to take on the new field today. To prepare for any possible emergency, I went to the eastern gate with recovery items in case something went wrong. 

A young man and a girl waited for me alongside Mikoto, who approached me as soon as they saw me. A smile spread across Mikoto’s face as soon as he recognized me. 

“Oh, it was you. I’m glad to be working with you.”

Ah, so he remembers me in these situations. My face naturally smiles at this. 

The following person to greet me was a tall, glazed-eyed man who introduced himself as Conner. His cute features include curly-mussed hair and round glasses, but his face is ferocious, creating an unbalanced appearance. 

“Let’s just get going and finish up quickly. This slow-as-hell team is a joke. This makes me gag.”

It seems that his personality is just as peculiar as his appearance. But I forgive him because he is handsome. 

Lastly, a soft and fluffy girl wearing an apron dress of light blues and whites hesitantly stepped forward. Her voluminous milk tea-colored hair and freckles are good.
After silently bowing, she took a notebook from her pocket and wrote something down. 

On the page she held out to me, she wrote 『Viti』. She alternates between pointing at herself and the notebook. 

“Viti, right?” she nodded her head several times. Let’s see….

“Viti, are you bad at talking?”

Nodding, she crossed her index finger in front of her mouth. Perhaps she was a mute child. 

Despite that, I was glad to see that she wasn’t embarrassed about it at all. 

It appears that Viti is a pure human being. 

Conner has no animal ears or horns, but he has a long, thin tail. He probably belongs to the ape race. 

After the greetings, the message “Mikoto, Conner, and Viti have joined your group!” appears. The party was formed at this point. 

The system panel now includes a new section called 【Party】. 

In this section, you can view party information and change settings. Individual character statuses are also displayed. 

What is this? Mikoto is a hunter type, Conner is a guardian type, and Viti is a support type. According to the assistance description, the hunter excels at hunting phantom beasts, the guardian is an expert at protecting the party from trouble, and the support specializes in gathering and exploring. 

The three possess the following skills.
・Mikoto: Hunting, dismantling, tree climbing, counterattack
・Conner: Barrier, logging, protection, provocation, counterattack
・Viti: Underwater breathing, diving, swimming, water purification, pacify

Instructions can be given to party members directly, or they can be assigned roles in advance and allowed to move independently. 

Rather than instruct all characters individually, I used the order function. 

Using each type as a reference, I set [Hunting Priority] for Mikoto, [Defense Priority] for Conner, and [Gathering Priority] for Viti. 

In the end, I noticed the [Party Cohesion] scale. Cohesion at 100% is the best; unfortunately, this party only has 20%.

Although I’m slightly concerned about how this will affect our play, most of us are meeting for the first time. Hopefully, we’ll all grow together. 

All right, time to go! 

【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・Expedition Quest Discussions】

There is no such arsehole in our world
My Dirk likes the owner and very loved

There was someone named Lyria
Every time I summon her, she leaves immediately

There are two circles, one in which Dirk is the riajuu type and non-riajuu type LOL

(t/n: riajuu is slang for someone who enjoys their life normies)

[Saya Fukase]
No Dirk in my circle, but Lyria is riajuu
I’m here (*´ω`*)

[Piano Jam]
Isn’t it hard to build cohesion with Lyria without Dirk?
She’s not cooperative

[Saya Fukase]
With me, we’re 100% bonded
All is well


Is anyone able to form a 100% cohesion party organization with an intellectual type? 
She’s pretty challenging to deal with

Why don’t you put Guusje? (sniff

I’m talking about the expedition. You can’t even read the room

[Basic Silence]
I’ve teamed up with Conner, Orca, and Reily five times, and we’re at 60%

Anyone would get 60% with those two between them

This is entertaining w

She’s good at getting pampered by the leader types and coaxing the reserved types
Orca-tan’s receptiveness is boundless

Isn’t she just everybody’s friend?

Even if you ignore things like cohesion, if the players are at a high level, they can push through
Unless they have a preferred composition

I don’t know what you call pushing, but at least there’s a gap in cost performance
If they don’t get along with each other, they won’t work together

If you’re on good terms with them, you can have heartwarming conversations between characters
That alone is worth aiming for 100% cohesion

There are special events that happen when you achieve 100% cohesion

>> Yuuhei
Go to the Cave of Nothingness or the Old Castle of Apolleno
If you don’t have a party carefully selected for the field and over 90% cohesion, you’ll die instantly

In a field in that level range, you could usually form a party with players

Shhhh, don’t butt in with the non-player party conversation (♯▼皿▼)ノ”

[Piano Jam]
>> Rena
Doesn’t seem to be a bad combination with Mikoto
Conner, Mikoto, Dirk: 70%
Conner, Mikoto, Erin: 70%
Conner, Dirk, Erin: 50%

[Saya Fukase]
Mikoto likes the muscle-brain

Conner is good when paired with Mefumo

>> Piano Jam
>> Chon
I see
I’m thinking of pairing Conner, Mikoto and Mefumo

>> Madness
I was surprised you could take on that field with a non-player party
Even with a player party, going to Apolleno’s old castle will wipe out your party if you can’t find a good party 

Apolleno is doable with Louise, Arbenz and Reily
If the players can’t keep up with the data processing and giving instructions, they will still die

Mefumo and Conner yelled at me, and I started crying

Ha? Alright?

Fuck you

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