Day 19: Escaping with the goods

Day 19 login

Today, I’m going to make another item requested by Takenaka-san.

While hers is just a regular jacket, I’ll make his into a coat. 

When I notice that I make an outfit similar to mine, even though it’s in a different colour, it makes us look like we’re wearing matching clothes. Not because I don’t want to, but because I feel bad for his girlfriend. Let’s add some arrangements within reasonable boundaries. 

I removed the pattern for the 【Chester Coat】, then duplicated and modified it. 

The length is longer, reaching to the knees. 

The sleeves should be broader and longer. And then fold it back to show the lining. The lining should be green to match the ribbon on the hat. 

After that, the coat is trimmed with braid and gold buttons, just like the captain’s coat, and ready to be worn. 

If this coat is to be worn with the front closed, it is fine, but if it is to be worn only as a cloak or draped over the shoulders, it would be a little sad to have only a white shirt inside.

Let’s make the same navy blue vest using the recipe I got the other day. This would make an excellent combination. 

All that remains is to make a simple white shirt and navy blue slacks, and Takenaka-san’s outfit is complete. 

Fortunately, he doesn’t want shoes for men since I don’t have many shoe recipes yet. 

Regarding the rest of Takenaka-san’s girlfriend’s outfit, I’d make the ribbon on the skirt green, and the others would be the same as the standard model. I’ll buy the tights in green from the NPC shop and add them as an extra. 

This completes the entire process. 

Takenaka-san said a set format or a single-item format would be acceptable to him. 

He is probably doing well, judging from his attitude. That means he doesn’t want my products to have functionality, such as increased status or ability. 

Even if he gave me a mid-level 10-something, a material with high potential, the quality would be lowered and go to waste. This is why he probably asked me for completely fashionable equipment, which could have been a set or a single item. 

Then I’m going to make it according to my preference. I’m curious to see what effect this outfit from these unknown materials will create when set together. 

Lastly, name and view the information from the inventory—

【Imperial Knight’s Coat (Navy Blue)】
Quality: ★

Main Usage: Wearing
Acquirable Skill: Glamor
Set Bonus: —
(Glamor: Any skill activation will consume 30 Phantom Bugs, giving [Charmed] status)

【Imperial Knight’s Open-collared Shirt (White)】
Quality: ★

Main Usage: Wearing
Set Bonus: —

【Imperial Knight’s Slacks (Navy Blue)】
Quality: ★

Main Usage: Wearing
Set Bonus: —

【Imperial Knight’s Kepi Hat (Navy Blue・Studs)】
Quality: ★

Main Usage: Wearing
Set Bonus: —


Wa, wait a minute?!

Not a single stat increase effect?! And not even a set bonus?! The quality is sub-par, is this okay? The coat has a skill, which is nice, but there is no special ability in the other outfit. 

In a panic, I checked the primary material’s special characteristics on a strategy site. 

Nichirin Gold seems to have no effect since it enhances other materials’ efficacy when combined. 

It is rare for processed materials to affect each other, like buttons and fabrics. 

The problem is Spider Ester. 

The material is said to be inherently poison-resistant. But the recommended handling level is from 20. This means the item had zero functionality due to my lack of expertise. 

Apologies, Takenaka-san. Although I think he knew my level was low, he could only check my status after I registered as a friend after signing the deal. 

Chances are he didn’t expect it to be so low. 

With an apology, I sent the completed item to Takenaka-san and quietly logged out. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・Expedition Quests Discussion】

[Tori Tamago]
Mikoto is enough for muscle-brain
You can push around almost anywhere with Mikoto unless the Forest comes back. Mikoto will suffice

Conner is not a bad choice (´;ω;`)
Perfect for working in bustling jungles and their height advantage

No, that’s why it’s Miko-ry

I like the view from the top

I don’t even need to set up anything for Rin-chan

Please give me one of those on your waist, Zoebel-san♪


I don’t wanna

Verbal lashing is done with no hesitation

Go ahead, Elnegy-san


Do you guys know bullying?
I don’t wanna get involved

In terms of versatility, isn’t Yoshio more capable than Ciel-niki?

Why are you all suddenly so quiet www

I shudder every time I remember that Zoebel, Yoshio, and ee are the top users (´;ω;`)
Why are you playing with those people, Lingling
Are you a beast?

Beast LOL

[Tori Tamago]
Hey, I just choked on my yoghurt

I don’t know why so many people misunderstand, but ee is not in our party

Is that so?

[Yoshio www]
Even though he’s not my friend www

Oh, really?

Hey hey w

I see
Somehow, I thought you guys were a set

[Yoshio www]
I only hang out with ee here
He just went about his business on his own

Ee is a solo player
But whenever he’s out in the wild, I always see a rat girl with him
Who is that? Is she a resident here?

You mean my wife?

Alright, guys
Time to go



[Tori Tamago]
My project is waiting

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