Chapter 73: Spending my free time


I was up on the treehouse, brushing my teeth with a bamboo toothpick and hanging out by myself. 

My life has been stable lately. 

Every day I go about my life without any particular hardship. 

This is probably why I have too much free time. 

Every three days, I visit Nell’s place. The other two days, I just spent random time in the forest. 

Before my death, I would wake up, read the newspaper and papers, stay in the company’s laboratory until midnight, and when I got tired, go home and go to bed, then repeat this cycle. 

Those days were busy but fulfilling in their own way. 

Since being hospitalized for pancreatic cancer, after handing over my research, I have been absorbed in watching videos on the internet. 

Sometimes I advised young people and helped translate papers into English. 

I was in the hospital for only a few months, but it wasn’t bad. 

What about now? 

The days went by as I ate, slept, ate, and slept again. 

Every day passes aimlessly. 

This is not going to work. 

I have to find some kind of rewarding hobby. 

Otherwise, I’ll become a hopeless human.

Hmm? But I’m not a human anymore. 

Tomorrow I will be in town to see Nell and Mac. 

Maybe I’ll talk to them about it. 

No, I’ll ask those two over there first. 

When I get down from the treehouse, I call Aurene, who is practicing her archery, and Sylph, who is watching her. 

“What can I do for you, Bastet-sama?”

[Do you have any suggestions for a good way to pass the time?]

“Nyanko-san, do you have some free time~?”


I nodded. 

“Then, let’s invade the nearest human town right there~.”


“How could Aurene and Bastet-sama be satisfied with such a small thing?

How about world domination?”

It was foolish of me to consult these guys. 

Guess I’ll have to ask Nell or Mac. 

After that, I’m going inside and going to bed. 

Good night. 

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