Day 26: Deal (part 1)

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Ciel-chan, date. I’m going on a date with Ciel-chan!

The euphoric feeling made me blow away my lingering feelings for Ryl-sama.

I’ve made up my mind. I will keep interacting with Ciel-chan.

Among Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, I choose to do it on Saturday. I had hoped to avoid holidays when there would be more people, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be ready in time on Friday, and I can’t play games on Monday due to work commitments.

Although, it would be nice to act inconspicuously in the morning. I would love to go out with them and take many photos in different settings.

As soon as I decided that, I had to tailor an outfit to present to Ciel-chan. 

How can I give her a present? How can I get her to wear it on the date?

I tried looking into it, but I couldn’t figure it out.

The opportunity to give clothing items as gifts is a random occurrence after gaining favorability. There is a strong random factor in whether or not they will wear the items.

And while I’ve seen date photos and videos of various people during my research, I haven’t seen any of them dressing up in their favorite outfits.

Here’s my last resort. Contacting Takenaka.

Time is short, and I can’t afford to waste my time.

Hello hello
It’s rare for you to contact me

I’m sorry for coming on such short notice
Can I ask something? Is now a good time?


I want to know how to get other characters to wear my favorite clothes at a dating event, as Takenaka-san does!
I’ve tried looking it up, but I wasn’t able to figure it out

Ah, I see
That’s new information I found and hasn’t been made public yet

Eh? Really?

No wonder I couldn’t find any information on it.

I already passed the information to the information broker, so you better contact them
But since Boutique-san has taken good care of me
I’ll give you a special tip

Yesss, I’m so happy. I love you, Takenaka-san

…You say that with a straight face,
But there is one condition… no, two conditions

What is it?

First… before discussing how to do it, have you checked the shop information lately?

Shop? I always check… ah… I haven’t checked the shop information lately.

I was too shocked to do anything else. 

Please pay attention to it
And take appropriate action
That is the first condition

Take appropriate action?

I’ll leave that at your discretion
Please check it first
And the second condition,
I believe someone named Valletta has purchased from Vivia’s shop before. Please take him off the blocklist

Valletta? The name sounds familiar. What kind of person are they?

That being said, being put on a blocklist doesn’t seem like what a good player does…

I know he sounds shady

Yeah, a little

Please do it
That’s the condition
But if you get any strange messages after that, feel free to block again

The block list is a function that limits the shop features. This function is different from the one that completely removes players deemed a nuisance from one’s viewpoint and eliminates all contact with them. The blocked players are prohibited from trading from the specific shop. 

Kimakura. has a very detailed self-defense system, and they even have a talk-room-only blocklist. 

Since the only blocklist function I’ve used so far is the one for the shop, I wonder if Valletta is still interested in my production? They probably got blocked during the revolutionary upheaval for their behavior?

Hmm… I’m unsure, but I’d be willing to give them a chance. 

I’d appreciate it
Haa, this would save me from a lot of hassle

While it was unclear what benefit would come from this transaction for Takenaka-san, I learned how to get my date to wear my clothes. 


【Kimakura Utopia. Talk Room (Official)・General】

>> 2
>> [Gooyaa]
>> The same person who got started a month ago got inside the library
It’s not established yet at this point
He said he got ahead of the game faster than the one who asked the question and was able to acquire the library in time before Giltoa disappeared.
Is he illiterate?

So what?
Regardless of who asked the question, I just stated the facts. What’s wrong with that?

How scary

Are there possibly two people named Gooyaa?
I wonder if it’s the same person who recommends the library and those unobtainable skills

It’s not worth worrying about

[Yoshio www]
It’s too much www
There was that one guy who was so embarrassed by his mistake that he falsified his memory www
Isn’t he the beta version??? w

??? “Rylstein also appeared in the beta version, and the job types didn’t change.”
(´・ω・) < are you talking about the free trial version?
??? “No one is talking about the beta.”

You guys need to calm down
I’m sure there are worlds where the revolution happened and where it didn’t 

You’re trying to stir things up w

It’s all the revolution’s fault!

So you are saying it’s Boutique-san’s fault

Don’t bad mouth the dead

Boutique-san is dead? (´・ω・`)

Why did Boutique-san die so soon? (´・ω・`)

She isn’t dead w
Takenaka said she was still alive 

You can’t rely on what he says

Is that so?

Good news
Takenaka advised me to check the shop properly with Boutique

I haven’t even checked it w

I’m not someone who leaves someone out

No, I imagine they would shun her w
When the goods are sold out, she’s ballsy enough to replenish with garbage w

Did it look like I was snapping at you?
I’m sorry, okay?
I thought I was explaining it to you elaborately according to your lack of reading comprehension, but your intelligence to understand it was also lacking?


[Yoshio www]
Why did you choose that one to respond? w
Or that’s the only thing you can choose? w


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