Chapter 66: Vol. 1 Characters and settings data summary

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Appraisal Results

Name: Tomita Minamoto

Lv: 28 (20 years old)

Race: Cat

Skills: [Appraisal Lv 100] [Appraisal Obstruction Lv 3] [Four-dimensional Space Lv 100]

[Light Lv 11] [Lightning Lv 3] [Heal Lv 5]

[Blacksmith Lv 4] [Accelerated Alchemy Lv 4] [Transformative Alchemy Lv 7] [Separation Alchemy Lv 3]

[EXP Value 100x] [Skill Acquisition Lv 100]


HP 1,920/1,920 MP 1,341/1,341

ATK 337 DEF 287 MAT 397 MDF 265 SPD 473 INT 310 LUK104

Title: [The One Who Defeated the Champion] [The Savior] [Super Miner] [Fake God] [Fake Grand Mage] [Beginner Alchemist]

An orange tabby cat that has been transferred into another world. He used to be a human. 

He has the strength and resistance of a dragon.


A former 41 years old man was reincarnated as a cat due to God’s mistake.

He used to work as a pharmaceutical researcher before his death.


A young innkeeper. She is now four years old. 

She is looking forward to spending time with the protagonist. 

She can use Haste magic. 


The inn owner. A widow. 

Nell’s mother. 


Her real name is McDawn Howell. She lives under the pseudonym Nico, but not with the main character. 

She is an excellent alchemist and loves new things. 

She has short silver hair and wears glasses. 


A blond-haired elf. She is under the Demon King’s command. 

No one can beat her at archery. 

She has a bubbly personality. 


The current Demon King. 

A witch-like baasan. 


A baker’s daughter. 10 years old. 

Sometimes she looks after Nell.

・Flamberge, the ancient dragon

Currently in the form of a mithril gargoyle. 

In the process of conquering dungeons. 

・Flamberge IV

He is Flamberge Kingdom’s king. 


A trio who was summoned to be a hero in this kingdom. 


Unit: G/Gold

Small mana stone: 1G

¼ copper coin: 25G

Copper coin: 100G

Silver coin: 1000G

Large silver coin: 10000G

Gold coin: 100000G

Platinum coin: 10000000G

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