Vol. 2 Chapter 27: Things summoned by the flute

It’s almost time for the monsters to swarm into the Dolknes territory. The Duke spoke in a relaxed manner within the barrier that the monsters won’t be able to penetrate.

“There’s still enough time until the monsters appear. In the meantime, I will share another reason why I’m here.”

The first reason why the Duke came here was because he wanted to summon the monsters to a less dangerous place. Although it rarely happens when I’m around, it’s still annoying.

Seeing the bitterness in my expression, the Duke laughed gleefully. This person is the worst, isn’t he?

“The second reason is the real one.”

“Haa, please be quick.”

“Hahaha, don’t give me that angry look. You’re going to ruin your pretty face.”


That’s when I snapped off. I tried my best to be patient until now.

The barrier is a protective wall against the dark attribute. While we visited the church, this barrier had prevented me from entering the church. It is effective against monsters in general, dark magic, and people with dark attributes.

In other words, physical attacks without using my body will go through.

I picked up a small stone under my feet and threw it at the Duke’s face.

With a thud, the dust rose. Oh no, the Duke might be dead.

“…I thought I was going to die.”

For better or worse, he was still alive. The stone that I threw had turned red from the friction with air, I thought for sure I had done it.

“Huh? You’re still here?”

“Since I’m using the barrier in a smaller space, it also provides physical defense—didn’t I already explain it to you in the beginning?”

“Sorry, I was shocked by my reunion with Barrier-chan that I don’t pay attention.”

“…This can’t be real.”

Isn’t this barrier too strong? As expected from something I acknowledge as my nemesis. I feel proud of myself.

The Duke groaned and clutching his head at his wit’s end.

“Ughh, am I making a mistake for setting my eyes on her?”

“I’m not sure? But please enlighten me, what are you doing here?”

When I prompted him, he began to speak and the tension in his shoulder had dropped considerably.

“I’ve already explained to you the Duke’s role, haven’t I? That made me think, what will happen to this kingdom in the future? If the nobles who have animosity towards the royal family start to act separately, there will surely be chaos that never occurred before. That’s why I’m looking for someone to take over the Duke house.”

Is he looking for someone to unite the extremist nobles who are superficially in conflict with the royal family and full of ambitious people? There’s no way it would be that easy or anyone would want to do that.

I have a bad feeling about this. I’m going to hear the rest of the story I don’t want to hear, am I?

“That’s when I saw you. House of Dolknes could become a Duke house and act as the royal family’s rival.”

“No, thank you. I’m already a Count, aren’t I? Aren’t there any Marquis available?”

“Marquis? They’re nothing but the royal family’s dog. They have no power to compete with them.”

That’s not true. I think he’s overestimating me. I have no power unless he’s asking for military power. This train of thoughts makes me sad.

“That’s not possible. I’m just an ordinary person with a high level of power.”

“Your strength is just too powerful. Besides, you think you’re pretty damn smart hiding those powers, aren’t you?”

Ah, he misunderstood. I know he means good but the situation is heading in the wrong direction. 

The role was also a long-term one and will be passed to the next descendants. My children will not necessarily inherit my power. It took a lot of persuasions to convince Patrick he could reach Level 99.

“Assuming what you said is true, hypothetically, if I could take the role, I have no obligation to do so.”

“Yumiela Dolknes, you have an attachment to the town you see behind me, right?”

“Well… yeah.”

“It must have been different in the past. You don’t care about the town, but before you know it, it becomes irreplaceable. Just like this kingdom. Don’t worry, I’m speaking from experience.”

“You and I are different. I don’t have such feelings.”

“Then, let’s change the plan.”

He paused then gave me the worst smile of the day. Crap, he’s going to do something vicious, isn’t he?

With broken, high-pitched laughter, he said.

“The large horde of monsters is about to attack your precious town! And the strong Lord will go to defend the town… But what if I lift the barrier? I’m sure the monsters will kill me!”

The Duke looks genuinely happy when he says his suicidal plan. What does that mean? I still can’t see the big picture he’s painting. Not that he’s actually going to die and ask a favor for me to do something, and we definitely aren’t going to bond over it.

“You won’t be able to forget this in your life. I’m going to die because you weren’t strong enough. You left me to die!”


“Your physical abilities are beyond human and your dark magic specializes in large area annihilation is sure powerful but has its weakness. The same goes for light magic, how well your ability to cooperate with others in fighting and defending bases is low. You’re not good at fighting while protecting something, are you? You can get away with defending one target, but what if there are two targets to defend?”

He is trying to commit suicide while shouting at the top of his lung for help. 

It seems like a very dumb thing to do, but I found it was a much more effective move than I thought it was. He’s really done a lot of research on me. Is this why he separated me from Patrick and Ryuu?

If I were to leave the Duke to die, I would regret it for the rest of my life. Perhaps I will end up trying to control the dissenters by opposing the royal family as the Duke wanted.

And this happened when I was trying to leave to defend the town.

“Are you ready? They’re almost here. Remember that they will come in big numbers.”

“I’ll be right here. The moment you lift the barrier, I’ll stun you and bring you to a safe place. And after that… well, I’ll figure it out later.”

“What are you talking about?! Which one is more important, me or your people?”

“Of course, my people are more important! Look, isn’t it about time? It’s time for the second strongest person in the world and the world’s prettiest dragon to arrive.”

I turned around and pointed something up in the sky. The shadow was getting bigger and bigger. 

As much as I hate to admit it, Ryuu is classified as a monster. He must be attracted to the monster summoning flute’s whistle. With how loud the whistle was, I’m sure they would come.

Besides, Patrick already said he’d come running after me when I gave him the sign. As soon as he arrived, I had to plead my innocence before he got mad at me.

The distance between us was still far, but I could hear his voice in my ears. Patrick had become really good at using wind magic.

“Yumiela, can you hear me? What’s going on?”

“Duke Hillrose blew the monster summoning flute. Do you remember the big one that the shady merchant brought to us? It’s not my fault, okay? I’m being honest here.”

“Okay? What do you want me to do?”

And now what? Although I was trying to protect them, he was the one who doubted me in this tense situation.

As the Duke pointed out, I wasn’t suitable for defending the base, so I would ask Patrick, who did that better than me, to take care of the town.

“Please take care of the town, I think the monsters will start showing up soon.”

“Roger that. Ryuu, I’m going.”

No sooner than he said that, Patrick jumped from Ryuu, high above the town. I can’t believe he did that, where is Patrick who was afraid of heights? I have to back him up. 

I picked up the staff that I had thrown on the ground and hurled it towards Patrick. After taking a few steps, I threw my staff using a javelin throw and it made a straight line toward him.

The staff flew and whirling through the wind and successfully lodged itself in Patrick’s abdomen during his free fall.


He received the staff but I’m not sure if he heard my apology.

Patrick was descending using the wind to slow down and he fell on his stomach. Ah, he didn’t manage to slow down and crashed. He wasn’t that far from town and the staff was also next to him.

From behind, the Duke decided to chime in.

“Isn’t that a bit too much?”

“Ah, he’s standing. As expected of Patrick.”

“He’s the Frontier Count’s son, isn’t he? The dragon might be a threat but what good will he do if he helps you?”

What is he talking about? Don’t tell me he didn’t summon Patrick to the capital, but he summoned Ryuu?

Wow, that’s rude. No one else can do better than him in the current situation.

“Are you sure you’re not mistaken? Patrick is the strongest person after me.”

He stood up despite his shaky legs and raised the staff high in the air.

I couldn’t hear him from where I’m standing but I could see his magic. From this distance, I could see the full picture.

“Wha-what the hell is that….”

Patrick built a makeshift wall instantly in the wall-less Dolknes town. The walls were too high and thick to be classified as makeshift walls. Patrick managed to enclose the entire town with mud walls.

The Duke was dumbfounded with what he saw, and I can’t help but brag about it.

“Now that he built the wall, we have the countermeasures against the monsters. Now it’s my time to shine in my duel with Barrier-chan.”

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