Chapter 56: This guy stinks!

They decided to stay outside, so I built them a campfire.

Hopefully, it would warm them up a bit. 

While taking care of the fire, I was weaving tree branches into a basket with ivy. 

The basket I was making was a trap for catching fish. 

It has slats, making it impossible for fish to get out once they are in this basket. 

When you use it, you have to put weights and bait inside. 

Hmm, it’s pretty good. 

The sun began to rise as I admired the fish catcher. 

“Nyaa— (Wake up—)”

I called out the heroes while roasting the wild boar and grasshopper on a clay plate. 

No response. 

I jump on one of them. 

“Uwaghh?! What are you doing?!”

“Nyaa— (Good morning)”

We finished our breakfast. 

I was the only one who ate the grasshoppers, by the way. 

It was delicious. 

They went back to the castle. 

Aurene was cooped up in the wood house. 

There were signs that she was awake, but she was refraining from interacting. 

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

With the fish trap set up in the river, I decided to go to the inn in town to play. 

Now that we’re in town, let’s go ahead and say hello to the cat gathering. 

Upon seeing me, an elderly cat comes up to me. 

“Nyaa— (Oh, Nekomata-sama, welcome back.

Everyone was happy with the snake meat from last time.”

“Nyaa—go (No biggie)”

Thank goodness the basilisk meat I gave them was well received. 

“Nyaa—…… (By the way, Nekomata-sama, there is something I have to tell you……)”

“Nyan (What is it?)”

Was there some kind of trouble?

I became a stray cat myself, albeit by choice.

I will gladly help other cats. 

“Nyaa— (Uh, Nekomata-sama stinks…)”

“Nyaa—! (You mean I smell awful?!)”

I admit I haven’t washed my body once since becoming a cat. 

But other stray cats must be the same.

And yet, they don’t stink at all.

Why is that? 

“Nyaan (That matted fur, that greasy body… I wonder if Nekomata-sama ever groomed himself?)”

“Nyaa—! (Oh! You’re talking about grooming!)”

I see. 

Speaking of which, I never did any grooming. 

However, if I do it with my tongue like a stray cat, the hairballs will build up on my stomach, which is not good. 

I should make a comb before I do it. 

Taking out a piece of wood, I scrape it with my fingernail to make a little comb. 

The comb was used to comb out my body.

Oh, I got a lot of furs. 

I’ll store the furs in my four-dimensional space. 

After grooming myself and greeting the stray cats, I headed to the inn where Nell was staying. 

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