Chapter 74: Cataract

The next day.

When I entered the town, I first headed for the cat gathering. 

“Nyaa— (Nekomata-sama!)”

“Nyaa— (Nekomata-sama!)”

“Nyaa— (Nekomata-sama!)”

The cats flocked to me when I arrived. 

Noses are attached to each other as a greeting. 

Though I avoid them because I don’t want them to smell my butt. 


There is a cat with tears in its eyes.

Isn’t the lens looking a little cloudy?

Could it be a cataract?

Anyway, let’s appraise it. 

Is the cat in front of me suffering from an eye disease?


Appraisal Results


Description: A disease in which the crystalline lens becomes cloudy.



I’m going to heal him right away.

They say that Heal can cure nearly 100% when used by those who know the pathology. 

It would be the most powerful when a doctor learned it. 

The medical officer at the royal castle also used the Lesser Heal. 

“Nyaa— (Uwaah! My eyes are healed!

Thank you, Nekomata-sama!)”

After that, I made sure that the other cats seemed to be in good health, so I went to the inn. 

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

In Mac’s room at the inn, I ask them, [Do you have any hobbies that might be a good way to pass the time?].

Nowadays, Mac isn’t in disguise. 

She said all of her treasured technology had been released to the government, she won’t be a target anymore. 

“Neko-san! In that case, I would like you to impart your great knowledge to the king’s alchemists besides me!”

Hmm, education?

Since they have no background in chemistry, I have to teach them the basics. 

Even someone as good as Mac took three years to get a decent grasp of chemistry.

And from my point of view, it’s pretty basic. 

But teaching others would take a tremendous amount of time and effort. 

“Thanks to Neko-san’s knowledge, I have acquired [Transformative Alchemy] and [Separation Alchemy] skills! 

Normally I would have had to train for another 30 years, but my knowledge of chemistry has accelerated my skill acquisition. 

Please teach them to the other alchemists!”

When I told her she should teach them herself, she said she was busy with her research. 

Even when I told her to write a book, she said she had neither the time nor money. 

There is no printing technology in this world, and all books are handwritten. 

In short, printing technology is still in its infancy. 

After hearing what Mac had to say, I had an idea. 

Then, I would spread my knowledge about printing technology. 

Have them build a typewriter.

“Neko-san and Nico are having a difficult conversation!”

Nell held her hands to her cheeks with her mouth open like Munch’s scream

What are you doing?

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