Chapter 02: Hero summoning! I didn’t summon you

「Oh, you’ve been successful in summoning the hero! 」

「No, one of them was failed.

It will not be a problem, right? 」

I’m on a bright red carpet.

I am landing on all fours.

Looking up, I saw two boys and a girl next to me.


Looking at my own hand, I saw five short fingers with a paw.

My hands and arms are thick with light brown fur.

「Nya—o. 」

I was about to ask what’s going on, but I let out a strange sound.

What’s really going on here?

「Oh, the brave heroes,

I’m King Flambel. 」

A plump middle-aged man introduces himself

He was sitting in a fancy decorated chair.

「I’m sorry for the sudden summoning.

But your cooperation is essential to fight the demon lord. 」

The King continued to talk about the demon lord’s army when I heard him talking about how to support my future life, and the nearby soldier-like man grabbed the nape of my neck.

「Your Majesty! This stray cat appeared when we failed to summon the hero.

What would you like me to do? 」

「Just take it outside the palace. 」

「Hai! 」

I was captured and led through the palace’s hallway, the palace gate, and out of the palace.

挿絵(By みてみん)

「If you had been a hero; we would have been welcomed you in the palace. I’m really sorry. 」


He just threw me away!

Even so, I landed successfully on my four legs.

I stared blankly at the soldier who returned to the palace and let out a sigh.

It seems that I became a cat.


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