Chapter 01: Prologue

「You died because of pancreatic cancer. 」

Said a black-haired woman in a prayer-like pose with her eyes closed in a monk uniform.

Both of us are standing in a place where the floor emits a weak while light extends far beyond.

Where is this place?

Who is this strange person?

「This is where you call the afterlife.

I’m Goddess Hardis.

Right now, I’m speaking to you in human form to prevent you from being surprised. 」

「If what you said is right, that means I’m dead. 」

I was only 41 years old then.

And single.

I’m sorry that I died before my parents.

「After this, you will be summoned to another world as a hero. 」

「What is a hero?

It’s not a game or fantasy movie.

Will I be told to kill the demon lord? 」

「Yeah, you will need to kill the demon lord. 」

「Even though I’m a middle-aged man?

I couldn’t do that. I can feel my physical strength weakening. 」

「This is a privilege for transmigrating to another world, and you’ll be in your early 20s. 」

What’s transmigration?

That sounds shady to me.

But if he didn’t see the person in front of him, he wouldn’t believe it, and somehow, he understood that.

Whatever my will is, I can’t go against this person.

「If you want something else; I’m here listening. 」

If that is the case, maybe I should tell you my wish.

「Then, please get rid of the cat allergy in my body. 」

It was my dream to raise a cat as a pet.

And I can’t fulfill my dream since the tears and sneezing wouldn’t stop.

「Okay. Let’s get ready. First, I’ll grant you the recommended skills to have.

I will add these skill 【Appraisal Lv100】【Four-dimensional Space Lv100】【EXP 100x】【Learning Lv100】.

I will set the initial status and resistance the same as a dragon.

Changed the age to 20, now it’s time for the custom setting… ah! 」

Suddenly my body was enveloped in light, and my vision turned white.

「I accidentally hit the enter in the middle of typing.

Uwa—a, what should I do, what should I do… 」

The goddess was shaken up, but there was nothing but her over there.

I was already leaving on my trip to another world.


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