Chapter 91: Additional order

Flamberg IV POV

It seems the Cat Sith, or as McDawn called Neko-san, has developed something strange. 

That machine is now in front of me. Having heard how to use it, what’s the difference from writing on a regular paper?

Let’s try this machine first. I set the ink and paper in the machine. 

Why would you write with this machine… huh?!

Amazing! When typing a letter, the paper slides out so the following letter can be typed!

It even has a button to start a new line when you finish typing a single line!

Best of all, writing with this machine is faster than writing by hand!

Many scholars used to write their books by hand, which inevitably took a long time. 

Not many books were circulated, and it was typical for apprentices and scribes to write books in place of their masters. 

If this invention becomes available, scholars will have to spend less time writing!

And more books would circulate!

The country’s educational and technological standards will grow if more books are circulating!

This is revolutionary!

I must order more from the dwarves as soon as possible!

I decided to ask a soldier to run an errand. 

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Yotsuba POV

I was held by my mother, Nancy-san, who never let go of me and held me throughout the day. 

She is overly concerned because I almost died.

But with my mother around, I can’t train my skills. 

If people find out I’m doing it, I will stand out. 

I had no choice but to do it secretly when everyone was asleep.

Of all my skills, [Fourth Dimensional Space] is easy to use. 

This skill has no MP consumption. But there is a capacity limitation instead. 

Once Nancy-san and Nell went to bed, I would practice my [Fourth Dimensional Space] skills by moving books and tables. 

When I get tired, I practice [Freeze] magic. 

Yesterday, Nancy-san spotted a trail of melting ice cubes and was wiping them off. 

I almost had my skills exposed. 

To avoid making the same mistake, I make the ice cubes melt directly into the jug on the table. 


After several days of experimentation, I learned that the more complex and bigger a shape is, the more MP it consumes. 

I’ll keep up the good work and train my skills.

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