Chapter 59: Heavy from the bonus

The butcher shop was in the south. 

A boisterous old man was shouting. 

“Hoorah! The guild has brought in some wyvern meat today!

This is a bargain! Two gold coins per chunk!”

One chunk weighs about five kilograms from the looks of it. 

Two gold coins are 200.000 G. 

Not sure if it’s expensive or cheap. 

“Ojisan, give me some birds.”

“Hmm? Ojousan, there are many kinds of birds, from bad crows to honey birds.”

“It’s for the inn’s food!”

“You’re running an errand for the innkeepers! Then it must be this Grater Chicken meat!

One chunk for two silver!”

Nell hands over three silver coins. 

“Thank you! Since you’re so pretty, I’ll give you an extra half chunk to make it two!”

The old man sold us the meat generously. 

Nell took it. 

Then, on our way back to the inn. 

“Oh, it’s heavy….”

Of course, it’s heavy when you’re carrying 10 kg of meat. 

Just as I was about to help her, a brown-haired boy, no, girl, came running from the other side. 

It’s Mac, the alchemist. 

She calls herself Niko. The brown hair is a wig. 

“Uwaaaaaah! Look at you, Neko-san!”


To her surprise, Nell fell and dropped the meat package. 

“Mm? Is this meat?

What’s wrong with you? This is a lot of meat.”

“We put it in the guest’s soup.”

Nell stood up and brushed the dirt off. 

“Let me help you carry it.”

“Thank you.”

Mac picked up the package with ease. 

“……This is pretty heavy, even for me. 

Neko-san, wait a minute. 

I’ll be right back helping this girl.”

“Oneesan, are you familiar with Neko-san?”

“Eh, are you friends with the cat, by any chance?

I’d like to hear your story!”

Stop breathing heavily and getting in Nell’s face, Mac. 

You’re making her uncomfortable. 

“No— when I was shopping for alchemy materials, I never thought I’d run into Neko-san and his acquaintance!

How lucky I am!”

“Neko-san, who is this scary person?”

[Her name is Ma—Niko.]

Mac headed to the inn with us with a smile on her face. 

When we arrived at the inn, I wrote, [This is enough.]

But Mac wanted to hear the story from Nell and me, so she followed us inside. 

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