Chapter 02: Establishing a new guild

(Ha—a. I wonder if I won’t receive any quests unless I’m a member of a major guild. )

Laurent let out another sigh as he trudges along the quest reception office corridor until he heard the tall mage’s voice calling him out.

「Ara? Laurent-san? By any chance, are you Laurent-san? 」

「Oh, Lilianne-san. 」

「It’s been a long time, Laurent-san. 」

She picked up her skirt a little and bowed.

Lilianne was a senior member from 『Guardian of the Magic Tree』.

And guild 『Guardian of the Magic Tree』 is the second-largest guild after 『Golden Hawk』。

「Thank you for taking care of me the other day. With your help, I finally able to advance to an A-rank adventurer last month. And you also helped me find out my unique skill 『Floating』」

Lilianne gave another deep bow.

She thought her successful promotion happen all thanks to Laurent.

She and Laurent met when their guild, 『Golden Hawk』 and 『Guardian of the Magic Tree』 performed a joint quest.

At that time, her strength in magic and firepower was the best in town, but she had a low critical hit rate and didn’t perform well as a rear guard.

That was when Laurent found out about her skill, 『Floating』.

For some reason, when she casts magic downward, her accuracy shoots up exceptionally.

And when she acquired her 『Floating』 skill, she became even more formidable and managed to get promoted to A-rank adventurer.

「I didn’t do much to help. It was all due to Lilianne-san’s own A-rank ability. 」

Looking at Lilianne behavior, Laurent feels relieved.

She didn’t discriminate against other people, and she courteously treated everyone regardless of the social status.

「Anyway, what are you doing at the quest reception office? It’s not often that 『Golden Hawk』 top brass came to accept a quest themselves. 」

She somehow thought that Laurent had a high-ranking position at the 『Golden Hawk』.

And no matter how many times he told her, she didn’t believe that he’s just an ordinary member.

「No, I’m no longer a member of 『Golden Hawk』.」

「Ah, you’re going solo, then? If it’s with Laurent-san ability, going solo might be more profitable. 」

「No, the truth is… I was kicked out of the guild. 」

「You get kicked out? Someone like you? 」

Lilianne looked shocked.

「It’s… uh, how can I say this? 」

She was a little dumbfounded, shaking her head to get her grip, and without warning, she gave him a gentle smile.

「It’s lunchtime. Would you like to go somewhere quiet and catch up? 」

They left the building together and went to get lunch.

「I’ve always wanted to say thank you to Laurent-san. And then I got so busy, and I’m sorry for not contacting you for a while. 」

「No, it’s okay. I know that you were busy. 」

「It’s not much, but I want to show my gratitude. Please let me pay for assistance. 」

「It’s okay… you don’t have to. 」

「But right now you didn’t have any work?」

「Uhh, it’s okay, really. 」

「Please won’t you let me repay you? 」

Lilianne looked up to him and begged with her eyes.

She really wanted to do something to repay Laurent.

You can tell from the atmosphere.

He had this wry smile on his face.

He’s doing terrible at resisting it.

「Then, I will take you up on your kind offer. 」

「Nevertheless—how are you? I thought the guild was supporting you. I always thought that if you are in 『Golden Hawk』, our 『Guardian of the Magic Tree』 guild was no match with 『Golden Hawk』. Even Jill-san, who recently flourished, you are the one helping her with your ability, right? 」

「It’s not like that. Especially recently, I’ve been holding them back… 」

「Right. Did something happen? 」

「Yeah, something didn’t go well with the leader, Lucius. But I believe that there’s a limit on how far I can go as an adventurer with appraisal skill. 」

「However, isn’t your appraisal skill behind the guild rapid progression? Just because you didn’t have the aptitude to become an adventurer, did they think it was an excellent idea to kicked you out? 」

「I don’t know. I thought that Lucius valued me, but he prioritizes the guild. I saw him as a close friend. But for Lucius, I’m just one of his many subordinates. 」

In a subdued voice, Laurent said that as he looked down on his teacup.

Lilianne looked at how pitiful Laurent is, and she clapped her hands as she remembered something.

He’s staring at her blankly.

She smiled sweetly.

「Don’t be discouraged. If you aren’t suitable for adventurer’s work, why not change to another job? 」

「Haa. Another job… 」

「Yeah. For example, a production-type occupation that doesn’t go on an adventure. How about an alchemist guild? 」

「Alchemist guild?」

「Yup. Recently my guild has been searching for an alchemist guild that can take a large order of 『Earth Craft』. 」

「Haa…… 」

(Ah, is that the reason why you were at the quest reception office? Placing the quest for the alchemists. )

「Laurent-san. Would you please accept my request? 『Guardian of the Magic Tree』 want to surpass 『Golden Hawk』 in production skills, and I know that the existing alchemist guild will prioritize the major guild’s order.」

「I really want to accept Lilianne-san’s commission, but I don’t have any alchemy skills. 」

「It’s okay! If you don’t have the skill, why don’t you just hire someone who has the expertise? Didn’t you have 『Skill Appraisal』? You can discover someone talented in alchemy skills, and then you can hire them as the guild’s employee. 」

「Hmm. But, can I lead other people? 」

「Of course. I have faith in you. Trust me. 」

Lilianne grasped Laurent’s hands and stare at him with full conviction.

(How strange. If she is the one who told me, I can see myself doing it. )

「Okay, Lilianne-san. Let’s do this. 」

「Will you do it?」

「Yup, I thought I would be a waste to stop in the way. Let’s catch Lucius off guard, together. 」

「I will do it by all means. 」

They held each other’s hands tightly and swore to fight together.

Laurent applied to establish a new alchemist guild in the public office and recruited guild members the next day.

The guild name is 『Arsenal’s Spirit』。

Because it was authorized by a significant guild like 『Guardian of the Magic Tree』, the next day, the applicants were flooded.

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