Vol. 1 Chapter 02: Entangled with the capture targets

When the assembly hall engulfed by silence, the headmaster was the first one to open his mouth, breaking the silence.
「It must have been a malfunction, bring out the spare magic tool.」
They immediately prepared the extra magic tool, and she put her hand again on the crystal.
「……It’s level 99.」
Well, it’s the same result as the previous measurement.

The teacher began taking turns to measure their level to make sure the magic tool is working correctly. The students started to get noisy.
Amidst the uproar, I was trying my best to escape the reality that I maxed my EXP and it will waste. Let me explain.

The teachers convinced that the tool isn’t broken. Then, one of the teachers approaches me.

「Lady Yumiela, are you aware of your level?」
I thought of deceiving them. After this, I do not doubt that I’d have to anticipate the suspicion for the next three years. I wonder if I can speak honestly.
I’m nervous with the thought of spending time on the ball, but I need to focus on getting this done.

「Yes, I think there are no mistakes on my level.」
「The magic tool itself is normal. Did you in one way or another interfering with the magic tool?」
「No, I’m sure with my level.」
「You might not have known, but you can’t level up without defeating a monster.」
Even though I answered honestly, they suspect me for level manipulation. The world is a hard place to live for honest people.

The students watching were noisy and the teachers didn’t seem convinced, then the headmaster asks me to return to my seat.
「Everyone, please calm down. The truth of her words will become clear once the class begins. Lady Yumiela, after you finished your greetings, please return to your seat.」
He gave me a sidelong glance when addressing me. It seems the headmaster didn’t believe me either.
Will you believe me if I wipe out the academy with my magic?

「My name is Yumiela Dolknes. Thank you.」
I gave up trying to explain it with words, it’s impossible. I ended up with a simple greeting before returning to my seat.

Afterward, the level measurement and greetings continue in a restless atmosphere.
The heroine is the only commoner who stands out in the game story, and the entrance ceremony is over without any fuss.
Sorry, heroine-chan.

They held a buffet party after the ceremony to welcome the new students. I didn’t know everyone and no acquaintance either, so I was just standing on the corner.

When I think of returning early to my dormitory using not feeling well as an excuse, I locked my eyes on someone who’s coming straight to myself.
He looks angry, and he’s one of the people I don’t want to be involved in this Academy.

「Hey, you, the black-haired girl! What kind of trick did you do? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?!」
Without any preface, capture target number 2 keep on talking with his loud voice.
William Ares is a guy with fiery red hair, the hero party’s swordsman.
He has a strong sense of justice but quick to anger, typical muscle-brain.
「Um… are you talking about level measurement?」
「What else, duh? I know you want to stand out, but don’t you have any pride as a noble?!」

William, who is about to strike, is stopped by someone who has followed him.
「Calm down, Will. I understand your feelings, but this is not a place to make a ruckus.」
The one who calms William with practiced ease is capture target number 1.
With shiny blond hair, Edwin Balshine, the second prince and the main hero. He is a magic swordsman who uses both swords and magic.

I gave a quick bow with the prince’s appearance.
「Nice to meet you, Your Highness. My name is Yumiela Dolknes.」
「Count Dolknes house… central wannabe, huh?」
Prince Edwin mumbles and then speak to me.
「Lady Yumiela, Will has been working hard on his swordplay ever since he was a child and reached level 10 before he entered the academy. What have you done is trampling on his hard work.」
Why everyone assume that I was cheating? Will you believe me if I randomly shooting magic in this hall?

「Excuse me, I didn’t lie about my level. As the headmaster said, you will know when the class begins.」
「Huh, are you going to be stubborn that you aren’t in the wrong?」
Said Prince Edwin in displeasure, William starts speaking.
「Do you think you’re stronger than me? You should be thankful I didn’t bring my glove with me right now!」
Are you going to propose a duel? William-kun, you’d better take good care of your life.

The people around us trying to listen to our conversation discreetly when the capture target number 3 appeared.
「Level 99 isn’t realistic, is it even possible? I don’t think so.」
Oswald Grimsad is a guy with a contemptuous manner, a blue-haired wizard with glasses.
Finally, all the capture targets are here.

The three of them are childhood friends with good relationships to call each other with pet names Ed, Will, and Oz.
Traditional golden prince, wild red swordsman, and cool blue wizard. In this world, there are many shapes of beauty, but these three are exceptional. They look good to admire, but to be involved with them is another matter. It’s too much trouble.

「Hey, are you going to say something?」
It seems that William was out of the numbness from my silence.
「I don’t think you will believe in my words.」
「You! How can you say that?!」
「Did you even use your brain to think?」
「Did you had the habit of lying?」

When I want to break up these three foulmouthed conversations, they suddenly changed the topic and talked about the heroine.
「There was a commoner who used light magic. If you aren’t troubled, why don’t you speak to her?」
「Yeah, that will be better than listening to your bullshit. Later when the class begins, I’ll be ready when they prove your lies.」
Prince Edwin leaves with his two companions after saying his piece.
Ah, I’m tired. Let’s return to the dormitory.

Back in my own room, I had my maid Rita to brew me a cup of black tea.
I guess doing this kind of thing made me feel like a real noble, you know?
Learning the manners on how to drink black tea back at the residence in Dolknes territory, this is a fresh change.
「Ojou-sama, you’re back early. Did you enjoy yourself? The party isn’t over yet, is it?」
「It’s fine, I don’t think I’ll get along well with anyone.」
「You won’t find anyone if you felt like that. Master will be troubled.」
She is a maid from House of Dolknes in the royal capital who had entered the academy since yesterday.
I don’t think maid is needed since there is specialized staff handling the dining hall and laundry available at the academy. I’m afraid it was my father’s order.

It’s only been 2 days since we met, but she keeps telling me to find a marriage partner.
My father must have ordered her. Perhaps, she also serves as my chaperone.
「Classes will start in earnest tomorrow, ojou-sama will also have a pleasant encounter. Aren’t you in the same class as the second prince?」
However, His Highness already leaving a bad impression. Maybe she didn’t know about the uproar I caused at the entrance ceremony? Is it alright for her to be my chaperone?

「Ne, let’s change the topic. Do you know what the meaning of central wannabe?」
「Did someone said that to you? Ojou-sama shouldn’t worry about it.」
I was thinking about what Prince Edwin mumbled when he heard my family name, so I asked Rita about it. It doesn’t mean as good as I expected.
「But I didn’t say anything. That word seems to refer to House of Dolknes.」

Rita begins explaining what she knew.
「You know about the central and local nobles, right?」
「Mhm, we’re local nobles, right? We don’t seem to hold any managerial position in the royal capital.」
「Yes. Central wannabe is disparaging words referring to local nobles who always stay in the royal capital even though we don’t hold any managerial position in the central.」
「Ah, good-for-nothing nobles who grow senile without working at the royal capital and entrust their territory to others.」
There’s disapproval in Rita’s face, that good-for-nothing noble is her boss after all. I had a deep sigh, that good-for-nothing noble is my father, too.

Classes begin in earnest from today. We had classroom lectures in the morning and basic practical skills in the afternoon.
Naturally, I was alone in the classroom. If you’re involved and noticed by the prince, it’s beyond your power and no one won’t be seen together with you.

Sitting alone in my seat, I tried to listen to the gossip around me. According to the gossip, I had a flower garden in my brain and believed in myself for no reason.
Should I completely wipe out the academy or the royal capital to prove my level?

Just before the class starts, Prince Edwin’s trio and heroine-chan enter the classroom together. The four are chatting friendly with each other.
Isn’t the capture too early?

The heroine’s name is Alicia Enlight. You could rename it in the game, but the default was Alicia. She had pink blond hair; the heroine characteristic is her positive and cheerful personality.
Since the people with light magic is scarce, that’s the reason she’s allowed to enroll at the academy. Light magic is the only weakness in dark attribute, and it can be a trump card against the demon king.

If following the game scenario, she shouldn’t be in contact with the capture targets yet. Was it because I told them to speak to her yesterday?

I don’t want to be too involved with her like the capture targets, but I guess that’s asking the impossible.

Because in a moment where our eyes met, she glared at me with resentful eyes. 


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