Vol. 1 Chapter 07: I’m not the Demon King

When I was having lunch at the academy cafeteria, Alicia appeared and walked up to me.

I never had a direct conversation with her, but every time I looked at her in the classroom, she was scowling hard at me.

It’s making me nervous. I don’t think I have done something that warrants this kind of hate.

Alicia, who comes before me, declared with a loud voice that it reverberates inside the cafeteria.

「Yumiela-san! I know you are the resurrected Demon King. I won’t lose to you! 」

Everyone within the cafeteria, including me, had this flabbergasted expression.

But, how did she know about the Demon King revival? Did she possibly have the same memory about our former life and game knowledge as I do?

「The Demon King will come back? What are you even talking about? 」

Only selected few people who knew about the resurrection of the Demon King. And we also in a crowded location so I’ll just pretend that I know nothing.

「Don’t play dumb! Ed-kun said that the Demon King would be resurrected two years later. 」

Ed-kun? Ah, you are talking about Prince Edwin? It’s just been a week since you meet, what’s with the pet name… isn’t the capture is too fast?

Also, did the stupid Prince blab to Alicia about this kingdom’s confidential information?

「Oh, did Ed-kun you are referring to is Prince Edwin? Did his Highness say that I was the Demon King? 」

「No, Prince Edwin only said that the Demon King would be resurrected in two years later. But I know it! You’re the Demon King, aren’t you? 」

No, I’m not the Demon King, but I’m the hidden boss.

I thought she was a transmigrated person like me, it turns out she just someone with strong ideas.

When they heard that the one who talked about the Demon King’s resurrection is the prince, the crowd in the cafeteria exploded. More or less people seem to believe it, but many say Alicia was lying.

「I don’t know if his Highness really said that, but isn’t the resurrection is still happening two years later? Can you even prove that I’m the Demon King? 」

「Because your hair is black! Only evil people use dark magic with black hair! 」

Oops, the bright and positive heroine-chan is a discriminator……

No, she didn’t discriminate, but she just had a hard time differentiating between fiction and reality. Because in this world, someone with black hair and dark magic ability is a staple of picture book villain.

「Aren’t you misunderstanding anything? This is not a picture book world. 」

I keep denying that I’m not the Demon King, but Alicia doesn’t seem to give up on the thought.

「But you had black hair and using dark magic… 」

Do you believe I’m the Demon King on those two grounds? But I’m naturally born with both of it…

「My hair color and magical attributes are natural. Or, perhaps, are you implying that I’m born evil? Are you saying I’m a terrible person since I was a baby? 」

For Alice that believed in innate goodness, this question is hard for her to answer.

「Then, you are going to be a bad person. 」

「So, if you have black hair, you will become a bad person as you grow up? If that so, isn’t it better to kill all the black-haired baby, then? 」

「How can you say such a terrible thing! 」

Alice was feeling indignant, but generally, she also speaks bad things.

「Are you saying having black hair is bad? If you really think that I’m the Demon King, then bring any evidence of my crime. 」

I’m confident there won’t be any proof of my wrongdoing, with teary eyes, Alicia hang her head in silence.

I don’t want any more trouble, so I thought I’d leave, but it was too late. The three capture targets were entering the cafeteria.

The first one who notices the situation was William, the muscle-brained swordsman.

「Hey, what’s going on? What did you do to Alicia! 」

If anything, I’m the one who should say that.

The other two are hanging back behind him and worrying over Alicia.

「Alicia, I’m here. Are you okay? 」

The three capture targets were feeling dispirited after the first-day classes incident, and they were encouraged by Alicia to recover. For the past week, they haven’t come near me, but it seems they’re back to the usual rhythm.

「Alicia-san was saying something about the Demon King’s resurrection, and I’m the Demon King, and I’ve been telling her it was impossible. 」

The Demon King’s revival shouldn’t be known publicly. Alicia said she heard it from Prince Edwin, but if he denies it, people will believe it.

「It’s true that the resurrection of Demon King will happen two years later. Though only some people know it. 」

The stupid Prince’s statement was causing the surroundings to get rowdy. Why are you even saying that just certain people know about it?

William and Oswald didn’t show any outward reaction, maybe they already heard it from Prince Edwin.

「I see, so you are the Demon King. As a member of Balshine royal family, I won’t let you do anything to this kingdom! 」

Prince Edwin, who appeared convinced, pointed his finger at me.

「You are wrong. Aren’t you the one who said that the Demon King’s resurrection is two years later? Then, what am I doing here right now? 」

「You’re going to do something bad. Don’t think you can fool my eyes. 」

The stupid prince said something I heard earlier. Are you getting along with Alicia because you have a similar train of thought?

「Sigh, in this country, there’s no law to judge future crimes, right? If the crime plan is to be revealed, it will be. 」

「Don’t try to be troublesome and speak in riddles! I’ll get you! 」

William was so angry he draws his sword while saying so. You can hear the shrieking voice from the crowd.

「Etto, can you even beat me? 」

Have you forgotten that I had blown you off the other day? Ah, that sounds like Demon King’s lines.

Did William remember his first swordsmanship class? He wouldn’t try to hurt me using a sword if he did.

「Um, do you really think I’m a Demon King? 」

Thinking that the other two are out of the question, she asked Oswald.

「Alicia says so. And I trust her. 」

It seems that cool glasses character being smart is a lie. Besides, what is Alicia for you?

「Alicia encouraged me when I lost my confidence with my magical talent. A smart young lady like her can’t tell a lie. 」

I thought it was quick for Alicia to capture them already, but it seems like my meddling cause it. Prince Edwin and William are nodding at his words.

「Also, if you are the Demon King, it will explain about your strength. 」

Um, yeah, sure. I can’t argue with that one. I’m proud of being stronger than the Demon King.

「Is that so. Then please excuse me. 」

I felt that any more questions and answers were useless; I’m leaving this place.

「Wait, are you going to run? 」

Said Prince Edwin, and he didn’t seem to approach me.

The other two guys also didn’t show any reaction to me leaving, but Alicia is blocking me from leaving. Are you brave or plain reckless?

「You can’t escape! 」

「Haa…… If I’m the Demon King, what are you going to do? Are you going to kill me now? In that case, I’ll resist will all my power. 」

As I said these words and peering at her face, Alicia let out a small shriek and drawback.

「All of you are too weak. If you are going to defeat the Demon King, then get stronger. 」

I’m concerned that they won’t be strong enough to defeat the real Demon King.

「I won’t lose! I will become stronger without using the wrong way, like Yumiela-san! 」

「The wrong way? 」

「That’s what Ed, Will, and Oz were saying. There’s no mistaking it, you must have done something wrong to get stronger. 」

If defeating monsters is wrong, then probably.

「Is that your excuse for losing to me? 」

Looking at the three people, my words hit the bull’s eye, and they want to talk back but no words coming out of their mouth.

「There’s plenty of ways to get stronger, so please do your best to raise your level. And the Demon King seems to use dark magic, don’t also forget to train Alicia-san’s light magic. 」

I leave the cafeteria with that simple advice.

The surrounding students who were listening to the conversation were avoiding contact when I make my way to the exit. Ah, they’re back at it again, even though they were no longer afraid of me earlier.

Now that you mention it, I was the last boss, but I already feel like a boss character from the beginning of the story.

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