Thanks to a Different World Reincarnation Chapter 013

Chapter 013: Aria, The Receptionist

As expected the guild isn’t crowded. Jin goes straight to the receptionist.

“Good afternoon. I want to register as an adventurer?”

Greeting the receptionist, he realized that he didn’t know their name. It feels rude, but I come back for their assistance. He has the opportunity to find out their name. 

“Yes. I have been waiting for you. I’m sorry to postpone it to today.”

“It’s okay. I don’t mind. I just came to this town, so there was no problem since I had many things to do.”

It’s no problem. I still have errands to finish.

“I see. Thank you so much. Then I’ll proceed with the registration process.”

“Yes. Please.”

The receptionist always looks so composed. When Jin agreed, the first thing explained by the the receptionist is the guild system.

“Concerning the adventurer’s guild, this is simply an adventurer’s mutual aid. It’s not under country or authority power, but an independent organization that exists in various places. It’s not controlled and has a cooperative relationship with the country. In this city is 『Adventurer’s Guild Lienz Branch』. All requests to the adventurers are reviewed and ranked through the guild before being posted. The posted reward is decreasing by subtracting the guild operating fee. Please note that this is a necessary expense to ensure the adventurers’ safety. You also can receive the quest directly without going through the guild and get the reward fully, but we can’t assure the safety of the request. Also, there is a possibility of financial trouble with the client. We don’t recommend, so you do it on your own risk. Can you follow my explanation up this point?”

Jin understands it perfectly. After replying, the receptionist continues explaining about the guild rank.

“The guild rank from the lowest are F, E, D, C, B, A, AA, and AAA. Guild rank will increase as your level and contribution rise. For example, the condition of promotion to E Rank is 『Level 5 or higher and complete more than 10 requests』. For other rank promotion conditions, please look at the guild rules that you will receive later. You should receive a request that equal or under your rank. If you took a request above your rank, we would judge whether it’s suitable or not. Also for Rank C and higher, there is an extra condition that must be passed on top of the level and number of requests done. Please note this later as well.”

So far, Jin has had no problem. He’s not going aiming to be the strongest in the world; he wants to be strong enough to protect his precious people.
First of all, Jin thought, breaking through the C Rank barrier is his short-term goal.

“This is Jin-san adventurer card.”

The card might have done since yesterday.
The receptionist handed the card that glowed dully in silver.

 Name: Jin
 Age: 18
 Occupation: Adventurer (Affiliation: Lienz Branch)
 Level: 3
 Skill: Swordsmanship
 HP: 49/49
 MP: 20/20
 STR: 23
 VIT: 20
 INT: 14
 DEX: 20
 AGI: 20
 Rewards and Punishments: None 


Receiving the card, he moved by the fact that he’s become a real adventurer and not a game.
The receptionist observed the situation while waiting for Jin to calm down. After he had calmed down, the explanation continued. 

“Adventurer card can’t only be used for accepting a request and reporting to the guild but also for identification. When you are depositing money in the guild, the information added to the card. You can withdraw the deposited money from any branch guild. However, because of the card’s high importance, please note if you lose it you will need to pay 5 small gold coins to re-issue the card. Now, I’m going synchronizing Jin-san and the card. Please put your card here and your hand on the top.”

They pointed to their usual hemisphere and the blackboard at their hand. Jin does as he told when he place his hand and the card, the pale blue hemisphere change to dark blue with a buzzing sound.

“Yes, wonderful. Now this card can only be handled by Jin-san. Please trace it with your fingertip if you don’t want to display an item.”

When I traced the age part with my finger, the letter “18” disappeared. When I trace it back, it came back.

“You can conceal information you don’t want to display swiftly. For example, knowing what skills you have made it easier to take care of, so it’s better to display only one or two skills. Many people hide their status. In an extreme situation, it’s okay as long as you display your name, occupation, and combat skill. You won’t know if you have acquired a new skill, whether you level up or how much your status has improved without checking in the shrine or guild. We recommend frequently checking to judge your ability objectively. Also, make sure you don’t lightly disclose or show your information. Its essential knowledge for adventurers.”

Indeed, information is vital. Jin thanked the receptionist for carefully taught him so he won’t have failed.

On the other hand, Aria was trying to do her job as best as possible to make it convenient for Jin as she spoke with Greg yesterday. But gradually the young man with this meek somewhat fluffy atmosphere seemed to be dangerous as the temperature slowly rises.
She surprised her self since her heart has been cold for years never felt like this. 

“Eto, Jin-san might know this, but I’m just going to make sure. While skills are self-learned, you can only learn 『Livehood Magic』. It’s a skill given by God and the effect is extremely simple, but it’s indispensable in daily life. Usually, you learn it when you are 13 years old but Jin-san seems haven’t acquired it, so I recommend going right away.”

Jin, who didn’t know, was surprised. If you usually learn at 13, I think it’s better to consider the reason why he hasn’t learned the skill when he is 18 years old now.

“When you received a request, it’s recommended to go to the library on the 2nd floor of our guild. You can get information about skills, plants, monsters, etc. that will help the request completion. You can’t borrow the book, so you have to buy your copy in the town’s bookstore. The price is not cheap, but there are many useful ones. And…”

Whenever Aria half-check Jin shakes is head giving off, “I don’t know” gesture. Seeing Jin keep saying, “I don’t know about this one” makes Aria feel uneasy she ended up talking about it, and it had nothing to do with the adventurer’s registration.

It looks like an older sister who worried about her naive little brother and the little brother who obediently paid attention.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes. I understand very well. Thank you.”

Finishing Jin’s adventurer registration takes a longer time than regular registration.
Aria was pretty embarrassed, but Jin was extremely grateful for teaching him the common sense that he lacked.

There is a contrast in their expression. Aria, who keeps her face blanks trying to hide her shame and Jin who look happy with her friendly response.

“One last thing?”

Said Jin nervously.


“Can you please tell me your name?”


“No, I don’t mean like that. I’m sorry to say this when you’ve taken care of me, but I don’t know your name.”


Looking flustered he asks the receptionist her name, the other party is a beautiful woman so she catches much attention.

Aria felt moved emotionally, but she didn’t recognize what it was.

“Ah, I’m sorry. My name is Aria.”

A little later, Aria told Jin her name.

“Thank you. I’m looking forward to working with you, Aria-san.”

Jin expressed his gratitude to Aria with a broad smile.


Aria replied to Jin’s words without expression.
She still can’t attach the feelings in her mind.

Jin greeted Aria and stood up. He headed to where the request is posted on the bulletin board.
His purpose is always asking Aria request applications. It is relatively long-term and straightforward, and it seems to be advisable to complete since the location is near. It’s like the accustomed period before he accepts a full-fledged request.
Of course, this is Jin first request. The tension was at its peak.

“I think I will do this.”

This is what Jin chose:

Collecting Cyrillic Grass x5

 Required Part: The whole roots

 Reward: 2 Silver Coins

 Deadline: A month since accepting the request

Collecting Mel Grass x10

 Required Part: The tip part

 Reward: 1 Silver Coin

 Deadline: A month since accepting the request

Each herb is used in recovery potions, and depending on the condition, the reward can increase or decrease.
Jin is satisfied; the first quest he took is steady.

Heading to the library on the 2nd floor to bear in mind the shape and characteristics of each herb before headed back to Aria.

“Aria-san. I want to receive a request for collecting Cyrillic Grass and Mell Grass, which always requested. Please process my request.”

Since both requests are F rank, there is no problem.
When he handed the adventurer card to Aria, she quickly completed the reception process.

“Okay, we received the request. It’s your first request, please do your best.”

“Yes! I’m going.”

With Aria’s encouragement, Jin left the guild with a smile. The first thing to do is go to the weapon shop, so he can equip himself and start the adventure.

Jin, walking happily finally started his adventurer life.

After Jin left the guild, Aria stopped completing the paperwork and stare at the dot.

“Isn’t it unusual for Aria to be distracted?”

Samantha, Aria’s senior, called out. A woman with long chestnut hair.

“Isn’t this exciting? Was it your favorite kid?”

She is a reliable senior but also difficult because she knew her old self.

“No, I think it’s as usual.”



“Well, good. It’s time for a break so let’s eat together.”

Ignoring the answer, Samantha is dared to interfere. She’s gonna ask her over the break.

After all, this is the first person she pays attention to. Cause of her mental state it didn’t particularly need special attention. She will ask for many information and support her.

“Of course, if he’s not a good person, I’ll crush him with all my strength.”

With a smile she murmured to herself and no one can hear.

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