Thanks to a Different World Reincarnation Chapter 009

Chapter 009: Going to the Guild

“All right! I will do my best!”

It’s a great chance to start a new life. Jin will try living to the fullest, so he doesn’t have any regrets.

Now, let’s try to understand the current situation.

Jin began expanding the menu and starts to examine the unidentified item.

Anyway, I’m curious about the “Skill.” Expand items.


[Menu] …… call up the menu and use various functions. (Unique Skill) 【Display ON】

[Martial Arts] …… ability related to martial arts and overall body movement. Plus correction rate for growth rate, success rate, acquisition rate, etc. (R: MAX)

[HP Correction] …… Plus correction of the HP initial value and growth rate. The higher the LV, the greater the effect. (R: 3)

[STR Correction] …… Plus correction of the STR initial value and growth rate. The higher the LV, the greater the effect. (R: 3)

[VIT Correction] …… Plus correction of the VIT initial value and growth rate. The higher the LV, the greater the effect. (R: 2)

[DEX Correction] …… Plus correction of the DEX initial value and growth rate. The higher the LV, the greater the effect. (R: 2)

[AGI Correction] …… Plus correction of the AGI initial value and growth rate. The higher the LV, the greater the effect. (R: 2)

[Body Manipulation Correction] …… Smooth and efficient physical control. The stronger the specific image, the more effective it becomes. (R: MAX)

[Magical Power Correction] …… Smooth and efficient magical control. The stronger the specific image, the more effective it becomes. (R: MAX)

[Health] …… Not easily get sick or injured. Even if there’s an abnormal condition, will fully recover at a certain time. (R: MAX)

[Appraisal] …… It’s possible to know the target’s information. The effect depends on R. (R: 1)

[No-attribute Magic] …… Able to manipulate magic without attributes. (R: MAX)

 ・Mana Bullet …… No-attribute magic to attack by firing a mass of unattributed magical power. (MP Consumption 8 Power 5)


The rank display has been added to all skills, reading that Jin expression seemed to change slightly.

It means that the one with “R: MAX” will not rise any further, and there is no particular change in the content.

But only the unique skill “Menu” had 【Display ON】 displayed, but it’s probably setting whether or not to display the basic information. When Jin touches an item and imagines it was OFF, it changed to 【Display OFF】. When you called out basic information to confirm in a separate window the unique skill had a display of [Hide] added.

I didn’t know what would be affected if [Hide] is used in basic information, but for the time being, I will hide [Title] and [Money]. That will attract trouble if it is displayed. Perhaps there’s someone with skill to read another personal information, and it’s good to be cautious.

There are many things that I didn’t understand, but it’s totally a relief that things seem to be usable without a problem.

However, the only skill available is [Appraisal] and [No-attribute Magic]. I don’t know if the game’s skill acquisition system works in this world or not. It is unclear whether the skill system exists in the first place.

“Well, whatever.”

It would be nice if you can utilize the game’s skill in this world if you can’t then there’s no point in thinking about it.

Jin changed his mind and decided to check the next menu.

There’s no change in 『Tools』 and 『Equipment』 menu.

You can bring in and out the 『Tools』 using the gate and the gate appearance’s location can be changed freely.

On the other hand, there seems to be no problem with 『Equipment』. Looking at the current state of the wooden sword stored in the gate, when I imagine 『Change』 the wooden sword gets equipped. I remember Chris said the number of pre-registered equipment types can be increased to four, for now, I will add pants to the register. And repeatedly change the equipment several times, confirming the specifications is the same as the tutorial. Jin was impressed by how easy to utilize that, he wants to increase the registered item by buying clothes and equipment early. It was fun, it feels like superhero transformation.

After that he only requires confirming 『Setting』, Jin noticed that significant time had passed since he entered the hotel. It doesn’t feel like 1 hour has passed. The guild seemed to be crowded when it’s late, but let’s register with the guild first. I will confirm the 『Setting』 later.

He put back the coins inside the storage, then Jin leaves to the guild. Not to worry about crime prevention, because the baggage is small and stored inside the gate.

On the way to the guild, he was tempted to look at the store alongside the road, but he managed to endure and arrived at the guild.

The inside of the guild is neatly organized and does feel uncluttered. The commission request is pasted in a large bulletin board and the reception counter divided into several sections. There is a staircase leading into the 2nd floor and a little rest space. Houseplants and flowers placed in someplace to brighten the atmosphere. Adventurers are more or less had a rough image, but this place is not the place you imagine where such people gather. If anything, the image is closer to the lobby on the city hall 1st floor.

Jin was surprised in a good way but recalling his purpose he instantly went to the reception.

It was hectic in the morning and evening, there were few people so I don’t have to wait.

“Hello. I’d like registering as an adventurer, is this the right place?”

“Yes, you are right. Please sit down.”

The person in charge of reception that Jin talked to had their long hair up, a spectacle beauty who gave to an intellectual impression.

“The new adventurer registration takes 5 silver coins, is it okay?”


“Please place your hand here.”

The receptionist said that and brought out something like a crystal ball and placed it on the table.

It’s about the size of a softball cut in half and shines in gentle blue light. And from the base, a thin line extended to the blackboard at the receptionist’s hand.

He was curious and place his right hand, but Jin observes no particular change occurred. The receptionist looking at the blackboard on her hand.

Jin isn’t good at finding out a woman’s age. He didn’t know very well, but if he guesses it would be around 20 years old. The glasses may be a bit plain, but some would say it looks good. Her facial features proportion without smile giving off an intense image. Jin couldn’t help but see if she laughs it would be cute. 

The receptionist suddenly lifts up her face, and our eyes meet. Jin realizes he’s been ogling her closely and it’s impolite to stare like that, she showed the blackboard on her hand with no expression acknowledging Jin’s stare.

“Please check if this information is accurate.”


Name: Jin

Age: 18

Occupation: Unemployed

Level: 3

HP: 49/49

MP: 20/20

STR: 23

VIT: 20

INT: 14

DEX: 20

AGI: 20

Rewards and Punishments: None


It seems the same items as the basic information menu are displayed. I don’t know what kinda system it is, but this will still be magic. There’s no mistake. The unique skill has disappeared and there is no title. And there’s a new item about rewards and punishments added, but it’s natural that I have none. Coming into this world, I don’t have any criminal history, even in the past. It’s not a crime, but Jin reminisces a little back in the day he did something as a kid.

“Yes. There is no mistake.”

And when Jin answered, the receptionist said this without replacing her expression.

“I’m sorry. It’s impossible for Jin-san to register as an adventurer.”


Time feels like stopped. 

Jin, who is stuck in a situation where registering as an adventurer is impossible, being watched keenly by the receptionist. Then after a moment, she spoke to Jin.

“It means in your current situation you can not register.”


Jin tries to restart and works his head around.

“There are several conditions for becoming an adventurer, but what Jin-san lacks is a skill.”

“If it’s a skill…”

Trying to say I have a skill and stop paying attention. He actually has the skills, but that’s just the skills he learned during the game. It’s not the same thing in this world, and it’s not talking about the unique skill. I had no choice but to speak.

“Yes. Of course, if Jin-san can learn new skills, it will be possible to register as an adventurer.”

The receptionist seems to have given Jin a different reason for speaking. Jin relieved that the conversation flows naturally.

“If you feel like that, you can learn the skills from instructors in this guild.”

It’s not hope. Jin instantly jumps to the offer.

“Thank you. Can you give me guidance from now on?”

Right now is about 3 or 4 o’clock. I don’t have much time, but I would like asking if possible.

“Yes. Is the skill you want to learn is 『Swordmanship』?”

Despite the sudden talk, the receptionist will respond promptly. Most likely when she saw my data and I got no skill, she was preparing to anticipate the following developments. Also predicting the skill, I want to learn from the wooden sword at my waist, then checking the instructor with free time. It’s not something that can be done easily. Furthermore, there’s a possibility that it’s pointless. Jin thanked the receptionist for her swift response.

“Yes. Thank you so much.”

The receptionist made a small move to respond to his thanks but immediately return to the no expression when directing him.

“The instructor’s name is Greg. You can reach the playground from the back, please head there.”

“Okay, I was saved. Thank you so much. I will head there.”

That being said, Jin went to the playground.

But there was no voice to respond to Jin’s greeting.

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