Thanks to a Different World Reincarnation Chapter 008

Chapter 008: Thanks to the Parallel World

After parting with Burke, Jin intended to go to the guild. However, He thought that he wanted to think a bit, so he changed his arrangement and decided to find a lodging first.

When the meal was done and he feels settled, he was thinking about the money circumstances that he’s been putting off.

Conveniently this 『Traveler’s Rest House』 is also an inn. The inn is the main business, but it’s also open as a restaurant during the day. Fortunately, there was a vacancy, so I was able to take the room without problems.

I was escorted to a locked room with a size of 8 tatami mats on the 2nd floor. There are bed and desk equipped and mirror as an addition, it is functional enough.

For a little while, Jin locked the room and lay down on the bed. Physically I didn’t feel tired at all but the bed felt so pleasant.

However, he remembers he had something to do. Sitting cross-legged on the bed, he tried to get a grip of his mind. Since the sword gets in the way of sitting, he put the wooden sword inside the gate.

Then he takes out 1G which is the in-game currency and places it on the bed. I don’t examine it during the tutorial, especially when I handed it to Burke at the gate I wasn’t aware but it definitely thick and heavy gold coin of a larger size. The relief of the beautiful woman’s profile is highlighted on the surface, and the other side has scales highlighted on the surface, coupled with the fine ornaments surrounding it, it is like a work of art.

And he places the small gold coin and silver coin which Burke exchanged, side by side on the bed. These currencies are not that big, so the decoration is simplified but you can still see things that seem like scales. What they have in common is the scales symbol, and the circles of decoration are refined.

“Well… Weapons and armor sold in the game are expensive because of that big gold coin is the lowest trading unit. So, the currency in G means big gold coin? And other coins aren’t usually displayed because they are for daily life, it really exists?

Jin recalls there was price setting in the game where the price of the pot’s lid is higher than one-night accommodation.

(Since there is a contradiction from the priority given, I guess this was done for real. But if that’s the case, this only the beginning.)

The premise is wrong in the first place, Jin tried to find answers. There is no such thing as an answer.

“Well, it can’t be helped. Let’s confirm it first.”

Jin gave up finding the answer and decided to organize information he knows.

First, he the money exchanged by Burke. He pointed at the coins in front of me and confirmed the exchange rate while checking.

 100 copper coins → 1 silver coin.

 10 silver coins → 1 small gold coin.

 10 small gold coins → 1 large gold coin = 1G

It’s easy to understand since the silver coin is a decimal. But it seems like 1G has the same value as 1 big gold coin, it’s unusual.

Next, Jin decided to organize the price of things that he knows.

I tried to predict the money’s value by matching it with my own sense.

 Security money 1 small gold coin

 Lodging cost 1 silver coin

 Special set menu 10 coppers

 Daily meals set 5 coppers

How much is the regular daily meal? Jin, who lived in Kyushu, the cheap meal set is about 500 yen. Assuming the value matches, for now, the coppers are considered to be worth about 100 yen per piece. Then, a special set meal becomes 1000 yen. Jin judges that it’s quite profitable but not much.

Next, the lodging fee paid is 1 silver coin for 1 night with breakfast. 1 silver coin is 100 coppers, so that’s 10.000 yen. Every so often it will be cheaper if it’s a business hotel, I feel the difference is not so far off.

That’s 10 silver coins and 1 small gold coin, so the deposit is 100.000 yen. It feels cheap, but this is reality and I have nothing to compare so we will hold on that. As it seems, 10 small gold coins equal with 1 large gold coin and its worth 1.000.000 yen.

So, this 1 large gold coin is 1G and it’s 1.000.000 yen…… whoa, that’s way too high. Suddenly Jin feels afraid thinking about this, but he shakes it off and prepares himself.

1 large gold coin = 1.000.000 yen = 1 G, and there is still 786 coins remaining. A million, 10 million, 100 million, he calculates while counting in his head.

(……I think I made an error.)

Once again, he tried to re-do it again. Of course, the result doesn’t change.

That’s it, it’s 786 million yen.


Although it’s predicted, Jin still shocked at the extraordinary amount.

“No, no, no. That’s ludicrous. Is it a bug or something? Impossible.”

Jin started getting panicked. There’s no trace image of a placid old man.

However, if you think it carefully, the money increases abnormally if this is a bug we can report it to the administrator. Even though it’s a single-player game, you can contact the GM. The confusion continued, the person in question may have felt something unconsciously.

“Ah, I got a stomachache.”

He felt the tension, Jin tried to hold on his pain and bowel movement.

Inside the game, a warning sounds supposed to activated when the real body feels the urge to use the bathroom and it is designed to log out quickly. Although there was no warning, Jin expanded the menu to log out.

But of course, there is no such button anymore.

“Eh? Why? Log out! Escape! Log out! Return home!”

No matter how much he screams, the result didn’t change. However, feeling impatient, stomach pain and his bowel movement all at once is like receiving a triple punch, Jin can’t think. While he was doing it, his stomach approaching the limits in earnest.

“It’s OK, for the time being, I will go to the bathroom.”

Jin holds his stomach and opens the lock and leaves the room. He hurriedly headed for the bathroom on the first floor.

Jin came back from the bathroom after a while. His facial expression looks relieved. He might have had time to think. No more distraction at the time being.

“You can do it. I did it. It was stinky.”

Sitting in the bed, he confirmed it piece by piece. Now that the issue is resolved, he emerged from the temporary panic state and no more urgency things have calmed down.

Although it is routine, we can’t excrete such things on the game. There is no need to reproduce the unpleasant things in the game. Specifically in this “New World & New Life” that Jin played, what considered naked is wearing pants, you can’t take off anything anymore. Even then Jin can take off his pants and go to the bathroom. When he took off his pants, it supposed to say data does not exist but he can take it off just fine.

Plus, you are able to use your sense of smell and taste, but its still under development.

When thinking carefully, it’s impossible to reproduce the difference in the delicate taste Jin felt at his previous meal and the smell of the wind he felt before coming to this city with the current VR technology. In addition, there’s no need to reproduce the unpleasant odor Jin felt in the bathroom.

As he stood up in front of the mirror, he waves his hand. The appearance is still the same set before the game start. Nah, it looks a little bit more natural. His height is 10cm taller with a slender muscular body. It’s an appearance he set himself. But when you really look at it, you can see pores in his skin, wrinkles on the palm of his hands, and also blood vessels under the skin. When he closed his eyes and put his hand to his chest, he can feel the heartbeat and the blood flow over his body. This virtual reality really makes him want to suspect this is a reality.

Jin thinks it trough. After thinking carefully, his heart feels calm since after waking up on the hill. It is true that he enjoys the VR game, has his heart been affected much? After the tutorial, he thinks he was really excited but since waking up on that hill he didn’t really felt like that anymore. He feels as if he’s 18 again and his heart calmed down after everything that happened.

I have heard the theory that the mental age is influenced by body age. People with younger appearance have younger mental age too, likewise, there’s a theory if you look older your mental age is older too. Apart from its credibility, it shouldn’t be possible for an old man to have a younger person mental age. However, when I think my mental age has rejuvenated to the body of this 18-year-old, I can come into an understanding.

Jin keeps thinking, but he still can’t give a clear answer.


Jin calls up the menu to search for the logout button that’s not there. Keep checking whether there’s a change in the information, he calls up basic information from the menu.


Name: Jin

Age: 18

Occupation: Unemployed

Title: Person Blessed by God (New)

Level: 3

HP: 49/49

MP: 20/20

STR: 23

VIT: 20

INT: 14

DEX: 20

AGI: 20

Unique Skill: Menu (New)


HP Recovery Potion (Small) x5

MP Recovery Potion (Small) x3

One-horned rabbit’s horn

Money: 786.8830G


“What is this?”

Information that he never saw is increasing. Title? Unique Skill? He taps each immediately to see more information.

[Title: God blessed you… as gratitude. Be happy in your new life]

[Unique Skill: Menu… call up the menu and use various functions]

Jin is speechless. What exactly is happening? Is it an event? What is a unique skill? The menu should be just a system.

In Jin’s head, a number of ideas running around.

He calmly took a deep breath to soothe his mind.

Then continue thinking.

First of all, it is unknown why it becomes a unique skill, there’s no problem with it as it is usable as usual. 

Meanwhile, the title doesn’t make sense. He doesn’t think he remembers doing something that warrants God for conveying gratitude to him. That sentence was the only salvation that I felt.

To tell the truth, the possibility that Jin thought for a long while ago was flickering in his mind. While denying it is impossible to happen he can’t abandon that train of thought.

As he notices, Jin tried checking the other items as well. If there’s an abnormality, there is some trace in the log.

The tutorial certainly didn’t have any abnormalities. The major change happened since we entered the main story. If anything happened, it should be after the tutorial stage where he wakes up lying on the hill. 

Jin will check the log to confirm everything.

Because there are too many details, the importance of log display is set to a medium. Restoring the logs back to the beginning is easy.

Just before the tutorial ends there’s a log about the ring he received from Chris, the system message is there.


【Mental and body preservation confirmation confirming the disappearance of “Jinguji Shinichi” from “Earth”】

【Mental and body reconstruction completed transmigrating “Jin” into “Terra” complete】


He can feel the goosebumps. There’s a possibility that he felt it somewhere in his mind.

From the tutorial, the world has changed. Its overwhelming reality. The monster alteration and the corpse that remains forever. The significant change in currency value. The meal that tastes too delicious. And the inability to log out. Functions that shouldn’t exist. Feeling rejuvenated like a youth. Title and skill that shouldn’t exist.

And this system message.

Jin suddenly came to an understanding. Without a doubt, he is convinced now. From the beginning, he was convinced it was true.

Jinguji Shinichi no longer exists on the earth. It was said that he was reincarnated in this territory. This is the reality.

The feeling of understanding has caught at him. I can’t meet the people from my original world any longer. It’s lonely. I feel so lonely.

Jin often forgets those emotions.

……but if you think about it, parting is a familiar concept with his original age. Many people have passed away, his parents, friends, and acquaintances. He just wandered around the border of life and death a year ago. His remaining lifespan would never have been long. He doesn’t have any regret because farewell is something familiar to him, living his life to the fullest and enjoying his days.

Even though I was sad about parting with Chris, I couldn’t hang on it because I was even more happy to be able to meet him.

Let’s believe that everyone feels like that. So Jin thought.

And don’t forget about the title. I don’t know what I did, but apparently, I’ve done things that make God happy. And thanks to that, he seemed to have been reincarnated into the world similar to “New World & New Life”. It feels good to be here.

That said, I remember saying that I wanted to live in a world like this when I was lying down. Perhaps my wish has been granted.

The changes in skill and money seem like God’s consideration so can we use the game settings as it is. Like from gold coin became a large gold coin.

It fulfilled my wish and even gave me a blessing. If you complain about this, you get stuck.

Jin slowly took a big deep breath twice.

And finally asking himself.

Including things from the original world, what do you think about living in this world?

He closes his eyes and thinks slowly. And he came into the conclusion pretty quick.

“I have no choice but appreciate it.”

I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t say my farewell, but I have no regret at all.

Until now I can only experience adventures in the TV game. Today, I was able to experience fantasy in a VR game and now I can live in the fantasy world of my dreams. Moreover, he was reincarnated in his rejuvenated body, and he will live to the fullest as gratitude.

And furthermore, Jin thinks. He didn’t understand how things work in this world, but good and bad things will happen in the future. Even until now. There was a mountain valley.

So here I swear. Even if I have difficulty in the future, I must not forget this gratitude feeling.

Jin opens the window and aligns his hands towards the sky, and closes his eyes. And with a quiet voice full of gratitude, he said.

“To everyone who reincarnated me. As I have said, I will enjoy this world as much as I can. Thank you very much.”

“Thanks to the Parallel World!”

When I opened my eyes, I swore with a smile.

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