Thanks to a Different World Reincarnation Chapter 007

Chapter 007: Delicious Meal and New Friend

Together with Burke, Jin is going to a broad street.

Stalls are lined up on the main street, and they sell various things from daily necessities to foods. The stalls arranged in a way to make you feel relaxed, colorful color are used in the roof and it is so beautiful to look at. People who come and go also dressed pretty neat. It is a lively and vibrant atmosphere, with worker-like men who chews skewers at stalls and women in matching costumes sitting in a chair and chatting with juice seen in one hand. Many people are wearing hats that seem like human beings at first sight. However, you can see there are beast eyes and beast with visible tail, long elf’s ears and this exact fantasy atmosphere coupled with the town’s European style.

When Jin was looking around in the surrounding area, Burke spoke to him.

“Hey, you look so happy.”

Those that came from the countryside usually are embarrassed, many of them are concerned about how to behave. Whether it can be done or not, they tried not to obviously looking around. But Jin doesn’t care about such a thing.

Without a doubt lift up his voice admiring the townscape, starring the people who wait with a smile and eyes looking around finding new things one after another. Their faces constantly smiling.

“Hahaha. I was embarrassed and was really longing for this kind of scenery. Finally, I witness it for the first time.”

Jin answers while smiling. He looks content rather than embarrassed.

In fact, Jin only knew about Hawaii and Korea because he went on a business trip when he was a company employee, he only has seen pictures of European style townscape which is a fantasy’s classic on photographs and television. But now he can experience the streets that cause him to think of medieval Europe in this way. Even if just that, it is fun to travel, plus the classic people in the fantasy world like a beast man with cat ears and elf are actually walking in front of you. Also, there are many lovely children and beautiful people. There’s no reason for Jin to not be excited.

Now Jin had forgotten all his previous questions and enjoyed it completely.

“Hehe. I’m not from this town. It seems like you like this town.”

In a manner of speaking Jin made a good impression on Burke.

“Has Burke-san been a soldier in this city for a long time?”

I heard that Burke was from this town, Jin asks to continue the conversation flow and he was interested.

“No, I was an adventure until 6 years ago…”

Burke answered but somehow his face is unpleasant for some reason.

“Well, there are some reasons. My kid was born some time ago and not long after that I retire becoming an adventurer and that’s why I become a soldier in this town.”

Burke glossed over his words.

“That’s right.”

Of course, Jin will not repeat anything that he heard. Everyone has something painful or sad in their life. However, Jin believed that someday he will be having that conversation with Burke.

After that, they walked while chatting but at the center of the spacious plaza, Burke stops and pointed to one of the big buildings along the road surrounding the square.

“That is the adventurer guild. After you eat your meals, you can register today.”

“Is that over there? It was helpful. Thank you.”

Jin was about to ask the guild location, but he was saved because Burke tells him first. And it was also a relief that the guild is in easy-to-spot location and he will not get lost.

Then he arrived at the restaurant called 『Traveler’s Rest House』 in less than 5 minutes walk from the plaza.

Because the lunchtime is almost over there aren’t many customers around. They were able to sit without waiting.

“What shall we eat?”

Said Burke while he sees the menu across the wall. When Jin looks at the menu, a letter had not been seen was written on the wall.

When I look up and squint my eyes a little, I’m glad to understand the meaning of the letter doesn’t change.

While Jin thinking it was weird to see Japanese in such a place, it’s kinda distracting.

There are four menus that can be selected, 3 daily meals set and 1 special set menu. The special set menu cost 10 coppers. The daily meals set are 5 coppers.

“Burke-san. Please accept the special set for today’s reward.”

Suddenly he gets an idea to offer to Burke. There is no problem because he has 50 coppers on hand. Because I had been indebted to Burke, I wanted to express my gratitude in this way.

“No, it’s okay. I haven’t done anything.”

Burke was refraining from accepting but when I asked again he nodded with a smile.

“Well, God will forgive me for this. Thank you.”

With Burke’s consent, he ordered a special meal set for two. The menu they order was arranged on the table one after another without waiting too long.

Whitefish meunière with plenty of butter, two pieces of baked meat and onion alternately inserted with a skewer, and a simple salad and corn soup with cheese and salt. There are also a number of hard types of bread in the basket. With plenty of content, the top of the table is full.

“It looks delicious. Let’s eat.”

Saying it, Burke takes the meat skewer with one hand and put it in his mouth.

“Yes, let’s eat.”

Meanwhile, Jin put both his hands together.


He said.

Burke looks at me strangely while chewing on the meat.

“What is that? A custom in your hometown or something?”

“Yes. This means I’m thankful to the people who cooked the dishes and the ingredients that made them, and they will be delicious from now on.”

Jin explained his usual habit to Burke with a wry smile. Essentially there’s religious significance to it, but nowadays it became mainstream.

“Huh? It is unusual to thank the cook and ingredients. Perhaps you do it every time?

“Yes. And when the meal is over, I will say 『gochisousama』 with grateful feeling for having a delicious meal.”

As he answers that, Jin also gets on skewer meat. Delicious. Whether the ingredients are good or not, the simple flavor of salt and pepper alone, but the taste is amazing. Jin is absorbed in eating.

Next is the fish. This is also delicious because the butter sauce is tangled in a plain white fish. Gin enjoyed eating with the misunderstanding that the virtual reality was really amazing.

On the other hand, Burke seems to think about something while continuing the meal.

“I see. When I eat at the festival after saying my gratitude, I will eat it. And to my wife, that is certainly working hard. I will tell her today.”

“I think it’s good. I don’t really care about saying 『itadakimasu』. Like I said earlier, things like 『thank you for always doing your best』 or 『thank you for the delicious meal』. It would be good to tell my wife properly.”

While Jin speaking he looks slightly proud. And while having a meal, the two of them had a nice conversation.

“I understand. But it’s nice to have a habit from home since a young age.”

He wants to say old age. But Jin has never had a house even though he is of age. He gave a bitter smile. So, Jin enjoyed the nice talk with Burke and delicious meal.

Jin had developed diabetes in his twenties and has been on diets all the time. It has been a long time since I ate many delicious things without thinking about calories, I was touched by the misplaced fact that the virtual reality was wonderful.

With the portion of dishes, as far as wiping the sauce on the plate with bread, while downing the drink like tea that came out last, they keep on talking at ease.

Unexpectedly Burke liked talking and Jin was listening intently. Burke is 34 years old now. With a wife and one child. He seems like a good dad. The married couple’s relation also seems to be good and speaks fondly of her. 

Jin likes to listening to people’s story. I was able to listen happily while talking about loved ones, jealousy, and inner thoughts. Although the story is far from done, Burke’s break time is about to end.

After a pleasant and delicious meal, Burke returned to work.

“Let’s drink when you have settled next time. I know a good place to drink. And next time we’ll divide the bill.”

I was happy when I was told by Burke on my way home.

“Oops, I forgot, one last thing. Welcome to Lienz! Welcome, Jin.”

It seems like there was an increase in Jin’s friends.

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