Thanks to a Different World Reincarnation Chapter 001

Chapter 1: The Desire of VR Game

“Oh, this is brilliant!”

The man who witnesses the scene, unconsciously leaked out voice filled with adoration.
On the top of a small hill, a man standing to look at man-made scenery no one ever saw, as far as the eye can see is the grass-covered plain the blue-sky reflection saturate visibly. There is no man ever experience this situation, the natural scenery state is pristine.

“This is VR (virtual reality).”

The man’s murmur can’t hide his excitement, emotion, and joy from his voice.
When the man was a child, in those days, he begins accumulating TV game hardware with a genre called RPG when the software was released.

I am the hero, and I fight against the enemies and I trained myself, then, in the end, I defeated the demon king and save the world kind of story. From that game, the man knows RPG and fantasy for the first time, and now he is fascinated by the world.
It begins with rough 2D drawings, as the time passes the game has evolved tremendously. By the time he became a full-fledged member of society, the picture on-screen is no different from reality. Sometimes its possible to see something built from the scratch then get surpassed.

At the game screen, we made a character to replace yourself to move around freely in this elaborate world. It feels like I was there and the picture practically very real.
The better it is made, it would be unavoidable to have dreams and longing to actually enter the game’s world and become that character.
Although it is still impossible for now, many people hope that an era where you can play VR (virtual reality) game that you can truly experience the game’s world as if it were genuine will come as the Technology advance in the future.
However, for that middle-aged man, it has not become a reality and was only a dream that was impossible yet.

Nevertheless, the development of technology doesn’t stop, it progresses gradually and sometimes dramatically.

A few decades later, when the man retired from the required retirement age and became elderly as the time pass, “virtual reality” ultimately became reality.

“It’s finally here.”

While gently stroking the headset of VR equipment, the old man’s face while murmuring really deep emotion can’t conceal the joy that overflow.

The VR equipment in front is size color box body and attached to the monitor, and it consists of a headset connected by a thick cord extending from the lower of the main body.
Due to the mechanism interfering with the brain and recognizing the virtual reality, the VR device, in addition, has aspects as a medical device and it is not a game exclusive machine
By installing the software that accommodates to the purpose of the person who utilizes it, not only treatment adopting a mental approach of virtual reality, but it is also possible to use for various reasons like training athlete and live learning for all sorts of education.

The effectiveness of these VR has been proven by the military and medical field result that had been introduced in the past. And general VR equipment for household use became popular with explosive momentum as they were released.

However, among the widespread use of VR equipment, an old man lagged behind due to the trouble of suffering from a serious illness. He was able to obtain the VR equipment after discharge from the hospital, a year or more since the release.

And two months after he discharge from the hospital, finally he was about to play VR game which is a dream beyond half a century.

Over a year passed since its release, and more than 10 RPG type VR games preferred by man have been released. Among them, the man didn’t choose the mainstream MMO but one player type of RPG.

In reality, even with a body that has been aging, in the virtual reality is possible to regain the athletic ability at a young age. That’s why many elderly people play games these days.
However, although it is reasonable, their heart remains the same as an old man. Even though men always enjoyed a game, they didn’t possess the same intensity when they play MMO, unlike the younger generation.
The man has been single and still lived alone. Its often said that young people are mentally healthy even if they’re single, but there are limits to that.
Also since friends and relatives live nearby, I’m not lonely, now I don’t feel need to choose MMO for the interaction, I thought I wanted to enjoy the virtual reality slowly at my own pace rather than being influenced by others.

The title of the game chosen is, “New World & New Life.” It is a fantasy RPG set in a world earth terrier where the four tribes of a human being, a demon group, a fairy tribe, and a beast human family live.
It is a popular game with an incredibly flexible system that uses both levels and skills, and a real world with many advanced AI for NPCs and support characters.

While being a game for one player, there are many occupations ranging from unorthodox adventurer to farmers. In addition to that, the main quest is also thoroughly prepared for several kinds.
I will enjoy this as ordinary RPG, enjoying laid-back farm life, get experience and rise in the business world, advancing the main quest and stay peaceful and uneventful, that is how to enjoy MMO freely.
Considering the social impacts, there is a severe penalty on criminal behavior because it is a single-player game, a law-breaking play is an almost impossible playstyle.

But of course, it was no problem with this old man who has a healthy spirit other than a healthy body.

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