Isekai Cat Vol. 1 Chapter 29

(σ`д′)σ Chapter 29

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  1. Nix says:

    hey mates, ever thought about organizing your crap? I would rather not have to go onto two different sites in order to binge read. Your Table of Contents for this one is missing a few chapters, and there’s many of your chapters that don’t have a link to the next chapter… also there is one chapter that has a working hyperlink but it doesn’t actually send you to the next chapter, it just sends you to a “This may have been deleted or moved”

  2. Nix says:

    hey mates, ya may want to look into organizing your chapters a bit more, I would rather not have to use two sites in order to access the chapter. Your Table of Contents is outright missing chapters, your next chapter hyperlinks are missing, and there’s one that has one on but sends you to the “This has been moved or deleted” error. Good work on the chapter, but still this inconvenience is a annoyance to newcomers

    • Nix says:

      gonna be honest I thought the first one didn’t send because I had all the things off like a mong, sorry for the spam mates

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