Thanks to a Different World Reincarnation Chapter 015

Chapter 015: Smile, Revenge and Life Magic

It’s barely four o’clock, but Jin already backs in town. He went back to the guild first since he wanted to deliver the freshly harvested herbs. After arriving, he went directly to Aria.

“Aria-san, I’m back. This is the requested herbs. Please confirm.”

After saying that Jin takes out bundles of Cyrillic Grass and Mell Grass from his bag. Not from the gate, but directly from the container. Since the [Tool Bag] was incapable of storing living things inside, so he unable to store the freshly picked herbs inside.

“Yes, I’ll confirm it.”

Aria looked a little surprised knowing Jin returns in a short time, but she masks her expression and continues to confirm Jin’s request.

Every Cyrillic Grass’ root was wrapped with the towel and bundled into one. The roots have some of the soil intact to preserve the grass in a fresh state. Mell Grass tufts lumped into one in a special sachet that also perseveres them in their current state. Requests have an extended deadline, so they don’t usually receive this many especially delivered fresh like this. Also, it would be helpful if there is a perfect preservation method.

“We have 5 Cyrillic Grass and 10 tufts of Mell Grass. Since the condition is excellent, increasing the reward by 25%. Please submit this document to the teller in the back later. You’ll be paid there.”

After Aria finished confirming she signs the document and gives it to Jin.

“Thank you.”

This is the first request. And Jin is happy to receive a positive evaluation.

“Jin-san, I’m sorry for being intrusive but may I ask you a question?”

“Eh? What do you want to ask?”

“How did you gather the herbs so quickly?”

It’s only 4 hours passed since Jin left the guild. No wonder Aria is curious. Jin is thinking about how to respond to this question. No matter what, he can’t tell about the [Map] In this case [Appraisal] too, it would be odd if he didn’t have it yesterday, but today he suddenly has. And it’s unclear whether this skill exists in this world or not. He doesn’t want to lie to Aria if he can.

“It’s… It’s a secret.”

She was surprised at his unexpected reply. Behind her glasses, you can see her eyes filled with astonishment.

“Fufufu. I’m practicing what Aria-san teach me.”

When Jin catches Aria like that, he smiles with a carefree smile. He’s practicing Aria’s word, “I don’t give out my information lightly.”

“Fufu. It’s a secret, isn’t it?”

Aria was suppressing her laughter behind her hand. It’s the first time he saw her smile, and he’s charmed. It didn’t last long because she’s back in her original expression, but he still can detect her smile in the soft atmosphere.

“Hahaha. See you tomorrow, Aria-san. Thank you for your help. Please excuse me.”

He feels reluctant to leave this place with a soft atmosphere, but he didn’t want to hog the reception desk. Jin is unwilling to admit he’s attracted, saying goodbye to Aria and went to the teller in the back to receive his rewards.

Without any incident, Jin received his first request reward of 3 silver coins and 75 copper coins, walked out of the guild with a smile mixed with a grin.
The reason for his smile is not just because of the reward he received but because he can remember Aria’s smiling face.

(After all, a woman’s smile is the best. Aria-san was so cute.)

That’s an understandable reaction from 18 years old, but at the same time, Jin is an old man. He doesn’t recall how many years have passed since he feels the fluttering in his heart. It feels new and fun.

However, Jin thinks his heart feels young again. If you see a pretty or cute woman in her twenties, it’s hard not to feel your heart fluttering. He’s even younger than his nephew and niece’s child. Jin didn’t think since he’s over 60 he will feel his heart pounding again. And now having experience as an old man, he can feel the energy from that kind of passion or emotion in his 18-year-old. In his current situation, what he experienced is like a miracle from God.
That’s why Jin didn’t want to make any advances to Aria. It’s out of the question to make any advances at this stage before falling in love, at least he needs to learn enough ability to make a living in this world. 

Jin’s view of love is the experience and wisdom of an old man would be hard to understand from the public’s perspective. However, he’s dubious how far this reasoning can fight against his instinct especially now that he’s an 18-year-old boy. There is a possibility to suddenly falling in love.
It’s not the only thing that makes him uneasy, there were many things, but the closest is the expectation.

“Fufu. Will the day I fall in love come again? I will look forward to it.”

It is not necessarily Aria. If I fall in love with a woman, how will I change? Or I won’t change? He will be looking forward to experiencing that day.

Jin laughs as he was reminiscing; the mood began changing as he keeps walking. Many people on the street are going for dinner or just shopping. In the previous world, he ate dinner at 5 or 6 p.m., but he had no intention to resume the habit in this world. He enjoyed his lunch and kept walking, ignoring the tasty side dish and ingredients until he arrived at the bathhouse.
After the second time, he takes a bath for today and cleans himself, and he changed to his new clothes and headed to the shrine.

The purpose is revenge.

There were far more people in the shrine than in the morning. The statue is surrounded by the people who prayed eagerly, as an apology for his bad manners he redoes his prayer. Plus, this time, he was clean. With this, he completes his revenge. He finally dealt with something that bothers him.

And his other purpose is to learn 『Life Magic』. All the priests seem engaged; he called the male priest who happened to pass nearby.

“I’m sorry to bother you. I want to learn 『Life Magic』. What should I do?”

“Ah, yes. I can help you with it if that’s alright with you?”

The young priest who looks like in his thirties offered to help Jin. And it seems you can do it here without moving to another room.

“Since it’s the rule, I’ll give you an explanation. This skill is said to be a gift from God; we the priests only act as the bridge. Please convey your gratitude to God when you receive it. Don’t worry. You will naturally grasp the details of the skill. In simple terms, you can let out fire or water from your fingertip and wash your laundry. Normally the magic effect is not that notable. But occasionally some people can let out a tremendous fire and lots of water. Don’t worry if you do; you will get used to it sooner or later. For the sake of safety, please check your surrounding before you practice your magic for the first time. If you have something you don’t understand or have any question, you can come here again. I think the explanation is enough. Now that it’s over, I’ll continue.”

After that, the priest held up his right hand over Jin’s head. He lowers his head in a hurry.

“Gods who dwell in the sky, please bestow the one before me with your grace 『Imprinting』.”

Jin thinks about the priest’s spell.

(I don’t have any imprinting. Thanks to the Japanese translation function, not only I can use it in conversation, but it’s nice that it translates the spell too. But it was likely translating to words I recognize. I’m not exceptionally good at English, but somehow I understand what it represents.)

The priest spell seems to lul him into the light atmosphere, and he had this strange thought, suddenly a flash of something like skill lodge in his mind.

“Thank you. I think I was able to learn the skills.”

“That’s excellent. Now I’ll perform the growth confirmation’s ritual. If you don’t do this, you won’t know how to use it.”

Jin decided it was probably a status check at the temple. That reminds him that they usually don’t know their status or skills if they don’t go to a temple or guild, he nodded vaguely.

“Gods who dwell in the sky, show the one before me the proof of their growth with your power 『Status Check』.”

As the priest says the spell, a status window appeared in front of Jin. The content hardly changed but it was slightly different from the [Menu] that he’s familiar. And new skills were added there.

[Basic Magic] ...Everyone possesses 4 attributes of basic magic; fire, water, wind, earth
・Fire...Put out fire (1 MP Consumption)
・Water...Put out water (1 MP Consumption)
・Wind...Put out wind (1 MP Consumption)
・Earth...Put out earth (1 MP Consumption)

Apparently, 『Life Magic』 have a common name, it’s called 『Basic Magic』. The spell explanation is simple, water and fire seems handy, you can use wind for the fan and soil for agriculture? The usability doesn’t sound bad, Jin who able to confirm his skill repeated the gratitude to the priest.

“Thank you. I have confirmed my skill.”

“Yes. That’s good. It’s magic that you can use in many ways, please don’t forget to express your gratitude to God.”

After saying it, the priest walked away. He didn’t say anything about offering, but it’s a pleasant feeling. Jin was nodding to express his thanks to the priest’s retreating back. And when he went to the offering box, he put his whole income today.

It’s not his initial salary, but he’s giving his first earned money in this world to the temple from the started. Like a child who offered their first salary to their parents, he wanted to give the first money he earned to God.
Therefore, the skill is not included in today’s offering. Jin is going to make some money and then back to pay for his skill.

After leaving the shrine, he confirms the time, but it was still a little past five o’clock. Today’s plans are doing good, and he strolls aimlessly before heading home.

The greengrocer uncle who calls a young man in a fish shop who answer in a rough voice, children laugh as they run and wife who drives a hard bargain with a smile on their face. It reminds him of the old shopping district in Japan and Jin felt nostalgic.
On the other hand, every one that passes by having various hair colors like reddish-brown, blue, silver, or deep brown. So colorful. A delightful wife who success haggling the price with long and pointed ears, a store’s uncle with a wry smile and sagging dog’s ears and tail in their bottom. The fantasy scenes that were brimming with life that Jin’s experienced. This is not a game; it’s a real-world where everyone works hard.
Jin enjoyed this scene with a smile from the bottom of his heart. He’s stopping by here and there to the various store before returning to the inn.

When he’s back to the inn, Jin asked the elder sister (married, in her 50s) who greeted him about the laundry, and it cost him 30 copper coins to wash everything. Since he took a bath twice, he has lots of dirty clothes.
And she teaches him how to do laundry; he needs putting the water, the clothes that need to be washed and the tool for washing in a barrel and put life magic in white stone that turns it like a washing machine. When he asked the sister how it works, she said the [Wind] magic is rotating the water. You typically need the sun to dry the laundry, but if you’re in a hurry, you can use [Fire] and [Wind] like a dryer. Indeed, 『Life Magic』 is perfect. According to the elder sister, there are some ways to use life magic called the wisdom of housewives, so he asked her to teach him before he left the inn to live alone.

After that, Jin enjoyed an excellent dinner at the dining room on the first floor and spent the night chatting with the sister and other employees. And Jin drank for the first time in this world to celebrate his first small request achievement, feeling tipsy he fell asleep in his bed at 9 p.m.

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