Thanks to a Different World Reincarnation Chapter 014

Chapter 14: First Request and New Magic

After leaving the guild, he went directly to the weapon shop. Before that, he goes to the large square in front of the guild.
You can see a hard type of bread similar to French Bread laid sideways, thin-sliced spicy meat baked between plenty of vegetables and plenty of melted grilled cheese. Only eating two bread roll is enough to fill your stomach. Plus, there are three kinds of salty-sweet skewers dessert and for the drink, he went with 100% fruit juice with a sweet and sour taste. Jin ate as if he’s trying relieving this morning pent-up resentment.

“Ah~ so delicious~.”

Jin moves as soon as he finished eating as not to disturb other people. He walks away with satisfaction in his face while gently stroking stroking his stomach. Spices and sugar aren’t something precious; every meal that I had was delicious. He’s relieved that when it comes to food, it seems to be the same level as the original world, now he’s anticipating the inn’s dinner. Jin loves eating, and he enjoys both sweet and spicy food. But in the real world, his diet is being restricted because of his diabetes. Naturally, it didn’t guard him, but it’s frustrating you can’t eat what you desire. However, for him being transmigrated in a fit and youthful body, it is essential to be able to eat delicious food without worrying about anything.

He’s seizing his chance, but he won’t continue to binge eating and drinking like this. There is [Health] skill that no matter how much you eat, you won’t get sick. But Jin intended to live a healty life. No matter how much the skill guaranteed, it’s no good if you don’t exercise self-control and behave as you desire… Furthermore, it won’t be pleasant for your wallet.

While walking, Jin was reflecting he’s eaten too much. The weapon shop that he’s heading to is Aria’s recommendation. Despite selling weapons as the focus, they also have high-quality armor and other items needed for adventure available. The price is not that high because the shopkeeper is a former adventurer who opens the shop for the beginner.
Aria has taught Jin many pieces of information, but he didn’t want to explain it for the sake sake of his honor.

“Hm, it’s here. Good afternoon~ excuse me~.”

When he reached the weapon shop, Jin called out and entered the shop.
They furnished the lot with numerous weapons, but there are armor and tool neatly organized and easy to spot in the corners.

“Oh, welcome.”

A dwarf man came out from the back of the workshop, one of the classic fantasy races. He had muscular arms and a flowing beard that reached his stomach, even though he’s not that tall he had a thick physique built. It’s the first time Jin encounters a dwarf, and he’s thrilled.

“Good afternoon. I’m Jin, a beginner adventurer that just registered today. I heard from Aria-san that I’d obtain what I needed here. I would appreciate it if you could offer me advice.”

Jin introduces himself with a smile.

“Oh, Aria introduced you to my shop? I see. So, what kind of weapon do you use?”

“I wield a sword. If possible, I want something that I can handle with one or both hands like this wooden sword.”

Jin pulls the wooden sword from his waist to show it to the shopkeeper.

“Huh. …Where did you get this?”

“It was a gift from a friend. It’s a treasure.”

When the shopkeeper stared at the wooden sword for a while, Jin replied with a carefree smile.

“Hahh. No, I’m sorry for asking something odd. This sword is good. Take care of it.”


The shopkeeper laughs lightly after letting out malicious air. Jin, who praised for his sword, responded with a smile.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Gantz. Pleased to meet you.”

Still smiling Gantz introduces himself and showed his right hand. Jin responded with another smile, and both of them shake hands.

“That kind of sword is heavy and not beginner-friendly, so there are only 2 in stock. For now, try lightly swinging this.”

Said Gantz as he selects one of the two swords. Generally, low-level people don’t have much muscle strength, that’s why many of them use a lightweight weapon like a small sword. There is a space in the middle of the shop where you can try lightly swinging the sword. When Jin tried to swing the sword that Gantz give him, he discovers no issue. Jin has an unusual status even as a beginner, and he can handle the most massive sword in this store with no problem.

“It looks like there’s no problem. The difference between the swords is one made from iron and the other made from steel. The price for the iron sword is one small gold coin, and the steel is two small gold coins.”

Jin was thinking about to get the adventurer equipment set within seven small gold coins. It would be awesome if he can buy the steel sword within the estimated budget. Remembering he has [Appraisal], he activates his [Appraisal] to see the information details. There is a sensation of something coming out from his body when a window with a huge amount of information appeared.

Classification: One-handed iron half-sword
A straight sword with a long grip that you can handle with one or both hands.

Manufacturer: ○××
Length 130 cm     Sword Blade 95 cm     
Handle 35 cm     Weight 4.23 kg     
Days After Production: ○○○Days
Condition A 
Slashing Force C     Striking Force D+ 
Penetration Force D-     Durability B- 
○×× C     ○△○ D-
Over-all Status C+ 
Material Quality: Iron○○% ○×○○% ○○○% ...  ... ...

He doesn’t understand most of it because there is too much information; even it contains unnecessary information. He quickly examines the other sword.

Classification: One-handed Steel Half-sword
Condition A
Total Attack Power C  
Durability B-  
Over-all Status C+

You can add the relevant indicator, but this is enough for now. On top of it, Jin can experience the sensation of something about to come out of his body. Perhaps what Jin feel was MP that he uses. Thinking using [Appraisal] would cost 3 MP, Jin called [Status] and check the MP, he can saw his MP was 0/20.

“What’s the matter?”

Gantz, who saw Jin stares at the sword and not moving for a while called him out, worried about him.

“I was a little troubled.”

He couldn’t be honest about what troubling him, so he merely said he felt troubled.

“Ah, do you have a budget? For now, do you want to look at the others?”

“Sure. Please.”

Jin accepted Gantz proposal to change his mind. He doesn’t understand what’s going on with [Appraisal], but I guess it’s depleting my MP because [Appraisal] listing too many items. For now, he decides to focus on equipment selection since there are still other things he doesn’t grasp.

Being told that Jin’s budget is seven small gold coins, the armor that Gantz recommended for Jin was a hard leather armor. The skin used a hog type monster called Mad Boar, even though it’s a leather armor it seems to provide more defense than chain mail. For a beginner, the price is higher, but the quality is excellent. If you combine all of the parts except the torso, it cost slightly exceeded four small gold coins; however, Jin is following Gantz advice, “You should wear good armor to protect your life.” The set consisted of body, hand, knee pads, shin guards that made from Mad Boar skin. The boots made of regular leather, but I settled on the strong one with a sturdy iron plate that accommodates the size. Also, Gantz helps to select some necessary items for an adventure like a leather bag and tools for harvesting duty.
So far, the overall cost has surpassed five small gold coins, but Jin decided he would get the steel sword. The total goes over the initial budget of 7 small gold coins, but it’s fine since he will collect his deposit back from Burke.

“This about it. I’d help you select a spare weapon, but you already have a good one. Are you going using it?”

Gantz laughs as he looks at Jin’s wooden sword. Equipping the leather armor, Jin has a steel sword hung on his left waist and a wooden sword on the other side. Since the wooden was initially only fastened with a leather fixing tool without a sheath, he can withdraw it with the back of his wrist. In case of emergency, Jin can swiftly change his weapon, and if there is no one around he can promptly use [Change].
He lightly leaps on the spot, tries getting used to pulling and holding the sword repeatedly. Finally equipped with weapons and armor that he wanted, his face was full of smiles.

“Yosh, it looks like there’s no problem. I’ll give you everything for seven small gold coins. I have something extra for you.”

Gantz handed a steel knife to Jin.

“You can’t utilize it in battle, but you can use it to skin the defeated monster. It’s a freebie from Aria’s introductions.”

“Thanks a lot. I will use it carefully.”

I will be honest with Gantz’s kindness here. He will thank Aria for introducing him to Gantz. Leaving the shop since he finished his shopping, he didn’t forget to express another gratitude.

After leaving the shop, he walked a little before stopping in a shaded place, storing the purchased tools and changed shoes in camouflaged [tool bags]. He monitored his status and saw his MP is recovering to 11/20. After confirming the remaining MP, he uses [Appraisal] while thinking the minimum information for the knife he received from Gantz.

Classification: Steel Knife 

“The information is really minimal.”

He laughed murmured, checking the MP value he can tell it only consumed 1 MP. At the game, they fixed the MP consumption at 3, but here it varies depending on the effect. He’s unsure if this is the case in this world, Jin also wondering about his non-attribute magic.
[Menu] is a unique skill, but if you think about it [Appraisal] and [Non-attribute Magic] aren’t displayed in [Basic Information] as ordinary skill. I understand if it didn’t appear like [Health] since it was constitutional, maybe it was a skill that doesn’t exist in this world?

“I can’t help but think about it. Let’s move.”

Jin stops thinking about it since he can’t think any of the answers and he decide to experiment with [Non-attribute Magic] in a secluded place. I’ll check my skill on guild archive later. After adjusting his mind, he decided to go outside of the gate to fulfill the request he accepted.

Jin went to the front gate, but it seems like Burke is not on duty today. He showed his ID card to another gatekeeper, greeted him then left the town. When he’s walked along the wall and out of the gatekeeper’s sight, he’s tried what he’s been picturing since he received the request.

“Aa. I did it.”

Jin called the [Map] and turned off the hostile display, and then he searched for [Cyrillic Grass]. As you can expect, you can see the dots lit up on the map. It was kind of hard to see, but if you reduced the size of the dots and narrowed down the map display range, it became easier to spot. He also sought [Mel Grass] and displayed it in the same way. In terms of color [Cyrillic Grass] is red and [Mel Grass] is blue. There is a patch of them in the distance away, but it grows relatively scattered in the near vicinity.

“Well… This feels like cheating.”

He feels like doing bad things with how convenient it be.

“Let’s collect the one in an overgrown area.”

He collects the grasses in a dense area exactly as many as he needs for the request, so he didn’t bother other adventurers. He confirmed the lower consumption using [Appraisal].

Typically, it would be challenging to gather the scattered grass. Jin finished collecting before wandering too far from the town. It is also beneficial that he visits the library to check about the grass characteristics. Completing the harvest early and confirming there are no one around, he tried to experiment with non-attribute magic.

“First, ordinary magic. Gathering the power of mana to shoot the enemy 『Mana Bullet』.”

A blast of magical power flew toward the barren ground where Jin aimed. And because of Jin is young and healthy he didn’t have any farsightedness or nearsightedness, and he can see where it pointed. He came up to the spot to confirm and discovered a fist-sized hole in the ground. With the similar power as at the time of the tutorial, the consumed MP was also the same as 8.

“Let’s start experimenting.”

I spent 8MP on a fist-sized magical power, but what if I imagine a smaller image? Just as the name suggested, I visualize a magic bullet. Imagining the magical power divided into eight identical parts then compresses 1/8 of them into a bullet launched from a handgun. Once he has the right image, he cast the spell again.

“Gathering the power of mana to shoot the enemy 『Mana Bullet』!”

He remembered the sensation of the magic flew from his fingertips. Then he approaches to confirm like the previous experiment, and there was a small hole that was different from the previous one. When checking the MP, it only used up 1 MP as intended.

“All right! It’s a success!”

The power might be reduced, but if you can achieve this with less MP consumption, Jin is happy.
Then he decided to conduct another experiment, not knowing whether this would work.

He imagines a rifle bullet. Use 8 MP. Compressing the fist-sized magic power mass into an elongated shape of rifle bullets. And the rifle should rotate and fly. Speaking of it ordinary pistol bullet also rotate. And boxing’s corkscrew punch power increased with rotation. He imagines a compressed rifle bullet flying at a tremendous speed while rotating. He visualizes it clearly in his mind.

“Gathering the power of mana to shoot our enemy 『Mana Rifle』!”

Jin cast the spell by replacing [Bullet] with [Rifle]. It sounds odd in English-like, but it solidifies the image. The spells’ work brilliantly, but he feels some recoil that wasn’t there before. It’s an unlikely phenomenon and as usual, Jin didn’t notice.
When he approached the ground, he can see the soil hollowed out.

“Can the compressed magical power be played after shooting, I wonder?”

I don’t grasp the principle well, but I think it will work. It seems more potent than a regular [Mana Bullet], and the MP consumption is the same, and the result is more than I imagine.

“Magic is fun~.”

Jin was in a good spirit; he sits down and restores his MP to practice once again. Even during resting his mind is wandering around. 

(I’m thrilled I found out you can adjust [Non-attribute Magic] down to MP consumption and effect just like [Appraisal]. But unlike [Appraisal] why the power of the spell increase when the MP consumed is the same? [Magic Control Correction] skill… is the difference? I don’t think the compression and rotation work well because of this skill. If not, the standard [Mana Bullet] and [Mana Rifle] MP consumption will be the same, and the power is different.)

“…Are? [Mana Rifle] Isn’t such a spell, right?” 

He realized that he called out [Skill] to confirm [Non-atttribute Magic].

[Non-attribute Magic] ...Able to manipulate attribute less magic. (R: MAX)

 ・Mana Bullet ...Non-attribute magic that attacks by firing compressed attribute less magic. (MP Consumed 1 Power 2)
 ・Mana Rifle ...Non-attribute magic that fires compressed attribute less magic in rotating bullet at high speed. (MP Consumed 8  Power 20) 

“It’s changing and getting bigger.”

Looking at the list, it is precisely what Jin imagined. [Mana Bullet] consume less MP, and the power is less than half [Mana Rifle] spell cost four times higher and comparing to attribute magic on the same level, it was 2.5 times stronger. Isn’t that too high? 
He came up with another idea to experiment with what will happen when he is manipulating the image of rotating [Mana Bullet] and fires it at high speed like [Mana Rifle].

“Gathering the power of mana to shoot the enemy 『Mana Bullet』!”

Since the spell works appropriately, he looks up the [Non-attribute Magic] again.

[Non-attribute Magic] ... Able to manipulate attribute less magic.  (R: MAX)
 ・Mana Bullet ...Non-attribute magic that fires compressed attributeless magic in rotating bullet at high speed. (MP Consumed 1  Power 3)
 ・Mana Rifle ... Non-attribute magic that fires compressed attributeless magic in rotating bullet at high speed. (MP Consumed 8  Power 20) 

The explanation is the same and the power also raised by 1.
At the tutorial, Chris used to say, “It depends on the image.” The effect of what you visualize is too big. He still thought there was something else on his mind, and he came up with an idea when he looks at the skill list.

Speaking of which, all skills with no rank like [Magic Control Correction] have R: MAX added. Perhaps when God transmigrated my soul, R: MAX effect rising to the maximum extent according to the image used? It’s possible to manipulate the maximum magical power for compression and rotation beyond your expectations, I’ll explain it later. Also [Mana Bullet] is more comfortable to manipulate because it’s just a mass of flying magical power.

“This likely improved and enhanced the effect of [Physical Control Correction] and [Health].”

He also thinks of R: MAX skills. He thinks his body movement is better after the tutorial and his body’s reflexes are getting better too. About the money he possesses, he didn’t know if it was God intention or unforeseen effect of transmigration. It’s a blessing, and he appreciates it. He’s trying restraining himself not to be wasteful and be dependable.

“I can’t say thank you enough. I will work hard every day.”

Once again, Jin conveyed his sincere gratitude.

When he finished practicing for the last time, he returns to the town.

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