Thanks to a Different World Reincarnation Chapter 012

Chapter 12: Shrine and Bathhouse

Thank you in advance.
The air in a different world is pleasant. While walking to the town Jin enjoying the clear morning air. There are many shops already opened along the street and he can see the clerk is lively with morning prep like cleaning. When you go out to the main road, you will find many snack stalls aimed at people who work in the morning. From sandwiches to fried foods, it looks incredibly appetizing.
Jin feels full because of the inn employee’s elder sister service, but his eyes looking around curiously.

“Let’s grab our lunch here.”

As his stomach is filled, he has no choice but to set it aside to eat for lunch. After Jin satisfies his curiosity, he went towards the shrine.

Why did Jin want to go to the shrine? Because he wants to offer to greet after moving. A senior taught him when he was an adult when you move to a different place it’s a courtesy to visit the shrine. You left the land you originally lived which under the shrine protection and the new location is under the new shrine’s protection. It will be impolite to make them guarding you without greetings or saying gratitude.
Jin has been visiting the shrine since he learned about it and this time he intends to do the same.

And from the small talks with the elder sister at the inn he understands there are many gods in this world. The shrine is for all kind of Gods, and there’s no specific shrine for each God. It goes without saying, the God that people who make a living from battle and merchant worship isn’t the same but they pray in the same shrine.
Because the blessing that bestowed to the people aren’t limited from the God that they worship but Gods as a whole. Unlike the original world, what is unique from this world is it’s easy to witness the effect of God’s blessing. 
And that’s a familiar idea for Jin who had lived in Japan where there are eight million gods.
If you’ve lived in a monotheism society, you may have been bewildered. But Jin, who is well accustomed to a tolerant view of religion where Shintoism, Buddhism, Christianity and other religion coexist in Japan was able to accept it without difficulty.

“Aa~ the building is imposing.”

He confirmed the arrival to the shrine using [Map], as expected it’s spacious considering many people visit the shrine. I think the image is similar to the Parthenon shrine in Athens? And the beautiful pale wall appears to be made from marble. Jin instinctively let out a voice of admiration.

When you enter the temple, you can see there are several visitors and a priest who cleans up. 
And in the front altar, there was a 3 meter towering God statue. It conveyed a tender impression with a pure white shine round decorations made from marble. The figure was deformed to the limit. At first sight, it seems to represent a woman with long hair clutching something but at the same time, it was like a man who protecting something. Perhaps, what is seen is different individually. Jin felt the statue is suitable for the temple of Gods.

“It’s a magnificent figure, isn’t it?”

Jin who unconsciously staring at the God’s statue at the altar, it wasn’t until someone called him he notices his actions.

“Excuse me. My name is Clark, and I am the head of this temple. I’m sorry to have surprised you.”

It was an elderly white-haired man wearing a blue priest’s uniform that spoke to me.

“No, I’m sorry. It’s embarrassing to visit without praying.”

Replied Jin.

“No no, I understand your feeling. Besides watching with such a tender face, just now was familiar so I called out. I’m sorry to bother you.”

Said Clark with a smile. 

“No, no, not at all. But you are right, it is magnificent. It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this.”

Jin softened after the man gave off friendly old man vibes. If you think about it, we are about a similar age in the original world. He became relaxed Jin’s mood is totally on old man mode.

“Oh, I’m late. My name is Jin. I just came to this town yesterday, and I’m planning to register as an adventurer today.”

When they smile at each other, it gives a gentle atmosphere, coming back from confusion Jin introduces himself.

“Fufufu. Don’t worry about it. But you may have a chance to meet with an adventurer. This is a chance. If you have any question, you can ask me.”

“Yes! Thank you very much.”

They exchanged smiles then another Priest who was standing behind bowed to him and spoke to Head Priest Clark.

“I’m sorry to bother you. Head Priest, is it time?”

“Oh, is it time for that? See you later, Jin-san. God bless you.”

“Yes. Thank you so much.”

They bowed, and Clark with the priest went back inside the temple.

He gets to know head priest unexpectedly and was able to grasp his character then he remembers his actual purpose of coming here. Jin looked around, confirmed the way visitor prayed. When in Rome do as the Romans.
In that case, he turns to the God’s statue, correcting his posture and bent one knee at the spot. He wrapped his fist-shaped left hand around his right hand and held it to the front of his face, and slightly lowered his head and closed his eyes. And pray.

Thank you this world’s Gods for accepting me.

I know I’m special and I will try not to stand out as a citizen and not causing confusion in this world. However, please forgive me for doing my best in case of emergency.
I respect this world’s way and will live with awareness as a member of this world.
I am looking forward to continuing our good relationship.

And if this voice reaches the world I used to be in, I would like to thank you again.
Thank you very much for reincarnating me. As you said, I will make sure to be happy. I’m really thankful to you.

Jin didn’t know why he had been blessed so good by God even though he wasn’t religious.
Like other Japanese, when it’s New Year’s Day we visit a shrine, went to the shrine for Obon and go to Church to friends and nephews marriage. There were kamidana and butsudan in the house. Every day you changed the water, and when you cooked rice you offer some and then you worship it every morning every day. I believed in God and Buddha, but I didn’t think he was going to grant this wish. There would be other things that God could do, and he felt that God could only listen to me. I felt calm and grateful enough.
As a Japanese he thought himself as a person with religion is not unusual.
And yet he’s in a different world now. He doesn’t know why but Jin thought it was a blessing.

And when Jin’s pray, his body is illuminated by light. I wonder where the light came from, and it illuminates Jin as if it were a blessing.
However, Jin prayed with eyes closed, didn’t notice.
Because that brief mysterious scene happens for a very short time, few people witness it.
Except for the female priest who lifts up her face when she’s done sweeping.

After a lengthy prayer, he stands up and puts five copper coin in a box as offerings. The unit is not a Yen but he associated 5 copper coin-like [5 Yen = good fate]. He slightly bobs his head again to the statue when he left. Of course, he didn’t forget to bow when leaving the shrine.
This way Jin, having formally greeted God, left the temple in a refreshed way.

Without noticing the female priest who looks at him.

[It was an excellent place to visit~.]

Basking in the temple afterglow, he goes to the following destination. The current time is 10 o’clock, so he thought he would go to the guild after spending a little more time shopping.

(It was there, right?)

He remembers on the first day seeing daily goods shop on the main street and he went by on his own without checking the [Map]. He’s not going for efficiency but fun since there’s still time left to spare. Jin watched the street and how the people came and go, enjoying the feeling of the different world. And he seems to be able to find the daily goods shop without getting lost in the way.

At the general shop, Jin bought 10 towels, two sets of top and bottom, underwear, toothbrush and salt toothpaste. He appreciated that there was a toothbrush in this world even if the shape is different but there is no toothpaste. Instead, the small use amount of salt but it’s different from the salt used for cooking because there seems to be an original fragrance blended to it. It certainly smelled refreshing. He also bought 2 sets of pants and clothes for changing at the clothing store next door. Because he rarely bought clothes and had no confidence in his taste, he left it to the clothes shop’s sibling and dressmaker-san. There was a reasonably good assortment of garments, and Jin bought clothes in simple appearance and color without a second thought. I spend 2 silver coins.

“I want to take a bath and change my clothes.”

Jin who wanted to take a bath because he was able to get change clothes, mutters. I don’t mind the smell of aging like I used to, but I also want to smell of sweat. 

“Do you want to come in?”

Said the second-hand shop’s uncle.


“No, why don’t you go to the bathhouse? It should be open at this hour?”

Jin, who had been thinking that there was no bath, latched on that information. According to him, there are several public baths in this town.
After thanking him, Jin immediately displayed the nearest bathhouse location on the map and went to enjoy his long-awaited bath.

The bath’s image is close to an old-fashioned public bath. Soap wasn’t a luxury item but you rubbed a wet towel to wash away the dirt before soaking in the water. Considering his appointment with the guild, he can’t soak too long, but he was still able to feel refreshed.

With his refreshed mind and body, he arrived in front of the guild just after 11 a.m. Although it was a little late from the schedule but it wouldn’t unnecessarily disturb the receptionist at this hour. He was relieved he’s not going to saw the receptionist in his sweat-stained clothes.
It wasn’t until then I recognized my mistake.

“Damn it! I went there when I was dirty.”

Typically, you visit after you clean yourself. In the past, when Jin visits he took a bath in the morning and changes his clothes. It’s up to you to decide how far you want to go but you must look immaculate.
Even though I didn’t know the existence of the bath, it was my mistake nonetheless.
Jin who deeply reflecting decided he will visit another day again.

“Okay, the reflection ends. I won’t do that anymore.”

After the deep reflection, he changes the mood and stares at the guild. He set his foot on the guild feeling excited about the adventurer’s registration and the first quest.

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