Thanks to a Different World Reincarnation Chapter 011

Chapter 011: The beginning of a new day

A soft light illuminates the window. The chirping of little birds sounds pleasant in Jin’s ears.

“Ah~ it’s morning~.”

Opening his eyes slowly, he’s vaguely still in slumber.

What he sees isn’t the usual tatami room but the inn room that he visited yesterday.

“I wonder if there’s sparrow in this world?”

Remembering that he’s in a different world, Jin is awake.

“Eh? Oh.”

Suddenly noticing the abnormality in his body. There was a phenomenon that he had not felt in the last few decades.

The sheets around Jin’s lower waist was getting excited.

“That’s right. I’m back in my youth.”

He murmurs softly feeling it after a few decades. If he was old, he might get bewildered but there’s no uncomfortable feeling since he’s young again. It’s just a strange situation and been a long time since he remembers.

“Whatever. It’s normal.”

Getting out of the bed, he stretched his body and went to the toilet on the first floor.

After finished his business, he asked the employee where he can wash his face and was guided to the well in the backyard.

Saying thanks, he went to the well.

“I don’t smell sweaty but I want to wash my body properly. Ideally its a bath but…”

Jin went to bed right after his meal and he was still sweating from the training. Also there’s no towel to wipe his body or a toothbrush either. Keeping that in mind he had to remember to not only buy weapons but also various household goods today.

He washes his face using well water but because there are no towels he uses his hand to wipe it. To be honest he would like to change his clothes, but he will endure since he didn’t have any change clothes. Besides his top and bottom is equipment from the tutorial, as it were his wooden sword is one of the items left from the previous world. Jin thought he will take care of it.

He didn’t see anyone in the backyard. Just as he was waiting for the water to dry, Jin begins to do his daily exercises.

Because his body is young, it feels better than the usual. Continue to stretch his body, in the middle of the exercise he saw a tall young dong-eared woman coming out of the door leading to the backyard.

Jin greets with a slight nod, the woman moves a little to the side of the water well for easy access. He notices the woman glances at his direction for a little while and he resumes to continue his exercise. He didn’t think he was in the way but being embarrassed he quickly stops his exercise and left the place not forgetting to nods again to the dog-eared woman.

Back in his room, until his breakfast time arrived he decides to make a plan for the future.

First of all, how to use his money that converted to Japanese Yen equal to 700 million.

Just because he has money, living a luxurious life without working is out of question. He wants to enjoy this different world but he didn’t want to be a leech. Moreover, the amount of money is beyond him and will attract troubles.

He will also need to keep an eye on strange people, Jin concludes that he needs to seal it up until he has learned enough ability.

It’s a good thing that when he entered the town, he exchanges a large gold coin with Burke the gatekeeper so he can spend that money. If he bought another set of equipment it still remains so the funds are enough for the time being.

“Now, let’s make a to-do list.”

When he said that, the [Notepad] menu appear in his hand. With an imaginary pen, he began to make bullet points in the notepad.

  • Get weapon and armor ready. Sword as a weapon should be safe to buy for beginner.
  • Prepare daily necessities. Towel・Change clothes・Underwear・Tooth brush・Tooth paste・Soap
  • Gather information. Go to the library if there’s any. Skill, map, social status, general knowledge, customs, history, and more books?
  • Guild. Becoming an adventurer. Receive a quest. Training. Volunteer training too?
  • Meet Burke. Do procedures for refunding the deposit.
  • Use a skill. No attribute magic when no one is watching, Appraisal.
  • Go to the temple. Greeting. Check the pending skill confirmation.
  • Check the Menu. The rest is only a setting.
  • Magic. Does the attribute the same? How is the acquisition process? How to remember a spell. If there’s a book about it, buy it.
  • Residence. Market price, rent, purchase, bath, renovation, new construction.

“Is it like this? I’ll add it if I come up with another.”

While thinking Jin wrote that out for the time. The last point is a long way off but I’d like to do something as soon as possible. I want to get in the bath, staying in the inn would be expensive in the long run. It’s like a demand for Japanese person and an old man’s sense of economy.

While walking around yesterday, Jin likes the city so he didn’t consider leaving.

“Now it is time to check the menu.”

Jin calls [Setting] in [Menu] and immediately tried to digest the list. He never see it properly but there seem to be 4 items; [Quest] [Log] [Advance Setting] [Help].

He skipped the [Quest] and [Log] since he has seen them and Jin take a good time to look at [Help].

It seems like the same help for [New World & New Life] VR game. Just in case Jin check the search function using [Appraisal] and the content just like the VR game, he decides to skipped it and he’ll look it up more when he needed it.

But Jin didn’t play the game in the virtual world but he was transmigrated in a different world. Since game system’s menu became a skill since he transmigrated, he concludes that the content of help didn’t change. If Jin read the manual properly he could have avoided some of the troubles he would face in the future.

But it was Jin’s choice after all and it’s not a bad thing.

Not realizing he overlook something big, Jin continued to check the contents of [Advanced Setting].

  • Map
  • Display
  • Combat System
  • Time
  • Language
  • Music

 There’s item that he’s worried about, to start with he choose [Map] that Chris recommends.

  • Map Display
  • Navigation Function
  • Target Display

The item appeared. First I turned on [Map Display] since all of them had been turned off, the window appeared as usual. In the window, the map was displaying the center of the room where Jin was in. He can switch between the first and second floor and also zooming as he pleases. As he zooms out the map of the town expanded and as he zooms out further the world map centered on the town open. However, not everything is visible. Only the places that I’ve been to that visible.

Jin zoom back to the inn and tried [Target Display]. When he turned on the setting, a lot of items have been added to [Target Display]. 

[Living Things] [Human] [Monster] [Animal] [Hostility] [Friend] [Caution] [Age] [Sex] and many others, he seem to be able to set the light dot to display the selected item in detail.

When he selects to display [Living Thing] as example, the white dot that appeared on the map of the inn is more than the people. I feel unpleasant there’s so many around kitchen so I limited the display to [Human] and the number decreased at once. Disregarding the expected result he changed it to item tied to emotional circumstances like [Hostility] [Friend] [Caution] but nothing changed. Maybe because he doesn’t really know the people at the inn so no one has that kind of feeling. He was glad the woman who saw him exercising in the backyard didn’t feel alarmed. But at the same time he feel bad, it feels like he’s peeping into other people’s emotion so he turned off the display.

Still, many items are confusing him but he remembered what Chris said. He can just change the map size consciously in his head like minor adjustment of the warning level without having to do it individually one by one. Jin didn’t know whether this fuzzy response came from the fantastic game system or fantasy-like power, granted that he thinks it’s useful.

For the time being, [Target Display] is set to display [Hostility] to those that have an ill will like “harmful intention.”

This function alone is useful enough. And if you need anything else, you can change it.

“The fuzzy image is the best.”

A little frightened, Jin laughed.

Next, he tried to turn on [Navigation Function]. This was also Chris’s recommended feature. Before there were only two items, but it is increased when he turned it on.

[Search]  ……You can search by setting various conditions such as name, occupation, establishment name, and business subject.

[Destination]  ……You can select your quest’s location or any location and the navigation will help you to arrive at the place.

“This is easy to understand.”

Jin took a breath and tried to look up [Burke], but the result displayed there are 0 people named Burke. When he expanded the range to the town, the display increased into 4 people and it was shown with arrow mark pointing at the dot. Then Jin narrows down the search with soldier until there’s only 1 left. When he thinks Burke’s location as his destination, the route appeared on the map just like car navigation. Jin thought he could use it when he visited Burke-san later.

While at it he contemplates looking up Instructor Greg and Receptionist-san, but he thought it was rude to Instructor and the woman so he stopped it.

“It’s useful but let’s try to use it with common sense. Un.]

You can be mistaken as a stalker. Jin tried to tell himself that while reflecting. 

“But now I won’t get lost again. I’m happy.”

As someone with directional blindness, he’s really grateful. Jin was pleased.

He put the [Map] aside and goes to [Window] next.

[Window] was simple. To put it simply, you can change the look. You can decorate the frame around the window with jewels decoration or goes fantasy-like with tree branches and flames. And not only the frame, you also can change the material of the window’s surface where the information displayed into parchment, scrolls, wooden boards, paper, etc.

Jin changed the [Basic Information] surface into the scroll type that ninja used and even the way the information is written is altered to a brush. The display could also be made to look you have to open it yourself or treated as if it were already opened. Of course it’s only an image, but it’s fascinating how it can reproduce a pseudo-touch like touch panel operation. Moreover, the window is basically only visible to me but you can show it to others by turning the display function on. Regarding it’s practical use, it’s a nice feature to play with.

When Jin is done playing with the [Window], he turned on the [Notepad] because the settings are left as default. Somehow, Jin seems to have a personality that doesn’t really fuss over appearance.

[Time] and [Music] were also interesting. Time is simply a clock function that you can fix the display to the back of your hand, sword’s blade or suitable wall. After that, the location will be set until you changed it. Of course the shape and display method can be changed depending on your style.

Jin uses the fantasy-like image of a wooden watch. Since the object didn’t intrude anything, Jin decided to wear it. And he set the display off so it can’t be seen by others. Because of that he knows that there are 24 hours in a day in this world.

Just like the name [Music] is related to everything about the sound. Playing BGM and sound effect, and you’re able to listen to music and he can play it over other windows. You can only listen to game material music and the pool of selection is small but it’s not a problem for Jin since he didn’t really listen to music. And without changing anything, it’s closed with default setting off.

It wasn’t until he opens the [Language] he understood the reason why he didn’t seem to have trouble in conversation, reading and writing in this world. 

  • Language Setting [Japanese]

The default setting was Japanese, but you can change the language to English, German, and other languages from around the world.

The VR Game “New World & New Life” was sold all over the world so they would have been equipped with this translation function. It was good it wasn’t exclusively sold in Japan. 

And the last thing is [Combat System]. Jin decided to postpone it since it really took the time to look at the others and it would be better to look at it after he experienced more battles. He hasn’t taken the hunger that he felt for some time. He thinks.

“I’m hungry. It’s time to go for breakfast.”

Jin said that as he looked at the wooden watch. It was past 8 a.m.

Then he went down to the first floor to enjoy a delicious breakfast while looking for information from the employee’s elder sister (estimated 40 years old or older) by engaging her in small talks.

In this way, Jin was able to start the first morning of a different world in a fulfilling way.

He was excited about his beginning adventurer’s life and headed to the town.

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