Thanks to a Different World Reincarnation Chapter 010

Chapter 010: The End of a Fulfilling day

You can see a group of people training at the playground. Some men were training one-on-one with the instructors, others were silently aiming using a bow. Everyone is working hard on their training.

Jin felt nervous.

“Hey, you! Do you want to train your sword?”

Jin, who stopped at the playground’s entrance, heard a man called him out. He’s a little taller than Jin who 185cm tall, and he’s also on the thick side. Although the guy looks like to be around 50, his muscular body didn’t give a weak impression. He had a scar carved from his cheek to chin, and his unexpectedly gentle eyes gave a striking impression.

But the most impressive thing is his bald head that seems to shine.

“Yes. Are you Greg the instructor?”

“Oh, besides the sword, I also teach shields and bows. Are you good at 『Kenjutsu』?”

“Yes, today I would like to learn 『Kenjutsu』. But I would like to learn other techniques if there is an opportunity.”

“Hmm. It’s good that you have the ambition. Well then, come here.”

Greg leads Jin to a secluded corner.

“Let’s look at your ability first. Practice-swinging using the sword on your waist.”


Jin remembering the Kendo classes holds the wooden sword with both hands, swung it straight with such vigor.


Greg leaks a voice of adoration. After watching Jin swinging for a while, he put on a stop.

“You seem to have experience with martial arts. But don’t stop the sword halfway. You can increase your damage with a light weapon using staff technique martial arts. The sword will be swung till the end.”

Under the guidance of Greg, I swing the sword till the end. When it accelerates, you need muscle power to stop it.

“Next, tried to swing it diagonally alternately. From the top right to the bottom left! From the top left to the bottom right!”

This form is called kusagiri. Jin repeats it again and again.

“That’s it. When you swing it down, it feels powerful and fast. However, you can twist your body to avoid it. Compared to that, if you swing it diagonally the distance between you and the enemy will be longer. However, diagonal slashing is hard to avoid. At any rate, many things can be avoided using a single attack method. The point is choosing the right action.”

And when he learns the new techniques, Jin repeated the swinging motion while receiving minor corrections here and there.

“All right, next! So far, you learn how to use a two-handed sword, now it’s time to learn the one-handed sword. Your sword is supposed to be able to go with one hand and both hands. That way you can use it flexibly.”

Jin holds the sword with his right hand, in his stance he grips it in the same position as his eyes.

“Now, keep swing the sword. First, go straight up… and swing it down! From upper-left… diagonally! From upper-right… diagonally! Keep at it.”

Jin who holds the sword in one hand swing the sword as instructed. And he keeps repeating it.

“When you are using a one-handed sword, you often have a shield in the opposite hand, but since you don’t have anything to protect yourself move your body sideways. If you do that, the opponent’s area attack is reduced. Then, stab. Tighten your arms… and strike! Once more! Tighten your arms… and strike! Next, kick out your left leg, use your right to step in and then strike! Tighten your arms… and leaps!

He repeatedly receives instructions and keeps repeating when getting corrected. If then instructor judge that he can pass, they move to the next lesson. And he did the same when receiving correction, keep repeating until he succeeds then continue the next session. With incredible speed, Jin quickly absorbed Greg’s teachings.

“All right, stop. Let’s take a break.”

Jin didn’t notice he was drenched in sweat, he’s practicing with intense concentration.

“You have great focus. You don’t get worn out quickly, and I didn’t want to stop in the middle.

Greg throws a towel while laughing. Jin says thank you and use it to wipe his face. Then pour the water that’s has been prepared into a glass and drank all at once. 

He didn’t know how much training he was doing, but Jin felt comfortable tired. And he also enjoys his own body’s movement as it changes as he practice. It’s not about physical strength, being nonathletic its been a long time since he felt this refreshing. I remembered the sense of fulfillment of being stronger.

But generally, wooden weapons are used for practice. Your sword looks like a reliable weapon. But, are you going on an adventure with a sword like that?

Twisting his head, Greg asked Jin about his wooden sword.

“At first I was going to do that, but a wooden sword is a blunt weapon, right? But the lesson I received today was based on that blade can cut, so I’m thinking about buying a new sword tomorrow.”

Although he liked the wooden sword, it would be safer to use a metal weapon with a blade in a real adventure.

“That’s true, and wood has a problem with durability. Also, 『Swordmanship』 skill has various evolution possibilities depending on the weapon that you use. For example, if you keep using a two-handed sword, it would be 『Two-Handed Sword Swordsmanship』, but if you keep using a one-handed sword, it would be 『One-handed sword swordmanship』. There also other small cases where it’s divided because of the weapon’s peculiarity. If you keep using it, maybe someday you will wake up to 『Wooden sword swordmanship』. I don’t even know if that exists.”

Greg slaps Jin on the shoulder with a burst of vigorous laughter. Jin thought if that thing exists, he would like to learn it.

“Hei, you want to take a break again? If you want to change your sword later, try to use this.”

Greg handed me an iron sword for practice.

“Normally, we would do basic training more thoroughly, but you have a quick understanding, and you have strength. What I taught you a little while ago is just basic, but you’ll able to hone it in combat. For me, your basic is sufficient. But later you need to fight to gain experience and skill.”

“And that’s where you come.”

Beckoned with a sword on his shoulder, its neither good or bad. The situation felt the same as Chris at the tutorial, the instructor didn’t speak much, so the sense of security he receives is different.

“Don’t worry. I’ll stop just before I attack from here. Come on.”

Until now, Jin hasn’t been saying anything. Just like when it was with Chris, his opponent ability is above him, so he’s giving it all. I answer Greg’s challenge vigorously.

Then after a few minutes, you can saw Jin who sat down looking exhausted and breathed roughly.

“No, you’re powerful.”

Greg pours the water in the glass and bring a clean towel and gave it to Jin.

“Oh, thank you. Itadakimasu.”

After saying gratitude, Jin drinks the water while trying to adjust his breathing. He drinks it in no time.

“I’m not going to say that I’m going easy on you, but you respond my attack earnestly and sometimes gave good quick attack.”

Jin is obviously working hard. Thanks to 『Martial Arts』 the way he moves his body can make a difference and felt a little bit of challenge. However, for the whole time, Instructor Greg is keeping his composure so I couldn’t really see. If you don’t attack, then you are the one who will get attacked by the instructor. I’m so absorbed in attacking and defending to an extent.

Jin thinks Greg is taking care to not break his spirit.

He can feel the total exhaustion he gets, and he didn’t bear the instructor ill will. It was hard to follow such hard training, but he did his best to deal with it without cutting corners. But with one sentence Jin decide. 

“Thank you. But you don’t have to be gentle.”

Holding his breath, he says thank you with a smile.

I wonder how many decades its been since I move my whole body? No, maybe this is the first time. Even this exhaustion feel pleasant for Jin. And he adjusts his sharp breath. Youth is terrific, Jin was delighted.

What Jin said make Greg let out a wry smile, he suddenly said with a serious face.

“No, if you’ve been serious, you’ve been defeated. But your understanding’s speed and stamina are good. Usually, a beginner level guy like you can’t practice for such a long time in a row. You have to have self-confidence but don’t be over-confident. I can guarantee you. You are talented.”

Jin can’t say anything when he’s told something he didn’t think he ever would. If he thinks about it possessing 『Martial Arts』 makes him feel young again. He didn’t grow accustomed to the VR Game itself and its not impossible because of transmigration to another world and in reality, he still doesn’t really understand his body.

“Most guys are in good shape when you say they are talented, but somehow you feel okay.”

Greg adds while laughing.

“Thank you. I’ll keep in mind.”

I never remember being told I’m talented in my life. Even though it was because of the skill he posses, he is happy.

“All right, that’s the end of today’s training. It’s a hassle to go to the temple tomorrow to check your skill. Maybe its okay to go ahead to the reception and register as an adventurer.”

From Instructor Greg way of speaking, usually, you confirm your skills in the temple. In fact, Jin could check his skills on the spot using Menu. But he decided that he’s not gonna look at it and just go to the reception since that’s how they usually do.

“Instructor Greg, thank you for your guidance today. What should I do with the towels?”

“Eh? You can put it there when you leave.”

There’s confusion in the instructor’s face, but with a strained laugh, he pointed at the big basket near the playground’s exit.

“Yes. If it is confirmed at the reception, I’ll report back. I’m going.”

“Hahaha. You are an upright fellow. Go ahead.”

And, Jin went back to the reception again.

The number of adventurers at the reception was increasing, but it was not crowded yet. In less than 5 minutes, the reception’s front desk is empty.

“Thank you for your help. I’d like to register as an adventurer again.”

When the receptionist stares at him, he gets encouraged to put his hand on the light blue hemisphere again.

Jin put his hand on the hemisphere and nervously waiting for the receptionist’s response.

“Yes. We have confirmed the acquisition of 『Swordsmanship』 skill. Congratulations.”

“Thank you.”

The receptionist’s blank expression is in contrast to Jin’s smile.

“I’m sorry it will take a little time to issue a guild card and explain the guild rules. It’s time to get crowded, and the number of adventurers will increase, would you like to come again tomorrow?”

As the receptionist says, I know that adventurers will return one after another.

And over time he will cause congestion, and it was frowned upon.

“Yes. I understand. See you tomorrow. Please excuse me.”

So I accepted with a smile and left my seat.

And without noticing the receptionist who bowed his head towards him, Jin headed to the playground again.

Instructor Greg was waiting at the entrance.

“Instructor Greg. I was able to successfully acquire “swordsmanship” skills. This is thanks to your guidance. Thank you.”

There was a smile on Jin’s face when he thought he will become an adventurer tomorrow.

“That was quick, is it done?”

“No, not yet. It was crowded so I just check my skill and we will do the official procedure tomorrow.”

“I see, it’s the time.”

“Yes. I think it’s busy in the early morning, so I’ll prepare my tools and equipment in the morning and I will come to the guild around noon.”

“That’s good.”

Greg seems to have something in his mind.

“Anyhow you will receive this explanation tomorrow but the guild will organize a beginner training course in a week. It’s optional but basically, all beginners participate. Make sure you join.”

Jin seems to be determined to participate without a doubt. But that’s not something Jin wanna said. He was thankful for the little information about this world.

“Until then, try to increase your skills but don’t overdo it. You can practice here.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Jin who was worried about that began to smile.

Then he said goodbye to Greg and go back to the inn. As soon as he finished his meal, he fell into slumber in his bed. Dreaming with comfortable tiredness and feeling content.

To Jin who was sleeping early, all the guild work was over and the staffs began to prepare to go home.

And the receptionist was making her way to the playground alone.

Most of the instructors already left home, but there’s someone who stays.

“I’m sorry to make you wait. Instructor Greg.”

“Aa, thanks for coming. Aria.”

Replied Greg to Aria, the receptionist.

“When I heard from you, I was skeptical, but it was real.”

Greg recalled what Aria said just before Jin came to the playground.

A black-haired black-eyed man with a status that can’t be more than level 3 and have no skills at all.

You usually acquire 2-3 skills when you grow up. For the combat skill like 『Swordsmanship』, if you don’t learn it properly, it is hard to obtain. But skill like 『Sewing』 and 『Cooking』, 『Cultivating』 and 『Bargaining』 that you often use in daily life are possible to get by the person’s daily repetitive behavior. That means it is easier to acquire skills related to what you usually do. As an example, if you are a farmer’s child, you learn 『Cultivating』 and 『Harvesting』, if you are a merchant’s child, you learn 『Negotiation』 and 『Bargaining』. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as being unable to move at all due to illness, it is impossible to have no skills.

And Jin had no skills at all. That wasn’t exactly true, but Greg had no way of knowing.

And he seems to have a high status, not a level 3.

Although it’s slightly different depending on the race, the initial value of an average human is determined in the range 5-10 except for HP and MP. Everytime it levels up it increases by 1-3. However, most of the time it only increases by 1. Sometimes it can increase by 2 but it doesn’t happen often, and it’s even rarer to increase by 3.

HP is the total amount of STR and VIT’s initial value and it will rise half the initial value. MP is the total amount of INT and it will also increase half the initial value.

This is generally the status of human with Level 3 (the increased value is 2)

LV1  →3

HP: 14 →28

MP: 7 →14

STR: 7 →11

VIT: 7 →11

INT: 7 →11

DEX: 7 →11

AGI: 7 →11

It’s likely to happen but people with high initial value and high growth (the increased value is 3)

LV1  →3

HP: 20 →40

MP: 10 →20

STR: 10 →16

VIT: 10 →16

INT: 10 →16

DEX: 10 →16

AGI: 10 →16

In comparison, this is Jin’s status:

LV1  →3

HP: 23 →49

MP: 10 →20

STR: 13 →23

VIT: 12 →20

INT: 10 →14

DEX: 12 →20

AGI: 12 →20

Jin’s status leveled up by 2 attribute value, HP and MP at half initial value and the total for the skill status will increase.

As a result, Jin had approximately twice of regular people, even his INT and MP is 30% than people with high growth. Considering how rare it is for people having a high growth ability, Jin’s status is hard to comprehend.

“He doesn’t have any divine protection, right?”

“Yes. There’s no sign of it.”

There’s an exception above-mentioned, its rare but some people can have high status with divine protection from God. But Jin had no divine protection.

“How did Instructor Greg see him?”

Then Aria asks. She tried to find out what Greg thinks about an unidentified existence called Jin.

“He’s certainly abnormal. And I teach him myself. His stamina is so high that it’s impossible at that level. I observe as he practice, he improved before my eyes. It’s been a long time since someone acquired a skill while I’m teaching. Moreover, in such a short time. At this rate, he will get a new skill soon. I’ve never seen someone like that.”

Greg’s expression was grave. As one of the guild managers, Greg has to be wary with an unusual presence like Jin. 

When he began to loosen his expression, he continues.

“But he always seems to be having fun. I wonder if he feels his improvement, he’s full of smile. His manners were also good. It’s too much. And how accepting he is with other party’s opinions.”

Aria recalled something listening to Greg’s comment.

To be honest, she was wary of him, so she responded that “He can’t register as an adventurer today.” to see his reaction. Instead, he smiles while saying thank you and he will be back tomorrow. How many years has she been told that sentence? At that point, her wariness if halfway decreasing. With how hard he work training to acquiring his skill, he calmly accepts the adventurer registration postponement. With a smile, no less. She kinda feels sorry for this.

“You seem to have the same opinion. He is fine. As long as you know it, his background didn’t matter.”

Looking at Aria’s expressionless face, Greg said. Essentially you need a longer time required for the investigation to poke the bush to take out the snake. Greg believed in his intuition, that has helped him many times.

“Yes. Is it alright to treat him as an ordinary adventurer in the future?”

Aria has no objection to that.

“No, please do as much as you can. If he keeps growing, he will be an unexpected trump card. And my head doesn’t seem bad, I don’t know how much I’m missing it’s normal to feel strange. Please follow-up if something happens.”

As Greg laughs, Aria recalls Jin’s honest reaction and unconsciously smiling.

Greg looks at aria with such gentle eyes hoping that Jin will have a positive impact on Aria.

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