Thanks to a Different World Reincarnation Chapter 006

Chapter 006: Misunderstanding Different World Life

“Eh? I unconsciously fall asleep.”

You can see the blue sky when you open your eyes. Jin stretches his body lightly while lying down.

“I feel so good. But it doesn’t mean that I should sleep soundly in the game.”

Jin let out a soft laugh while standing up, he stretched himself again and turned his arms.

Naturally, your body will feel the stiffness but if you stretched your body here it feels refreshing and there’s no pain. Jin thought the healthy body is the best after all.

“Alright! It’s time to go.”

After that, Jin looking for the door to go to the main story but looking around there’s no such thing. On the contrary, the surrounding area has changed differently from the tutorial.

From the top of the hill where Jin stands, a city surrounded by the distant wall and he could see the highway leading there.

“Are? Did the story already started?”

He thought it was forced to start because he runs out of time because napping after the tutorial.

Once again he observes the surrounding area, Jin is surprised he didn’t notice the surrounding until a while ago.

The warm light from the sun that shines in the blue sky, the wind that strokes his cheek lightly and how there is a subtle fresh earthy scent. There’s insect who flew looking for honey in the flower, various plants grew giving lush green effect, and once in a while the grass mixed in between. There’s an overwhelming degree that the reality can’t be compared to the tutorial.

“The tutorial can’t do justice. Virtual reality is amazing!”

Jin naturally feels a sense of discomfort, and feeling of excitement filled him.

“Fufufu~ it is getting excited. Finally, the adventure began!”

As it stands, Jin began walking out to the main road first.

At this time Jin still didn’t notice various abnormalities that happen. The starting place in the game should be Aresta, the town of beginning. Never on the hill of meadows far away from the town. The tone of his monologue somehow had changed into something youthful. Although his old man consciousness as an old man exists, somehow he felt youthful. There were many other things happening.

But what happens on himself, Jin still needs more time to know.

And it was never a bad thing.

“Fufufufufu ~ ♪”

As BGM there’s an old RPG theme song, jin walks ahead feeling good.

Suddenly jumping when he stopped on the way, he takes the wooden sword and poses and enjoying in this world his body can move as he wishes.

There is no lonely expression which shows in parting with Chris a while ago. However, firmly in the middle finger of his right hand, the ring of recovery sitting proudly.

When he walked to the highway a few hundred meters further, in his field of vision he caught something wriggling. Suppressing his delight with caution he pulls out his sword.

It appeared there was a slime.

However, the appearance of the slime wasn’t the gummy-like at the tutorial, and there’s dirty gray gel on some places.

“Chow! How far are you going to alter the shape from the tutorial?”

While Jin surprised, he changes into the battle mode.

Thanks to going through many battles in the tutorial, there’s barely any fear in Jin.

As soon as he got closer, he takes the first move. He swung down the sword aiming at the slime.

The delivered sword hits the slime without missing and with that force, the slime was cut off. At first, Jin was surprised, but he thought it was a critical hit.

And the slime that sliced into two parts didn’t disappear as the light particles disappear.

As it was split into two, no matter how long you wait for it didn’t disappear and leaving drop items.

“You must be joking. Isn’t this so different from the tutorial?”

Confused by the unexpected situation, Jin unconsciously recalls the content of the tutorial while touching the ring on his right hand.

The deformed appearance of the gummy-like slime didn’t look pleasant. The lifeless body disappears as they became light particles when they’re knocked down and one that will remain without disappearing forever. The pursuit of reality and its danger.

“I see.”

Thinking a lot, Jin got a convincing answer.

It is dangerous if it’s too close to reality, but generally, it’s better too close to reality so the safety is clear.

So in the tutorial, they limit the information, so the players can get used to it and made the game system to deform the monster and not leave the corpse behind. Then after getting used to VR game in the tutorial, Jin thought they will remove that system.

But there is no confirmation because he hasn’t taken any damage yet and the way to receive damage is related to the danger of VR game, I predict it will not change considerably.

Jin calmly tried to understand wilfully he didn’t make a big mistake.

“But the drop system is a little troublesome.”

Slime’s drop item was slime jelly, but first, we need to figure out where the corpse is. I honestly think this is troublesome.

The selling price for slime jelly is 5G, its the cheapest drop item he got from the tutorial.

Wasteful spirit VS troublesome. The battle of the allied forces you don’t want to feel but it ended up with the allied forces as the winner.

Feeling sorry he prayed for the slime then Jin left the slime’s corpse and walk into the highway again.

“Chris said there were some things that I have to prepare for.”

Not only new equipment but Jin also wants hand gloves, so he didn’t have to handle anything barehanded and can wash it off with water, towel and monster illustration to learn from. While beginning to walk on the highway Jin started to thought what he wants and what to buy.

And as he walks, he didn’t have any monster encounter so he was able to go on the road safely.

The highway is maintained with stone pavement and there are two lanes of the roads. On both sides of the road, there are 3 meters high pillars built along the highway at 100 meters interval. Jin predicted it might be some magical device.

His prediction is precise, this device is a magical barrier that keeps the monster from getting closer to the highway. Of course, it’s not going away, but it performs its job well. In reality, almost no monster will come out on the road near where this device is located. However, not all the highway is installed with this device and there are still many places that require this.

I began walking down the highway, but because of the barrier I never encountered any monsters. Nevertheless, there are many departures if you are traveling early morning but when the sun almost directly above your head, you will not come across people.

Jin kept on walking while enjoying the scenery, and in an hour he eventually arrived at the town.

At the city entrance surrounded by a sturdy wall, the gatekeeper stood alone and spoke to Jin as he approached.

“Traveler? Quiet lightweight attire you have there.”

The voice asking me somewhat sounds embarrassed and I feel a little silly.

“Hello. I think my appearance is a little lacking too so I’m going to do many things in this town.”

Jin greets with a smile. What I said technically is not a lie, but it’s what I really think.

“There are many good things gathered in this town from various places. So, do you have anything to prove your identity to enter?”

Convinced with what Jin is saying the guard stop questioning and return to his duty.

“I’m so sorry, I don’t have any.”

Jin told him that he didn’t have any and rather surprised there’s that there are such documents.

“Eh? I thought you were an adventurer because of your light attire but you aren’t?”

“No, I’m planning to become an adventurer after this. But I’m still weak.”

Jin answered while scratched his head.

“Coming alone in that state, you don’t have to be humble. Well, a future promising adventurer is welcome. Would it be okay if we keep a small gold coin as a deposit? The deposit money will be refunded when you leave this town or if you can check the guild card here after becoming an adventurer.”

Jin is relieved that he is able to enter the town without a problem but thinks that 1G as a deposit is too cheap. He pulled out 1G from the gate he put on his bag and handed it to the gatekeeper.

“Which one of you with a big gold coin? Wait a moment. I have to exchange the money. A handling charge will be taken, please be patient.”

As I said that, the gatekeeper informed another gatekeeper inside the gate and the trotted into the town. On the other hand, Jin is confused again with the event that unfolds.

“What is a big coin? Money exchange?”.

Jin stopped talking to himself and waited for the gatekeeper’s return.

Abandoning his thought, he kept waiting, and the gatekeeper came back.

“I kept you waiting.”

The gatekeeper is wearing a splint armor reinforced with iron in leather armor. It’s not as heavy as Chris’s whole body metal armor. Still, it weighs a decent amount. He runs in that outfit. The gatekeeper’s shallow breath is cut a little.

“No, I’m so sorry to trouble you. Thank you for hurrying to run.”

Although he felt apologetic at the beginning, Jin became pleased knowing the gatekeeper with such an honest character and said thank you with a smile at the end.

“No, don’t worry. It’s my job.”

The gatekeeper looks a little embarrassed. In his mid-30s, he felt a sense of pride in his work. Jin thought he was a good man he could respect.

When he recovered his breath the gatekeeper hand over three pouches to Jin.

“So, eight small gold coins, nine silver coins, and fifty coppers. Fifty coppers of the fee are drawn. Please confirm

it again.”

(It came back with more?!)

At the unexpected situation, Jin hardens. For the time being and not to be rude, he accepts the pouches and places it in his bag. The gate didn’t store properly because he feels astonished.

The 1G which should be the lowest currency of the game is treated like something expensive. Jin could not hide his confusion.

“What happened? Did you feel uneasy when your big gold was gone? Don’t worry. If that’s all, you have the right equipment.”

The gatekeeper teased me.


I can only reply with dry laughter. I can’t say that I still have more than 700 pieces of the same gold coin.

When it was seen that Jin’s examination is over, the next gatekeeper on the shift calling over from the town side.

“Sorry I’m late, Burke. We can change. You can get some meal.”

“Ok. I’m sorry, I haven’t registered your name. What’s your name?”

Jin, who get starred at, can’t get out of the embarrassing situation and answering Burke’s question in hurry.

“Excuse me, my name is Jin.”

“Please fill it here..”

“Oh, it’s fine. Burke must be hungry. I’m sorry I’m late. I can do it.”

Burke tried continuing the procedure but dismissed by the new gatekeeper.

“I’m sorry. Well, then, please.”

With a wry smile, Burke said that and he bumped his fist lightly with the replacement gatekeeper.

“Will you go too, Jin?”

Burke, who had finished his greeting to his colleague, spoke to Jin again.


“You are not going to have lunch? I’ll take you to the restaurant I go to.”

“Oh, thank you. Please take care of me.”

I wasn’t able to grasp the situation yet, but I was grateful for Burke’s consideration.

I told myself I had to calm down and eat rice for the time being, for once I decided to forget about the questions.

And Jin was thankful for Burke’s kindness and began to walk to the restaurant.

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