Thanks to a Different World Reincarnation Chapter 005

Chapter 005: First Battle and End of Tutorial. And…

[Tutorial ④ Let’s do battle] … Let’s fight with monsters and win.

“Yes, then this will be the last tutorial. But before you fight up against monsters, you will have a mock battle against me.”

Saying that Chris pulled his sword and turn facing me.

“Are you ready? Please give me a nice hit in your timing. My level is high, I will not get injured because of Jin-san attack. Please don’t hesitate. Oh, and the wooden sword will never break or hurt, so please don’t worry about it.”

In this game, weapons and armor are not set to possess a degree of endurance. In reality, this battle will end up with a broken or cut off the wooden sword but it was no problem in the game.
Jin who really like the wooden sword, he feels really grateful for that specification.

“Please treat me well.”

When Jin bows, with all of his strength he attacks with his sword. Jin keeps striking his sword and somehow feeling amused a beginner like himself facing a formidable opponent.
Of course, Chris will lightly return Jin’s blow. He did not initiate blows but keep returning Jin’s attack.

“Okay, that’s fine. Please stop attacking.”

Jin’s body keeps attacking for 2-3 minutes, and it took a stop from Chris.

If in reality, the physical strength can’t last as long as 30 seconds, virtually its possible to last longer than that. But the body of nonathletic old man lasts longer than its impossible in reality.
Because of that feeling, he was having so much fun and it seems a bit disappointing when Chris asked to stop.

“Jin-san doesn’t have the skill, but I think you can master swordsmanship as soon as the condition met. Although it will cost a little more, there is a place where you can learn a skill in the town like dojo, its something to consider.”

Jin got confirmation from Chris and feel relief.
Because he thinks it’s enjoyable, Jin thought it would be interesting to learn martial arts in the dojo.

“Then now Jin-san will receive my attack and no defense. That means you have to stay still and let your HP decrease because of my attack.”

Jin surprised a little.

“This is done so you can feel the impact of the attack. In normal you will not be cut by a sword or getting caught by monster’s fang, so this practice is to prevent panic. Of course, I will be going easy on you, its natural to worry and you will not feel pain like in reality. However, it’s important for you to realize this before the actual battle, can you understand?”

It is a reasonable discussion, with the image being slain by a sword it is no wonder if you get panic when receiving attacks.
There is death in this game. In case of death, you can retry from the save points, but you still die even though its only in a game.
Of course, the death in the game does not cause any problems in reality, but because it is a virtual reality with reality, Jin convinced that such a precaution might be necessary for the emergency.

“I’ll be going… futsu!”

With Jin’s approval, Chris swings the swords.
The sword swung down to the right from Jin’s left shoulder. However, the attack didn’t wound Jin’s body, and it just gives him a dull impact along the trajectory of the sword.

Jin clearly feeling fear for the attack, but he did not get distracted because he received an explanation. And when he calmed down, he checks his HP confirming his HP has decreased by half.

“How was it? The attack decrease half of the HP, Jin-san will experience some degree of shock as the impact. Although you can change the impact degree in the menu, you will not feel the pain in reality even if it set to the maximum. And if you receive some attack that could lose your body parts like your arm being eaten by a monster, you will receive shock but there will be no damage. Maybe this sounds odd, Jin-san’s body is also an attribute that can’t be destroyed like weapon and armor.”

In the military and sports world, the training is done with as much as possible sense of reality. In fact, it is also true there are also people who develop trauma and PTSD in the event in the VR world because of the reality of it is too much.

There are various measures taken now, and the accident has plummeted sharply. Though there were many accidents in the first period before VR opened to the public.

And this is a common game.
Unlike military and other fields, you don’t need to enhance reality until you are aware of the risk of the accident. Enhanced reality is the reason of accident, and it will not happen if you lower the enhanced reality.
As one of our safety measure, we are sacrificing the enhanced reality for safety.

Of course, Jin has no complaint about this.

“After this, we will fight monsters, but before that please drink this.”

As he said that, Chris hand over HP Recovery Potion that Jin previously appraised. Jin gratefully received and drinking the potion, the effect feels warm in his body and the HP is fully recovered.

“Let’s start the mock battle. The monster is only one. Because this is a tutorial, even if Jin-san’s HP became 0 you will not die. In that case, you can go back to the beginning of the battle and retry. Please calm down and try hard. Are you ready?”

Calming his breath, Jin calmly withdraws the sword and breathes a deep breath.

“Yes, please.”

“Let’s get started and have fun.”

As soon as Chris finished speaking, 5 meters in front of Jin there’s a drawn magic square and a slime appeared from there.

The slime looks like a thin bluish semi-transparent gummy. It trembles and slowly moved towards Jin.

Foremost, Jin waits and gradually approaches while holding his sword. Just before Jin attack, the slime stop moving and the body jiggles to shrink.
Feeling some premonition, Jin also tried to go down with caution, the slime body shrinks using Jin attack as backlash.
But I was right to be cautious, Jin was sticking sideways while keeping an eye, he was striking the slime’s side with the wooden sword. While feeling the sensation of giving damage, and immediately turns to slime.
Then the slime lightly trembles while landing, I thought it got the same motion as the other time I got in touch with the body. Now that we predict the movement, I was able to strike with firmer force.

Jin thinks that this is the chance, and he will attack the slime when it lands. The slime was turned into a particle of light and disappeared when I put a large blow of a large blow in the slime. A dropped item [Slime Jelly] was falling on the ground where the slime disappeared.

It feels different from the usual RPG game on the monitor, its virtual reality so he can truly feel how he knocked down the monster.
Jin tries to contain his excitement on his first battle and first victory and put the drop item into the tool bag.

[Tutorial ④ Let’s do battle Clear Reward: MP Recovery Potion (Small)]

“Congratulation, Jin-san. This is the end of the tutorial.”

“Thank you very much, Chris-san. I appreciate it.”

Jin answer Chris with a wide smile.

“This ends the tutorial guide. So, the total tutorial reward is 500G.”

That said, Chris handed the leather bag containing gold coins, which is the game currency to Jin.
Saying thanks Jin put away the money, and then Chris nervously made a suggestion.

“I know Jin-san is probably tired from the tutorial, but if you didn’t mind, you can fight another mock battle with monsters? Because Jin-san didn’t have a fighting skill, weapons or gear protection. To put it simply, the current you are still lacing.”

“Eh? Is that OK?”

“Yes. In this battle, it is impossible to acquire new skills and Jin-san has almost no merit in terms of skill growth since it is only [Appraisal] that can be trained. But it’s possible to raise the level, I can even purchase the drop items. I think if we fight 10 times more Jin-san level will rise 2 or 3 levels, I think you can afford it financially. Especially because there is no death here, don’t you think we can fight with confidence?”

In fact, additional battle after these tutorials is basically proposed to all players, but few players actually do.
Because many players think the tutorial is troublesome because they want to skip as much as possible and start the main part as soon as possible.

But Jin is an old man in reality. It is reasonable to become cautious about everything and much more since it’s his first VR game.
Chris’ proposal that you can get used to battle without penalty and save money is exactly a godsend for Jin.

Plus, it was one of the reasons why I received the proposal simply because I was happy about Chris’ care.

“Thank you so much for your concern. Please come.”

Then Jin thanked Chris for his proposal and repeated the game against monsters many times.
Although it was said that 10 bodies should be defeated, unconsciously I was having fun and added some fights. In addition, the movement of the body was beyond what I thought and it was a pleasure for Jin that Chris supported him without showing one unpleasant behavior, it’s been a while.

The three monsters that he fights are slime, one-horned rabbit and goblin. Everything seems realistic, it’s a visual that somehow made me feel deformed charm.
The rabbit figure posses pointed fat ears and a single twisted horn on his forehead, goblin appearance is like a small ogre with green skin equipped with leather armor and rusty sword, similar to the last slime I was able to defeat it without having struggled.

This old man who able to fight without feeling tired thanks to [Martial arts].
Jin can handle one-on-one so he combats two enemies, but at the time he can’t avoid all of them and sometimes suffer slight damage. But in the end, Jin’s HP never goes to 0 and he was able to complete it safely.

After finishing the battle, Jin decided to organize the drop item.

Because the goblin drops the HP Recovery Potion, he will leave it alone. Others will try to sell them all to increase their money, as for the one horn of one-horned rabbit is a rare drop it was recommended to keep it than to sell it to Chris.

Then, Jin tried using [Appraisal] on the horn of a one-horned rabbit.

[One-horned Rabbit’s Horn … horn of a one-horned rabbit with the power of healing born in rare cases.   It mainly used in synthesizing, it is possible to raise the efficiency of the recovery item created. ?????・?????・?????]

It certainly looks like a pretty good item.

Although it may be expensive, Jin also agreed with Chris’ opinion that it should be saved.

But Jin thinks again.

He doesn’t know whether it is a rare drop or not if Chris didn’t tell him it would take some time to notice. Even if I can get a rare drop, it would be useless if you sell it without noticing.

Jin gave Chris his gratitude for not knowing how many times it would be.

The current state of Jin who finished the additional battle was as follows.


Name: Jin

Age: 18

Occupation: Unemployed

Level: 1→3(2UP)


Items Owned

HP recovery potion (small) × 5 (2 pieces UP)
MP recovery potion (small) × 3
One horn of one-horned rabbit (New)




There is no change in equipment and skills.
The level has increased to 3 and the status has risen, but Jin does not yet feel the movement of the body has improved even better.
Thanks to just repeating the battle many times, I felt I was used to battle a lot.

Also, my MP became 20, so it was nice I can shoot Mana Bullet twice. In the previous battle, I could only shoot a few shots, but I was able to do many damages.

Jin imagines himself mastering swords and magic. It’s a nice thought.

And the important thing about money, it increased more than 50% from the beginning so it will be no problem.
Although it will not be enough, Jin gets all fired up to fight.

And finally the tutorial is done, and the time to part with Chris came.

“Jin-san seems to have gotten used to it.”

Letting the gate appear at the waist bag, Chris said that by looking at Jin to withdraw money and tools out.

“I think so.”

Jin briefly scratched his head bashfully.

“Hehe, I think it’s important.”

Jin and Chris had an atmosphere in spite of their mutual remnants before parting.


After a brief silence, Chris opened his mouth to shake it off.

“Well then, it’s time to finish the tutorial. If Jin-san goes through the door behind you will arrive at Aresta, the city of beginning.”

Then Chris point behind me, there was only a door standing alone.
It reminds Jin of secret tool blue robot that I love, I can’t help but laugh. And with that laughter, Jin somewhat changes his little solemn mood.

“I really feel indebted to Chris-san. Thanks to Chris-san I can enjoy this world more. Thank you very much.”

With sincere gratitude, Jin bows his head to Chris.

“No, not at all. I’m the one who supposed to say thank you. After a long time, I feel like I’m doing a good job.”

Although it is a role, it is often hard to deal with the player who takes an arrogant attitude because it is the game world.
The presence of Jin who responded correctly with respectful courtesy it’s so refreshing to Chris’ feelings.

“Jin-san please accept this.”

Then Chris hands Jin a white ring.

“This is a good healing ring, if you equip this ring your HP will recover slightly and it has automatic recovery effect. It’s about soothing, but I hope it will help to protect yourself.”


Jin surprised at the unexpected gift.

“We are permitted to give a gift to the player that we like, but I’m afraid it’s not that good. But it’s good at the early stage. And please call me Chris if you want.”

Although he can’t see Chis’ face hiding in a full-face helmet, Jin felt he said that with a smile.

“Thank you, Chris. Please call me Jin. I will treasure this ring.”

Jin responded with a sincere smile.

“Well then, I will excuse myself. God bless for the future, Jin.”

Chris gave Jin a blessing in the end.
As his appearance gradually faded away, Chris disappeared from the spot.

Jin stared at Chris’ disappearing spot for a while and bowed. And looking backward, he looks at the meadow spreading under his eyes.
In his field of vision, the meadow and the blue sky continue spreading.

The various scene emerged in his mind.

The RPG game he played when he was a child. Memories with his parents who are no longer here. His everyday activities with his siblings. His cute nephew and niece, and their children. His childhood friend and their friendship that last. His love and frustration at college days. The hardship and happiness of being an adult. Long day off and come back. Encounter and farewell from the hospital.

In addition to the various scene, he remembered his life as “Shinichi Jinguji”.

In the end, I was able to get a new friend named Chris in this unfamiliar VR world. However, there’s been good and bad things, for some reason it was fun.

Jin thinks of “Shinichi Jinguji”. He is alive.
So, I cried out the words that make me feel boiled up.

“Thank you. Thank you! Thank youu!!”

I deliver this gratitude feeling to the world.

After a while, Jin became embarrassed.
Particularly I don’t feel lying. It’s been a while since I feel overwhelmed so much like this.

Jin takes a deep breath then lie down sprawled at the grass-covered plain. You can go through the door to continue to the main story, but there’s no need to hurry. It’s a long-awaited pleasant feeling, Jin thought to relax here for a moment.

“I genuinely appreciate this……”

I have thought about my life so far, muttering softly. Calling Jin from Shinichi Jinguji.
And suddenly, I realize there’s nothing matter left in my life anymore.

“I wish I had a life again in this world…”

However, that kinda thought is fascinating desire.

Jin snorts himself laughing lightly, he felt light sleepiness and closes his eyes.

Jin falls asleep in the meadow didn’t twitch or stir awake.

And without any warning, small light began to glow around Jin.
The myriad of small light that multiple rapidly become one soft big light that wrapped around Jin.

For a moment it dazzles so brightly and the next thing happen is Jin’s figure disappears with the light.

This was the end of Jin’s first VR gaming experience, and it was the first time his different world life begins.

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