Thanks to a Different World Reincarnation Chapter 004

Chapter 004: First Magic

[Tutorial ③ Let’s use skills] … Please check the skill you own and use it.

“Jin-san has appraisal skill, so please appraise this.”

Then Chris hands the potion vial.

“The skill is the same as before, please remember to think consciously.”

As he was told, Jin murmured [Appraisal] in his mind to the potion that he held in one hand. Along with something feel not entirely unpleasant, the window of the potion information popped up.

【HP Recovery Potion (Small) … Restore 20HP   Materials ???×??? Note ???】

It’s the same item that’s in his items window earlier, but the number of the items he didn’t recognize is increasing. There’s some part left in question marks because of his low-level appraisal.

“I can confirm. Please return the potion.”

And Jin returns the potion back to Chris.

“Thank you. [Appraisal] Is a skill to check on the effect and information of unknown items, but you can also get more detailed information on the known items. For now, it’s impossible for Jin-san to do it because your appraisal level is low, but if you raise the proficiency its possible to check for more detailed and hidden information. The information will also be valuable for production ability like [Alchemy] or [Smithing].”

As he gives up on some skill, he is glad that the skill he actually chooses is useful.

“Would you please say [Status] next?”

Chris follows with some instruction, and Jin already gets used to it since he got here.
Without remarking it out loud and thinking status in his mind, the status menu window appears without a problem.


Name: Jin

Age: 18

Occupation: unemployed

Level: 1

HP: 23/23
MP: 7/10
STR: 13
VIT: 12
INT: 10
DEX: 12
AGI: 12


The details of each item are as follows.


Name … Real Name. Sometimes you get a new surname after being taken by a nobleman.

Age … 0 years old at birth. At the age of 16, you are considered an adult.

Occupation … Occupation and affiliation. To get a job, you need registering into the respective guild.

Level … Living things’ status. The level rises by defeating monsters.

HP (Health Points) … Decrease when receiving damage, die when it gets to 0.

MP (Magic Points) … Decrease when using magic skill, damage received from MP decrease.

STR (Physical Strength) … Represent the strength of power. Affecting all physical attacks. The larger the equipment, the more available.

INT (Magical Power Intensity) … Represents the size of magical power. Affecting magic in general. The bigger the spell, the higher the effect.

VIT (Stamina) … Represent the body’s strength and endurance. Influence the amount of damage and probability receiving abnormal condition.

DEX (Proficiency) … Represent the handiness and fast learning. Influence the hit rate of weapons and magic and the production’s success rate. Minor impact on skill mastery.

AGI (Agility) … Represent speed and power. Affecting overall behavioral speed. The higher the speed, the more agile it becomes.

The initial value of the status slightly differs from one race to another depending on the strong and weak points. For example, elves have lower STR, VIT, and HP but higher INT and MP.
The race chosen by Jin is human and has average ability among all the races. The skill correction is added to flat ability value, and it is above status.
The status will slightly rise every time the level increase, there is numerical value benefit in correction skill.

“As you may have noticed, the MP is decreasing by 3 because of the appraisal usage. Using skill will consume MP that matches with each skill set. Jin-san doesn’t have it yet, but it consumes MP the same way when you use [arts] or [skill]. MP will gradually recover if you are doing nothing and the recovery speed is doubled by resting, like sitting. And when your HP reaches 0 you will faint, there’s no penalty when your MP reaches 0. However, when your MP reaches 0, you can only use a physical attack. So I recommend saving some spare MP in case of emergency.”

“Yes, thanks for the advice.”

He agrees with that. If you encounter a formidable enemy and the MP runs out, it’s dangerous. Even though there’s MP Potion, just in case.
Jin sincerely thanked Chris.

“No, no. Because this is important, I will explain a bit while we wait to recover MP. Using comprehensive information image, can you open [Menu]?”

Chris finally shows you how to say it.
When I imagined as before, a menu window like a smartphone screen appeared. There were displayed six items: [Basic Information] [Skill] [Equipment] [Tools] [Quest] [Setting].

“When you open [Tools] and [Equipment], the menu that you did in tutorial ①② will appear. Opening [Basic Information] you can recognize the status from a while ago. [Skill] display a list of skill you possess, a list of [Arts] and [Spells] you learn, and a skill tree to understand your progress and skill integration. Of course, its blank until the condition is met, and I don’t know the evolution condition.”

There’s no change in skill during tutorial anyway.
Jin displayed the skill menu once, but it shed light as if it is not necessary to see now and closed the menu.

“Next, you can see a list of the main quests and sub-quests in progress. There are also a log and notepad in the same menu. The log is a little bit difficult to check but you can filter it by battle related or system related log. Also if you want to extract important information, you can drag and drop from the log to the notepad. It’s also possible to type with the keyboard or writing directly to the notepad. Since rumor sometimes a hint for something, I recommend using notepad.”

“I don’t have confidence in my memory, so I appreciate it.”

In reality its an essential function for Jin.

“It’s also possible to display the notepad in your hand. The tool’s gate is like that, basically, it depends on the image. There is a custom feature that I will explain.”

Jin is grateful for the advice.
Nine out of ten Jin think Chis is an AI, but the advice feels human-like. If AI can feel the same way as human beings, including Chris the AI he will meet in the future, he tried to see them as human beings.

Not knowing Jin thinking about such a thing while receiving an explanation, Chris continues to talk about the last [setting].

“[Setting] is exactly the function as it is, and various settings can be done here. There is a help section, so please see if there is something you do not know. At the present stage, the settings are restricted with various useful functions. It’s enough you can confirm the start of the main story, the map, and navigation function is recommended to be enabled on the setting because it is convenient. The map is not only for outdoor and will be auto-mapped if you go to the building or dungeon, and if you use the navigation function it will guides you to your destination, so you will never get lost. There are various of other useful functions, so please try it out in various ways. “

It was very important information for Jin who had no sense of direction.

Lost in the game is not fun.

“I spent a long time explaining the menu. Do you understand?”

“Yes, it was very helpful. Thank you.”

Jin’s favorability to Chris is MAX. He said the gratitude with a smile.

“I see. I honestly think the default menu is a bit hard to use, so please customize it to make it easy to use. It seems Jin-san MP is already recovered, so I will explain the newly acquired skill.”


Jin puzzled at the unexpected words. First of all, Chris said there will be no skill acquisition in the tutorial, so its great surprise to Jin.

“Its normal to be mysterious, just like the wooden sword this is also a relief measure. It’s hidden skill awarded to someone who doesn’t posses 3 points ability skill or magical skill.”

【No attribute magic …Skill to manipulate no atribute magic   (MAX)】

[Spell: Mana Bullet … No attribute magic attack by skipping a mass of no attribute magic   MP Consumption 8 Power 5]

“No attribute magic skill level is max, it will not increase any more. The spell also consumes more MP compared to other same level spells and the power also drop. However, the presence of long-range attack skills is important, it will be valuable in the early stage.”

For reference, Chris explaining using the same level spell data.

[Spell: Fire Bullet … Fire Magic attack by shooting a mass of Fire Attribute Magic LV1 MP Consumption 5 Power 8]

If you spent less than 3 points in magic skills, if you have not acquired magic skill, or if you have no weapon skill, it will be a rough start. Normally, no guy would do it that’s why there’s a relief measure, a hidden skill. The power is low, and the MP consumption needed is high, also you can’t increase the level so there’s no preferential treatment. Except for collector-like ones, it doesn’t necessarily bother.

The magic that makes no sense if you learn the normal magic skills. But what does Jin thinking about it?

Of course, he was delighted.

“I’m glad that the magic that I thought would be impossible for some time is usable! Thank you very much. Can you explain it?”
Jin looks excited while approaching Chris.

“Yes, I’ll explain in a bit.”

It might have been unexpected, but Jin is pleased so far. As expected of Chris, always full of surprise.

But for Jin it’s uncommon.
First off, I’m glad they gave me this, even when the performance is lacking, it is one million times better than nothing.
It’s impossible for Jin to complain, he’s rather thankful.
Magic is something he wanted. It’s impossible not to be happy.

“Please look over here.”

There were 2 scarecrows in the direction that Chris pointed.

“Magic is activated by deciding the target, collecting power by using your magical power as a medium and releasing its power to the opponent. To put it a little more concretely, it collects power by drawing images with spells, activates using the spell name as a keyword. The image is also an important thing here. In the beginning, the system assist works by casting a fixed spell and you can bring it to the ready state and then, please recite the keyword at your timing. I’ll go first.”

Chris points to the scarecrow.

“Gathering the power of mana to defeat the enemy [Mana Bullet]!”

Something leaps off from Chris’ fingers to the scarecrow.

“Do you understand? Now its time for Jin-san to try.”


Jin stretches his index finger and middle finger and makes a shape like a pistol. And try feeling the strength gathering at the fingertip, then cast the spell.

“Gathering the power of mana to defeat the enemy [Mana Bullet]!”

Just like Chris did, a chunk of magic flew and hit the Scarecrow.
Jin stares at the collapsed scarecrow, expression delighted at the lingering magic.

“It’s perfect. It is all up to the image though it can be said to other magic. Once you get used to the image, you may be able to activate using keywords only. Please refer it for the future.”

【Tutorial ③ Let’s use skills   Clear Reward: HP Recovery Potion (Small)】

Shaking off his excitement, he confirmed his remaining MP was 2.

“With the amount of MP Jin-san have now, attacking continuously is not possible. But it will be a big blow to a low-level monster. But I think it will be possible if you level up, so please do your best.”

Following Chris’ encouragement, Jin imagines himself striking magical attack and getting excited all over again. It’s half a century-long longing for magic. Although in a game, being a wizard is pleasing and he can’t help it.

Jin will try his best to level up.

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