Thanks to a Different World Reincarnation 003

Chapter 3: A Nice Present

“Alright, its time to start the game!”

After finishing all preparation, the old man laying on the bed and turn on the headset with a slight trembling finger in excitement.
10 seconds after listening to the countdown while closing his eyes, then he felt kinda distant for a moment, and the next thing he knows the old man is in the virtual reality world.

“Is this virtual reality?”

The man looking at the meadow spreading in front of his eyes.

“Is it beautiful?”

And as you can see in a few minutes, I was quietly asked from behind.

When the man looks back behind a little surprise to be called, there stood a man like a knight who hid his face with full metal armor.


“Yes, hello.”

Greetings are the basis of human relationships. When the man greeted, the armored knight also returned a greeting properly. It is a gentle voice against the apparent appearance.

I do not know myself whether it is a man or a woman, but the guy judged that he could make a proper greeting and looks like a good person.

“Welcome back. Welcome to the world of “New World & New Life.” My name is Chris. I’m the guide who will support you through the tutorial. Would you please let me know your name?”

He is correcting himself with a light cough, Chris spoke to the man with a distinct tone, unlike the first reserved voice.
Chris name is either female or male. The man secretly thought it was funny, a whole armor body with unknown sex.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Jin. Hope we can get along.”

The man tells his name in advance. In case this is a game where the hero has no original name, using your own name almost feels familiar.
By the way, the character tone is polite. Although there is an exception, the basic correspondence to talk to a man without relation of partner’s age is using polite tone. Especially when you meet for the first time or talking to a clerk, it should be like this.

At that time a confirmation window appeared in the thin air with “Jin” written in katakana.

【Check the name Jin   YES · NO】

Since there is no problem, he touches YES button with his fingertip lightly, the window disappears as the light melts. Jin’s heart just caught up that this is a virtual reality.

Then as the confirmation was over, Chris spoke to me again.

“Thank you for the confirmation. Then Jin-san needs to learn about the tools and skills that needed to live in this world by doing the tutorial. There is also a battle at the end of the tutorial. Plus, you can earn experience for your existing skill, but you can’t acquire a new skill. It is slightly different. The tutorial will be in the form of a quest, if you have something unclear, please do not hesitate to ask me.

When Chris went a step back, a new window appears in front of Jin’s eyes.

[Tutorial ① Let’s check your belongings] ㄧOpen the tool menu and check the belongings.

“Consider thinking to confirm your belongings and say “Tool Menu”, or try to consider imagining your belongings in your mind.”

I tried to follow Chris’ instruction and a tool menu window appear without a problem. There are two kinds of icons of deformed medicine vials in a different color in the menu.

When Jin thought to tap unintentionally, he taps while thinking he wanted to know the effect and got an explanation.

【HP recovery potion (small) … restore 20 HP】

【MP Recovery Potion (Small) … Recover 20 MP】

“When closing the window, please remember strongly to say, “Close” in the same way. When you want to put the items in or out if you remember like that, a white gate-shaped disk will appear and you can take it out from there. You can even put in and pull out items that bigger than the gate so don’t worry. To check your belongings, you only need to open the menu, but to take items in and out you can only do it through the gate. Please use them properly.”

I tried hard imagining according to Chris’ instruction and something like a white disk appear in front of me. I thrust my hand, and I can take out the potion. Jin is happy “it is cool, like storage magic or space magic.”

【Tutorial ① Let’s confirm your belongings … Clear Reward: HP Recovery Potion (Small)】

It seems like you receive a reward when you clear the tutorial.

“Congratulation, since you can gain a reward everytime you clear the tutorial in this way, do your best. This is your reward.”

“Thank you very much.”

When Jin receives the clear reward from Chris, he stores it in the gate and closes the tool menu and advances to the next step.

[Tutorial ② Let’s check the equipment] … Open the equipment window and check the equipment.

Jin thinks to check his equipment and then the equipment menu appears just like before.

He checks the current equipment.

【Durable clothes … High-quality clothes made of durable fabric   Defense power 1】

【Durable trousers … High-quality pants made of durable fabric   Defense power 1】

【Durable shoes … High-quality shoes made of durable leather   No special effects】

【Durable bag … High-quality bag made of durable leather   No special effects】

There is no armor or weapon and it makes me feel lonely a little bit.

“Because Jin-san didn’t have job skills, so you don’t have armor or weapon. If you have, we could hand you armor or weapon that match your job skills.”

Jin is confused when he first hears the words.
Noticing that, Chris repeated his words.

“You didn’t know? There are things called ability skill, they are an essential skill to use weapons, magic, and production. Putting it simply, they are roughly divided into three types like [Swordmanship] which is a skill that attacks, a skill that attacks with magic like [Fire Magic], and production related skill such as [Smithing] [Sewing]. You can see the detailed explanation of the skill, I wrote it…”

Jin might have mistaken job skill as ability skill. However, because there’s only a space to choose 1P skill, somehow he is daydreaming and did not confirm those skills.

“Please don’t worry, the normal attack is possible even when you don’t have the skill, and you can use this equipment temporarily.”

Chris, who encourages and somewhat feeling sorry, gave me…

【Kimono … a sword made of strong tree   Attack power + 5】

“Since the attack power of weapons that you can possess at this stage is +8, the performance is somewhat lacking, please forgive me.”

“… ….”

“… … How is it?”

Feeling uneasy Chis asked Jin who gazes at the passed weapon.
Its like wooden sword souvenir from Kyoto and curved nicely back to back. The sword is about 1 meter long, the handle is longer than the normal one-handed sword and both hands are also possible.
The blade is made of wood, but the handle and the collar are made of metal, and the handle is wrapped with leather-like material with non-slip on the handle. A wide groove is carved in the center of the sword, and it has been accented with the design as the thickness is reduced and the portion of the collar and the head is also simple but decorated.
It is not flashy, but it is a firm the opposite to the cheapness.

There is only one reason why the gin had settled looking at such a sword.

He is impressed.

“… Should I swing it for a while?”

“Yes, please.”

When I get permission, Jin tried to get the feeling and trying to remember the kendo lesson he took a high school student.

While I was a high school student, I waved a bamboo sword with a kendo class, but it is the first time to shake a proper sword though it is wooden.

Hold the weapon and try to weight the weapon every time you swing it.

Also, this virtual reality world physical setting is 18 years old.
In reality, this is the body of an old man who needs to stop for a break but in this virtual world its possible to move freely. The expression of joy is subtle for his age, if he were younger he would be more expressive. No matter how many weapons are, it is a soft spot to a man’s heart.

There stood a young man who swings his sword with a smile on his face.

“I’m sorry to take your time. I will treasure this sword. Thank you.”

“No worries, I’m glad you like it.”

After finishing practice-swinging, Jin apologizes and thanking Chris again.
Chris whos face cant be seen with a full-faced helmet, it seems to me that he is smiling.
For a moment Jin started to question whether he is AI or a real person.

“I will continue to the next steps. Please take a look at the equipment window.”

I shake the doubt off from my mind, when I look at the equipment window the wooden sword is already equipped. Of course, I already equip it. It would be hilarious if I just swing my arm for nothing.

“This time Jin-san is equipped with the sword naturally. Even if it was a tool, the registration will be done automatically. If getting used to it, you can easily equip it and use tools as well. Since weapon and item are something that easies to imagine, I think you will grow accustomed to it.”

Saying that “weapon” has a restriction, Jin is wondering whether wearing the armor is difficult or not. If I remember correctly Chris wear full body armor, I remember hearing the story that it takes time to equip.

“For armor, it something that takes time and trouble to equip like this full body metal armor plate that I’m wearing. Of course, it is possible to wear it from scratch, but it’s recommended to use the pre-registration function in the equipment menu so you can equip it in a moment.”

Jin checks his equipment window and found an item called preregistered equipment. Equipment like clothes and trousers except the wooden sword already being registered there.

“Then please try saying, “Change”.”

When Jin said that, the sword in his hand disappears.
It was gone in a second, and he tried calling the equipment menu and check if there is a wooden sword in it and breathes in relief.

“Since you change into a preregistered equipment, the wooden sword that we didn’t pre-register is returned to equipment menu. Now try registering the wooden sword in equipment with preregistered equipment A, please try to drag and drop.”

In an attempt to test this out I try to drag and drop, and I could register without a problem. As I said “Change” once again, the wooden sword was lowered on the waist.

“Weapons that are pre-registered are equipped at the default position to carry, but if you imagine holding your sword its possible to equip it like that. Currently, there’s only pre-registered equipment A, it’s possible to increase it. For example, if you registered the one without wearing anything, it would be convenient when you rest at the inn because you can change clothes immediately. There are many ways to use it.”

Jin thinks it is convenient.
It takes time and effort to balance part of reality and game, and it depends on how you used it. For example, it is possible to restrain long-distance attack with magician equipment and fight melee combat with warrior equipment when the enemy approaches.

Sooner or later he has to think how to use it and decide to put his judgment on hold.

【Tutorial ② Check the equipment   Clear Reward: MP Recovery Potion (Small)】

“Congratulations. As you may already know, if Jin-san imagines is clear, you can change the keyword and the position of the menu and gate. You can also do more detailed changes, you can register the item into a different folder, you can also create a window for newly collected items or items that you frequently used. It’s all up to your imagination.”

Some people want to advance as far as possible in the game, some want to enjoy virtual reality as much as possible. Because it is a one-player game, the play-style depends on the player.

For Jin who has a high priority to enjoy the VR world, he was thankful for the play-style flexibility.

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t/n: the update is a little behind the schedule for my liking, but spending Christmas home is full of distraction. ;;;

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