Vol. 1 Chapter 01: Level 99 get!

「The eldest daughter of the Earl of Dolknes, Yumiela Dolknes… Le-level 99.」

In the Royal Academy’s Great Hall, the teacher who measured the level and everyone in the room lose their words and stare at me.
And I realize I must give up my goal not to stand out, and I remember I can reach level 99 because I need to escape from reality.

When I was five years old, I remembered my past life memories and realized that I reincarnated as a villain of the otome game.
Since I was small, I feel out of place whenever I stare at my reflection in the mirror.
I have a doll face. With darker hair and eyes, it seems like absorbing all the light.

When I think about my appearance, I recognize the shape of Japanese Kimono and my understanding of a language I have never heard before.
And little by little, I began to remember my memories.
Born in Japan in the Heisei era, I was a homebody college student and was probably killed by a car crash on the sidewalk.

The 20 years of memory rushes through my mind and breathing became intense and palpitation increases.
I crouched down unintentionally, closing my eyes and took a deep breath and trying to endure until I feel calm.

After I feel I was calm enough, strangely, there is little to remember.
I only know my name is Yumiela Dolknes, five years old and a noble. I hardly remember leaving my room, nor did I remember my parents.
The maid seems to avoid me and takes care of me minimally, and we had little conversation. And I don’t know the name of the country I lived in or the current situation.

I don’t have any memory or knowledge, so I looked around my room for information.
The furniture and clothes in the room are similar to Medieval Europe. There are no modern appliances like electrical appliances, and the maid called the lamp as a magic tool. It glowed with something akin of glittering scales, but the exterior appearance looks like a lantern in the previous life.

Based on this, I thought this was a different world, not the earth, and I begin to gather more information.


The first thing I did was questioning the maid. Up until this time, I rarely talk, but because of this, I became more talkative, the maid seemed surprised, but she answered my questions.

The name of the country is the Kingdom of Balshine, I live in the Count of Dolknes residence, and I’m the eldest daughter. My parents live at the Royal Capital and they hadn’t returned to the territory since before I was born.

My parents shun me because I had black hair, and they sent me to the territory alone. In this country, black hair is said to be an ill omen and a symbol of evil.
By the way, getting information out of the maid for this part is very hard. It’s a battle of straightforward questions and indirect answers.

Ah, no wonder the servants in the house are unfriendly. My parents, who hate me, are their employers, and I was the quiet black-haired kid. That must have looked scary. It’s no wonder when I touch them; they shy away.

Now that I knew what’s going on, I decided to learn to read. I’ve spoken with the maid telling them I want to learn to read, and they will arrange a tutor for lessons soon.

After I learned how to read, I frequently visit the library of my house. I read all kinds of books from picture books, history to political books.

As a result, I believed this is the Otome game’s world that I played in my previous life. The title of the game is 「The Heroine’s Light Magic」 known as 「Hikayuu」.

In the world full of sword and magic, the heroine is a commoner who can use Light Magic and enroll in Royal Academy. She will cooperate with the capture targets to get stronger and to finally defeat the Demon King. It’s a typical royal story.
The story is alternately repeating between RPG part like defeating the monster with capture targets and the other is trying to raise the intimacy of the capture targets while in the academy.
From my name and the country where I live, I can guess what was going to happen.

At Hikayuu, I, Yumiela Dolknes, is a villainous daughter. I frequently appear in the Academy part doing petty harassment and a minor nuisance to the heroine. As the story advanced, her screen-time is decreasing and by the time the heroine sets out a journey to defeat the revived Demon King, the players completely forget about her.

But that’s not Yumiela’s end.

When the main story ends, there is an extra ending. When they went to the Demon King castle once more, a hidden boss will appear. The player who saw the hidden boss figure then would say, 「You are the hidden boss! 」. Yes, the identity of the hidden boss is me, Yumiela Dolknes.

And of course, the hidden boss is stronger than the Demon King. I will challenge them the moment their party defeats the Demon King, and almost every player chooses to run away.
Even if you used the effective tactic for Demon King, reducing the dark magic effect with dark magic resistance equipment and light magic. On the other hand, if you went with a physical attack route, you will die from high-leveled dark magic.

Hikayuu is an unusual game where the Otome and RPG part is balanced. Each enemy had their weakness; the key strategy to defeat them is attacking them with their weakness such as magic, physical, or other attributes. However, there is no strategy other than to raise your level to the limit and keep pushing to defeat the hidden boss.
It’s something called a balance breaker by the players.

The production staff said, 「After the game finished, I added a little opportunity for the villainess. I made it strong enough that you can’t defeat them unless your level is maxed out because she’s the last boss」. And the recommended level to defeat demon king is about level 70.
The reason why she appears as the last boss in the game was, 「Because she hates how the heroine gets along well with capture targets, that hatred then awakened the black magic inside Yumiela」. There’s no profound reason for this, it’s just a postscript freebie and the staff didn’t put much thought into it.

In my previous life, I liked grinding, and I cleared the hidden boss. Yumiela, who is equal to 4 levels 99 from the hero party, was not a villainess but something else entirely.

When I realize I was the balance breaker’s hidden boss and finding out, I could use dark magic that can only be used by the enemy characters in the game. I can feel my gamer’s blood raising.

I have to raise my level.


I started to read magic textbooks in the library and practice on how to sense my magical power according to the book’s instruction.

30 minutes later, I was able to use dark magic.

I never thought it would be this simple. As I expected, Yumiela has a talent for dark magic. It’s has nothing to do with her hate for the heroine.

The next day, I decided to sneak out of the grounds after breakfast. I need a spacious place to practice my magic.
Last night I told my maid that I wanted to go out, and I found out that my father had forbidden me to leave the house. He seems to really want to hide his black-haired daughter.
After breakfast, I pretend to go to the library as usual and sneak out of the estate. I can easily climb over the fence surrounding the estate. Apparently, I have an unusually high physical ability. At level 1, I’m not worthy of the name balance breaker.

When I headed out to town, I had prepared a hat to conceal my hair. Since there is no wall around the town, it was easy for me to leave. After I entered the nearby forest, I activate large-scale magic that I couldn’t test in the library one after another.

Too engrossed in practicing my magic, I noticed that I was hungry. I supposed to go home before lunchtime but when I looked up to the sky, I saw a beautiful sunset.
I started to practice my magic at 09:00 and now is 17:00. I’ve been practicing for 8 hours.
If I keep on concentrating, I can use magic on and on. Surprisingly, I won’t run out of magical power. Indeed, the hidden boss won’t be out of magic, but she doesn’t have an inexhaustible supply of magic. If this is the hidden boss’ specs at level 1, I’m afraid it’s going to grow worse.

As I hurriedly went home, I need to start thinking about the future. I jump over the fence to enter the residence and return to the library, thinking that it would be impossible to sneak away undiscovered. The prepared lunch went untouched in the library. I couldn’t stand the hunger, so I eat a cold meal in a daze.

After I finished eating, the maid came in to bring the dinner and take away the dishes. She looks normal and doesn’t have the suspicion that I’m sneaking out. Now that I spend my time in the library, I will need to bring my own lunch.
Did they think I was here all the time and I happen to be out of the library at lunchtime? At this moment, I was thankful that I don’t really have that much contact with the servants.

The next day, I asked them to prepare for my lunch bento because I don’t want them to enter the library and I continue sneaking out of the residence every day. Working hard defeating the monster in the mountain near the city to raise my level. And I didn’t forget preparing clothes to get dirty using the money from selling monster’s materials. When selling the materials, the merchant strikes a hard bargain, but it can’t be helped when you look at the other side and they saw I’m just a kid.

From the age of 7, I started taking lessons in manners and history from my tutor three times a week. The less time I spent leaving the residence, the more I realize about the efficiency raising your level.

Before I turn 15 and receiving a letter from my father, I spend my day trying to raise my level. This is the first time in my life I get a message from my parents. The contents are summarized as follows, 「Go to the Royal Academy. When you are in Academy, get close and try to cultivate friendship with high ranking nobles’ son as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if he’s not an heir, I’ll make him to take over my position.」. What do you think of your daughter? I can say I’m not that kind of noble. But, if you want me to marry a high ranking noble, you shouldn’t leave your daughter alone and get her accustomed to high society.

I went to the Royal Capital by carriage. Officially this is my first time leaving the residence, do I have to act curious with my surrounding?
Nevertheless, the carriage is slow, shaking, and the ride is uncomfortable. Running is much faster.

After on the road for 2 days, we arrived at the capital. I didn’t visit Dolknes estate and choose to go to campus dormitory immediately. Because of that, I don’t even know my parents’ faces.

All noble children will attend the Royal Academy for 3 years from the age of 15. Rather than studying, the Academy will focus on fighting ability. It’s related to this country’s origin, it is said that this country established by the hero and the saint. Therefore, when an emergency happens in this country, it is recommended that the nobles will lead the fight. Well, that has been reduced to a formality.

It seemed that I had only arrived at the Academy. The next day was the entrance ceremony.
When I wear the new uniform and head to the assembly hall, I can feel the random glances people threw at me. Luckily, the manners I learn will help me enough so I don’t became a laughing-stock, my face grew a little harsh, but it wasn’t that bad.
A little later, I realized their gazes focused on my head and I understand it caused by my black hair. Some people openly showed their disgust, which makes me feel uneasy about my future.


I have no plan to stand out. Despite all of that, I plan to spend my time scheming for the heroine and capture targets. According to the story, the heroines will defeat the demon king. If they fail, it can’t be helped that I’ll be the one who defeats the demon king in a flash.

The Academy entrance ceremony was held without a hitch, and the level measurement began with the introduction of the new students. I didn’t listen and close my eyes in total darkness.
One after another, the new students step forward, put their hands on the magic tool and measure their level. Generally, their level is in a single digit but there is only a person who exceeds level 10. I don’t know my level. I never measure my level or anything, since I’m already strong when I was level 1, it’s hard to guess.

When my turn came around, I step forward and I freeze in front of the magic tool. At the time of enrolment, the headmaster said in a gentle voice not to be ashamed if you are level 1. Not really.

When I feel ready to put my hand on the magic tool, in my heart, I wish the tool will malfunction.

However, my wish didn’t come true, and that brings us to the situation at the beginning…


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