Vol. 1 Chapter 08: The new principal

After school, the teacher informed me that the principal summoned me, so I went to the academy’s drawing-room. What does that old man want? Perhaps he bought the story about me as the Demon King.

But the man who was waiting in the drawing-room wasn’t the old man whom I had expected.

「Nice to meet you, Yumiela-san. My name is Ronald, and I’m the new academy principal. 」

「Nice to meet you too, my name is Yumiela Dolknes. Ano, where’s the former principal? 」

「Due to some circumstances, the old principal decided to retire. You don’t need to worry about it since you won’t see him again. 」

Said the new principal, Ronald, smiling sweetly. Compared to his predecessor, he’s very young. He looks like in his thirty.

His smile looks fake; it’s the kind of smile you use to give someone a sense of security, and he’s quick to give it.

「I came to the school under her Majesty’s orders. You can rest assured that I know about the rumored Demon King. 」

It looks like he was the person that the Queen was speaking about. For him to know about the Demon King’s revival, it implies that he has his Majesty’s trust.

「I was troubled with Prince Edwin too. To talk about state secrets in the presence of the general public… It will be a disaster. 」

I thought about the present situation where almost every student in the academy physically avoiding me. Ronald keeps on speaking with a bitter look on his facial expression.

「And I can’t say that his Highness has a quick temper. How should I put it… Recently, he’s been having a temper and grouchy? Those two guys that usually support him are the same. 」

「What happened to them? 」

Something that made them unstable must’ve happened recently. Most likely, it was because of me.

「Hahaha, why did you say that?

Well, let’s talk about their situation. His Highness and his two friends didn’t have any problem. He had been an excellent child and was ahead of his peers. At the same time, he had high self-esteem; it didn’t really have a bad effect on him since he never knows defeat.

Then, a person who can destroy their pride appeared. And they didn’t want to admit it. They think someone who can defeat themselves as the Demon King, just to make it bearable in their mind. 」

As I thought, is it because of me?

I know the situation that happens is very different from the game scenario.

I didn’t expect things would go according to the scenario, but if it changed from the beginning, there might be more or less significant impact.

「I could understand their situation, but how about all the students that become afraid of me? 」

「Once the rumor spread, it’s almost impossible to get rid of it. The official will deny the story about the Demon King’s revival, and there will be many who still believe it.

You better remember that it’s impossible to wipe out the rumor about you as well. Not that I deny the credibility of your strength. And some people in the royal palace fear that you’re a dangerous person. 」

Well, I can see from their perspective, I’m a mystery person with Level 99 that suddenly appeared.

「I don’t think there are many people who don’t fear you. Even I was a little afraid of you. 」

Without showing any sign of fear, the principal said that. Now I’m the one that afraid of his never-ending scary smile.

「Ah, rest assured his Majesty knows that you aren’t the Demon King. 」

When he said that, it was so sure that there was no question from the beginning, his Majesty thinks that Demon King’s revival will occur in two years after.

Was there any solid evidence that I’m not the Demon King?

「Does the royal family know the details about the Demon King? 」

「No comment. 」

He answered with a more profound smile. Are you implicitly saying yes?

Principal Ronald has been around in Prince Edwin’s childhood, and he is well-versed with the information that is only available to his Majesty’s thought and the leaders of the country.

Maybe when he was young, he had a prominent position. It is also bothering me when he didn’t use his family name in his self-introduction.

I was wondering who he was, and he seems able to look through someone’s head.

「I’m just an academy principal. I’ll also be your liaison to his Majesty.

If you have any questions to ask his Majesty, you can ask. Depending on your question, you can get an answer quickly. 」

Saying that I might get the answer immediately means that he is authorized to have an audience with the King and have its own discretion. Ah, he’s really someone in a higher position after all.

「You are a human being, not just a weapon. The Queen was very worried about you. It will make my job a lot easier. 」

I was like he was rereading my thoughts, I don’t answer, and my facial expression didn’t change.

Uh, I don’t like this person… What if he found out about the secret of my previous life?

「Now, let’s talk about the future.

Today’s primary purpose is to get acquainted, so when the need arises, we can work seamlessly. I wanted you to go to the field practice and managed it from the side. 」

Field practice is basically leveling up. Thinking about the students’ safety, the academy gave them a solution to hunt monsters safely.

I wonder if I will help to assist Prince Edwin and friends raising their level for the Demon King subjugation.

「Hai, I understand. Will I help to support his Highness? 」

「No, that’s not your job. You will take part in a different party from his Highness. 」

It was odd, and he begins to question me.

「On the other hand, can you cooperate and fight together with them? 」

Ah, so he was going to ask that.

「If it’s a problem; it needs to be solved at some point. It’s hard to get along right away. 」

As it is, we will not be able to defeat the Demon King together. First, they have to realize that I’m an ally and I’m on their side.

「Okay. But I had trouble with the grouping. 」

It’s obvious which one that will be selected, the group with the popular prince or group with someone rumored to be the Demon King.

「I’m going to divide the group using the usual way. I will divide it into central nobles and local nobles. So, you’ll be in the local group. 」

「That’s a broad way to divide the group. 」

「There’s a good reason for it. The central nobles and the local nobles had a big difference in their motivations to leveling up. 」

I understand, there are a few central nobles who proactive in their endeavors to level up. After graduating from the academy, many of them will be succeeded the family or became government officials. There are a few advantages, no matter how high your level is.

On the other hand, the local nobles, particularly those with a small territory, used to deal with the monsters on their territory by themselves. The son who didn’t succeed in the family often became a soldier.

「Is it fine to group his Highness with such an unmotivated group? 」

「I’m planning to raise their level to level 40 in two years. 」

I’m unsure how you can fight against the Demon King at level 40. Even the suitable level in the game was 60-70.

「Level 40… I’d like you to raise the level to 60 or so. 」

「Commander Adolf level 60? It’s impossible in two years. 」

U—uhh, is it the best to raise their level to 40?

Well, with my support, it will be fine.

「I understand. What exactly should I do? 」

「I would like to ask you to lead the emergency support together with the teachers. It rarely happens, but the place is in the forest on the outskirts of the royal capital. 」

The forest in the suburb of the royal capital is the first stage location in the game. All the monsters there look weak. I don’t think I’ll need to do help with anything.

「I just want to watch the battle without doing anything. 」

「That’s right. I heard that your leveling up method is quite odd, please don’t do anything strange? 」

Oh my, what’s wrong with my leveling method? Maybe it is strange fighting alone without wearing protection charm.

It’s normal to blow the monster summoning flute, right?

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