Vol. 1 Chapter 22: The Demon King’s secret

「—They are under the impression that His Majesty is planning an attack. 」

「Hmm, the extremists would certainly think like that… Some people from the moderate faction seemed suspicious with the increased military activities. 

The Demon King’s resurrection has been kept under wraps to avoid chaos. I think it’s time to make an official announcement. 」

I reported my parents’ case to His Majesty. This is the second time I have seen the King. 

But instead of meeting in a large audience room like the last time, this time it was a one-on-one meeting in a small drawing-room. 

「And the way to deal with Count Dolknes? The next Count… I was hoping you would take over the position. 」

「Yes, I would like to succeed in my father’s title as the Count if His Majesty allows me to do so. 」

When I told him that I want to be the next Count Dolknes, His Majesty’s eyes widened in surprise. Naturally, he would be surprised since I had avoided taking power until now. 

「I thought you’d turn this down, what made you change your heart? 」

「I want to get rid of the discrimination against those that have black hair. And the best way to do that was for me to be in the public eye. 」

「Stopping discrimination… that’s a thorny path to choose. Discrimination and ostracism are caused by the weak and ugly parts of the human mind. It’s something that’s hard to overcome and even harder for someone else to overcome it. 」

「Even if it’s impossible to get rid, at least I want to help to ease the burden a little. And Prince Edwin overcame his weakness. 」

For Phil, the dark brown-haired boy and myself. And for the black-haired children that will be born in the future. 

Just as Prince Edwin has changed, there is a possibility that other people could change as well. In His Highness’ case, Patrick’s persuasion was great at convincing him.

「Is that so? Are you planning on making achievements after this? 」

His Majesty’s expression slightly grimed, but he’s mistaken. 

「If I’m going to achieve something, I won’t do it by making any military achievement. Because no matter what I do for war activity, I will always be an object of fascination. 」

From now on, instead of ruthless, strong, and scary Yumiela, I must become Yumiela, the benevolent lord with good governance. In that case, my strength would be both helpful and hindering. 

「So you are going to work as a lord. All right, I’ll prepare the preparation for you to take over the position. There’s a certain amount of precedent for being a Countess. 」

「I’m grateful for the opportunity. 」

「What about the former Count and his wife? I could execute them in the name of the King. 」

「I don’t want them to be executed, but I would like to put them under house arrest in the fief. 」

His Majesty gave a small laugh when he heard me opposing the execution. 

「Ronald is right. Deep down, you are a good person. 」

Did the principal really say that?

「No, if His Majesty executed my parents when I succeeded in the title, it would give me a bad reputation. I think it’s punishment enough for them that they won’t be able to live a lavish lifestyle in Royal Capital anymore. 」

I convinced myself to believe that this is the reason why, but deep down, I know that the real reason is that I despise killing people. 

I know in my head as a noble, such idealism is not enough. Still, if I’d rather not kill them, I won’t kill them. If there are lives that can be saved, I would want to save them. It might be strange hearing that from someone who would have killed the most monsters in the world. 

「I see. 」

Does His Majesty, who said this in a gentle voice, see through my feelings?

「Soon, I will announce the Demon King resurrection. This situation will make the extremists more subdued, and there’s no way they will defeat the Demon King themselves. 

I would like Miss Yumiela to attend the announcement. I’m sure many of us would feel better if you were here. 」

「I understand. Prince Edwin and Alicia-san will attend the announcement too, right? 」

My relationship with the prince is better, but Alicia still sees me as an enemy. It’s even more hostile since I helped her level up. 

「Ah, I’ll let Edwin rein her back. And I’ll try to make the both of you avoid as much contact as possible. 」

「Thank you for your consideration. 」

「Miss Alicia is also be a trouble. I’ll have to think on getting her married to Edwin. 

Does Lady Yumiela have no intention to become the Saint? Saint is just a title for defeating the Demon King together with the Hero. It doesn’t have anything to do with the Light attribute. 」

「I’m sorry, but… 」

「I understand, I’m just saying. 」

His Majesty smiled bitterly. If you know what I wanted, please don’t say something like that. I know it’s an effective way to stop the discrimination against the black hair, but I don’t like it. 

「Don’t worry, I won’t meddle with your marriage. There’s someone you’re getting along with, right? 」

「Do you mean Patrick? I don’t have that kind of relationship with him. And my type is someone stronger than I am. 」

I knew it, Patrick presence has reached His Majesty’s ear. 

I must hide the fact that I have a favorable opinion of him as much as possible. Not because I’m embarrassed, but because he could be taken as hostage. 

If they took Patrick hostage and demanded something in exchange, I don’t think I would be able to refuse. The only way is to prevent them from taking him as a hostage. 

「Yeah, it would be best to keep your relationship with him under wraps until the situation is stable. Some people might be afraid of the repercussion, but you don’t know how people will react. 」

No, it’s true that he’s not my lover. You wouldn’t believe me when I told you. 

「But, to end the discrimination? It’s a big goal, but I like it. I’m more than willing to help. After all, we don’t want to create a second Demon King. 」

「Second Demon King? 」

His Majesty drops a bombshell after he loosens his mouth to talk about my love life. What do you mean with the second Demon King? What does the Royal Family know about the Demon King? 

「What did I was… forgot about what you heard. I thought it would be okay to tell you, but if you participate in the Demon King subjugation, it would be better if I won’t tell you. Please don’t ask. 」

His Majesty bowed deeply. 

「So it’s not something from the Royal Family but something else entirely? 」

His Majesty said it would be better if I don’t know the details if I wanted to join the subjugation. It’s as if he’s telling me that I’ll hesitate to kill the Demon King once I knew about it.

「I’m sorry, I promise to tell you before I die. But not right now. 」

「Yes, if that is what His Majesty has decided, I shall obey. 」

His Majesty was stubbornly unwilling to talk about the Demon King’s secret. In the game, he was said to be an evil being who controls monsters, but what is the truth?

As a future Countess, I will be the Lord of a fiefdom, and when this happens, I have to think about a successor. For the worst-case scenario, I will adopt a child, so I don’t need to bother with marriage. 

I don’t want to marry someone who approaches me for my land, and I don’t want someone who is too old. If possible, I want to have a good relationship with my marriage partner, and preferably he’s the local noble second son and later with expertise in managing the territory. 

There are a lot more requirements, but there must be such a convenient person?

「Hey Patrick, do you want to be my adopted son? 」

「Again, suddenly… What are you talking about now? 」

「Patrick is the second son, right? Since you can’t succeed the Marquis title, then why not become my heir? 」

「I don’t want to be your adopted son. 」

I didn’t expect him to give an immediate answer. I’m a little surprised. 

「Um, I thought Patrick would be happy if we become a family… I knew it. You wouldn’t want to. 」

「That’s not what I’m saying! 」

Patrick’s voice was unusually hoarse. There’s a reason why he doesn’t like it…

「Don’t worry, I’ll be retired soon! I’m not going to bully Patrick’s wife! 」

「I just wouldn’t like to call you my mother. 」

That’s a valid reason. It’s crazy, the parent and child would the same age. 

「Wait a minute, just please wait a little longer. There’s something I want to tell you, Yumiela. 」

Patrick said that and went away. 

Lately, Patrick often leaves the school alone. I miss seeing him. …Am I lonely? My feelings should’ve been obvious, I’ve been alone why whole life and I never thought I’d miss him. 

I know I’ve been saying some weird stuff about the adoption, but will I be able to tell Patrick what I’m actually feeling about him?

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