Vol. 1 Chapter 19: Dungeon Diving

「Yumiela, would you like to come over to my territory on this summer vacation? 」

Patrick was inviting me to visit his hometown in Ashbaton territory, but unfortunately, I already made some plans for the vacation.

「Sorry, Patrick. There’s a place that I want to visit this year. 」

Last year’s summer vacation was spent with going back and forth between my room and the library, but since I secured Ryuu for transportation, I can go further.

Ah, Patrick just wants to go home riding Ryuu, right? I can understand why he invited me.

「The one I want to meet isn’t Ryuu, isn’t it only natural to ask your friend to visit your house? 」

He seems to know where my train of thought is going. Now that I think about it, he doesn’t seem to enjoy flying.

「You are afraid of heights. 」

Patrick unexpectedly had a weakness with heights. He keeps telling me that everyone is afraid of heights, but Phil-kun quickly got used to air travel and enjoying himself.

On that note, recently, Phil-kun and Ryuu seem to play together.

「No, in that perspective… Well, where are you going to go? Are you going to subjugate another dragon? 」

「I’m thinking of going to Barias. 」

「Barias? Oh, are you going to the dungeon? 」

As he says, Barias is a town with a dungeon. No, it’s more like a dungeon that surrounded by the town around it? 

Compared to the others, the treasure chest quality is better in this dungeon. There’s a history that people gathered for that purpose, and as the time pass, it became a town.

「Yes, there’s a sword that I wanted to get. 」

I’ve been learning swordsmanship for a year at the academy. I’m not only using high-level brute force approach anymore, but recently I’ve learned about the technical things too, so I wanted to get my own sword.

「If you don’t get anything from the dungeon; you won’t cause any trouble, are you? 」

I’m not really fixated with a sword, but it’s something I want to have a substitute.

「The swords that available in the market right now will break if I really swing it. 」

「…That’s tough. 」

As usual, Patrick was taken aback.

「I bought a sword from beginner dungeon, and it broke. I’m afraid that it will keep happening so I thought it would be quicker if I get it on my own. 」

Various weapons could be obtained from the treasure chest in the dungeon, and sometimes you could get high-performance weapon made from unknown metal or additional buff.

「And Barias? I think their quality is the best. Take care. I’ll see you later. 」

They used dark dungeon in Dolknes to level up in the game, and Barias dungeon was used to collect equipment. Since the equipment performance is randomized, you must keep diving until you get the desired attributes buff.

My summer vacation dungeon diving begins.

I was riding Ryuu to Barias on the first day of vacation. Since Ryuu is dropping me off in the town will cause an uproar, he drops me a little out of town, so I’ll need to walk my way into town.

The town is crowded with mercenary groups for the dungeon, soldiers, and merchants at every corner.

After I finished securing an inn for my stay, I head for the dungeon right away. There are many people grouped to enter the dungeon, and the population density is very high.

「Excuse me, I want to enter the dungeon. 」

Onee-san who managed the reception desk at the dungeon entrance frowns.

「You must have a license to enter. It’s a busy hour, and I’m rather preoccupied, you could come back again with the license. 」

I forgot that to enter the dungeon I need a licence. I submit the license that I had prepared.

「I’m sorry, I forgot! Here is my license. 」

「His Majesty’s sign?! Etto, Yumiela Dolknes… The one with level 99? 」

She appears to have recognised me. I don’t actually know how well-known I am.

Once she approved my license, I immediately went into the dungeon.

In Barias’ dungeon monsters will all kinds of attributes appeared except for light attributes. I was told that was the reason why it’s unsuitable for level up in the game, but it doesn’t matter since I maxed my level already.

I’m only looking for a treasure chest that appears from a level 50 boss. In the game, the treasure chest came with a fixed or even greater equipment performance, so I’m aiming for it.

There were people here and there in the lower level, but beyond the level 20 area you won’t see them as often.  

I found several untouched treasure chests, all of which were low-quality equipment. Well, this thing happens except between the boss. Since there’s nothing convenient like an item box in the game, I didn’t even bother to take it unless it’s good stuff.

1st round.

「Fufufu, you’ve come. It’s unexpected that a human reached the deepest part of my dungeon… 」

The boss of this dungeon is a demon with a goat’s head. It was my first time encountered a demon who can speak the human language since the dark attribute dungeon’s boss, Dullahan, didn’t speak.

「Please give me a good weapon, Black Hole. 」

When I cast my attack, the monsters disappeared, leaving a big magic stone. From the treasure chest that appeared, I got a moderate quality sword with a fire attribute. It’s like the previous sword that I broke before, so I’ll leave it here.

When the boss is defeated, you get transferred to the dungeon entrance. I don’t understand the logic. In the first place, there are too many mysteries like monsters that keep spawning and the replenished treasure chests.

There’s an uproar when I cleared the dungeon, but I don’t care and started the second round regardless. Magic stones and weapons are sold for a good price.

2nd round.

「Fufufu, you’ve come. It’s unexpected that a human reached the deepest part of my dungeon… 」

The demon with a goat’s head told me the same thing. Apparently, the spawned monster doesn’t inherit the previous memory.

「Please give me a good weapon, Black Hole. 」

A full body armour made of metal came out of the treasure chest. I don’t need it.

3rd round.

「Fufufu, you’ve come. It’s unexpected that a human reached the deepest part of my dungeon… 」

I gradually learned to memorize the route to level 50. It shortened the time I need to come here.

「Please give me a good weapon, Black Hole. 」

It’s a wind-attribute spear, a loss. That’s enough for today, let’s go back to the inn.

10th round.

「Fufufu, you’ve come. It’s unexpected that a human reached the deepest part of my dungeon… 」

I couldn’t get the weapon I was aiming for, so I thought that maybe I could change the way the boss is defeated.

「Please give me a good weapon, Shadow Lance. 」

A water-attribute staff. It looks like it doesn’t matter how you defeat the boss.

11th round.

「Fufufu, you’ve come. It’s unexpected that a human reached the deepest part of my dungeon… 」

Maybe it’s not good to be greedy asking for a good weapon. It’s important to be unselfish.

「I don’t need a good weapon, Black Hole. 」

An earth-attribute hammer, yeah, I know.

There’s a magic stone that the boss dropped that has a very high price because of its rarity. But my overflow into the market caused a gradual price decline. And the price will continue to decline.

20th round.

「Fufufu, you’ve come… Eh? Have I ever met you before? No, a human can’t reach this level. 」

The goat-headed demon began to remember of what happened slowly. Please die so I can get my sword.

「Okay, this is it! 」

The one that came out of the treasure chest was a light-attribute sword. It has a different appearance from the usual ones. It might be something that could withstand my strength.

It might be useful to have a dual sword style in light and dark magic. I grab the sword in joy.

「Ouch. 」

The moment I touched the sword, a stinging pain runs on my fingertips. The same thing happened when I touched it again.

It seems that this sword has a stronger anti-dark attribute rather than a light attribute. It appeared to be reacting to my dark magic attribute. It would be harmless to human because typically only monsters who has a dark attribute.

I’m kind of sad about being treated as a demon king by a sword.

After saying I was only dungeon diving for the duration of the summer vacation, the boss’ magic stone was becoming the subject of speculation. When there are too many supplies in the market, the price will decline, but when I sold it at the time where the supply is low, the price will rise.

Now the magic stone’s price began to rise.

50th round.

「Hey, stop it already! Eh? What the hell am I… I don’t know you, but… 」

The goat-headed demon hadn’t succeeded to recollect their memories. But it’s frightening watching their instinct remembering parts of it.  

I began to feel something akin to pity for the demon, but my summer vacation is almost over, so I’ll make the last one count.

「Thank you for your help, Black Hole. 」

I haven’t got anything useful that could bear my power since the light-attribute sword. My usual behaviour isn’t bad, but why am I so unlucky?

I thought I would get something useless again, but when I opened the treasure chest, I can feel the familiar magic spilled out of it.

「Is this dark magic? 」

What inside the treasure chest was a sword with dark attributes.

The sword is shorter than the typical two-handed sword and longer than the one-handed sword. It’s a bastard sword that you can use with one hand or both hands. The sword blade doesn’t reflect any light gives a sense of dark magic.

The previous sword gave a sacred vibe. Meanwhile, I can feel the ominous and oppressive feeling from the sword in front of me. It’s not a piece of cursed equipment, is it?

Compared to light attribute weapons, dark attribute weapons are rare. This item didn’t appear in the game, so I was surprised when I found out it existed.

Was all the bad luck that happens until now preparing me for this? Well, I don’t know the truth, but one thing that I’m certain is I have an inseparable relationship with dark attribute.

「Patrick, here’s a souvenir from Barias. 」

「Is this a magic stone? It’s really huge. 」

Since nobles and investor purchased the boss’s magic stones, the price was higher than when I first sold it. It seems that having the stone has become a status.

「It was the last dungeon boss’s magic stone that I brought as a commemoration. 」

「Isn’t that become a hot topic right now? How could I receive something like this— 」

Patrick stubbornly refused to accept it, in exchange for the bulky magic stone I gave him a dungeon dagger that I brought back.

Patrick was telling me to sell the magic stone for money or keep it in case something happens. He also said that money is important.

But I already have the money from selling the other 49 magic stones…

t/n: eid mubarak to y’all who celebrates ♪(^∇^*)

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