Vol. 1 Chapter 14: The neighboring country’s intel and my feelings for him

Two weeks after Ryuu was born, I went to the craftsman district in the royal capital to order a custom-made saddle.

Ryuu has grown up steadily with the magic that I gave him, and now he’s about the size of a house. Now, his bed is at the school’s edge, away from the royal capital and somewhere in the forest to play.

If I called, he would come right away. I wonder if he will become independent soon. Mother is sad.

I ride on Ryuu’s back. A week after his birth, he’s been able to carry me since. Right now, I fly without using a saddle. But me being too excited about flying in the sky, I fell from his back.

Unfortunately, with my body hitting the ground, my clothes didn’t survive was torn. Furthermore, he made a crater in the schoolyard, and Patrick gave me a good scolding.

And I tried to lighten his mood by offering to fly with Ryuu. But when I did that, he told me to make a saddle that can be used for riding Ryuu. Also, I was forbidden to fly with Ryuu until I got the saddle.

I’ve been getting various help from Patrick that I can’t easily refuse him. As a result, for the past week, I’ve been hiding from him and enjoy traveling in the air.

I had thought of making a saddle to fly, but Ryuu is still steadily getting bigger. If I make the saddle to accommodate his body right now, by the time it will be finished; it won’t fit anymore.

Having the same worries as growing children’s parents, I had to wait until Ryuu’s growth slows down.

When I finished ordering the saddle at the craftsman district, I decided to leave the capital and return to the academy.

As I walked along the street, lined with restaurants, a man walked along with me and spoke to me. Was he trying to flirt with me?

「Please don’t answer me. I just need you to listen to me. I’m an agent of the Remrest Kingdom. I have something to say to you.

If you’re willing to listen, please go ahead and enter the restaurant on the right. The two-story restaurant with the red roof. 」

Um, I know it, he isn’t going to flirt with me. After he said that, the man just leaves me alone.

But what do we do now? Remrest Kingdom is the name of a neighboring country. Their location is sharing the border with Patrick’s hometown.

Although I was expecting a hypothetical agent to come in contact with me, it was too late. Is there something going on, or is this a scouting attempt?

My curiosity outweighs the danger, so I decided to enter the designated restaurant.

Even if it was in the downtown area, the place looked like a luxurious restaurant. It feels like a place where nobles can visit incognito.

When I entered the restaurant, the employee showed me the inside room on the second floor. I can feel a little spirited having this private talk.

There’s a man already waiting inside the room.

「Yumiela-san. Thank you for coming here today. I’m from Remrest, and you can call me Linus. 」

Linus looked like an ordinary man. There’s nothing special with his appearance. He’s offering me a seat and gave me the menu.

「Here’s the menu. Please select what you would like to order. 」

I’m going to order without hesitation since it looks like he’s going to treat me. I’m not short on money since I sell the raw materials from monsters, but since I had a big child, it is better to be frugal.

「Then, I’ll have Tripe stew. 」

If it’s a stew, it will come out right away since they’d likely have made it. It’s the perfect menu choice.

「Ha-hai. Please wait a moment. 」

When the employee leaves the room with my order, his behavior suddenly became suspicious. What is it about? Are you going to eat stew or something?

「The usual cake, please. 」

He whispered outside the door. Ah, I see, this will be hard for me.

Itadakimasu. Ah, I’m listening, you can start talking. 」

While eating my stew, I was having a private conversation with the neighboring’s agent. No, I don’t think this is the case.

The atmosphere is relaxing, Linus begins to talk.

「Well, where do we start this…

I was an agent that stays in the Balshine Kingdom’s royal capital. And there are several other people, including those who spoke to Yumiela-san.

We know and began following Yumiela-san since entering the academy. We’ve been gathering information and research your personality. 」

Researched… You made it sound like I’m a new creature or something.

「As a result, we’ve concluded that it will be difficult to invite you to our country. You also have no interest in court rank and fortune.

If for some reason Yumiela-san would leave the country, there is no reason to come to the nearby Remrest Kingdom. 」

So, why didn’t you try to get hold of me earlier? What’s your excuse for contacting me right now?

「However, we have some disagreement with our superior. And some nobles started to get in between. We couldn’t keep up with the dragon, while people from our kingdom began to give to their outside company… 」

The second half of Linus’s story sounds like he was complaining about his job.

「Etto, how is it going? 」

Since I don’t know how to respond, I’ll just say something.

「Please hear me out. Won’t you come to Remrest Kingdom? We will prepare everything we can. 」

「And what is the price that I’ve to pay for that? 」

「Probably joining the army. 」

If it’s joining the army, then I’ll be an enemy of this kingdom? Moreover, Patrick’s hometown likely becomes the battlefield.

「I refuse. 」

「Right. 」

He seemed already expected what’s my answer is, and I can’t see any sign of disappointment from him.

I was on my guard hearing the offer from the neighboring kingdom’s intelligence agent, whether it will be something unexpected or below my expectations.

Somehow, I felt sorry for Linus; in a sense, his job is a success.

「Just out of curiosity, can I ask a question? 」

Linus’s main question seems to be over, but he seems to have another question.

「What is it? 」

「The reason why Yumiela-san is staying in this kingdom. We were expecting that you go somewhere far away within half a year. And the discrimination against a black-haired person in this kingdom is particularly harsh. 」

That’s probably true. After entering the academy, I intended to live somewhere in a distant kingdom, hiding my status. However, in the middle of my search for a faraway kingdom, there was outdoor training at the academy.

And I met him there.

Meeting him was an accident, even if he only talks to me because he’s sorry.

「I’m staying in this kingdom to defeat the Demon King. Because it’s a global crisis. 」

That’s a blatant lie. If you know that I care about someone, he might become a hostage.

「Eh, isn’t the Demon King only attack this kingdom? 」

Is the Demon King only targeting the Balshine Kingdom? I’ve never heard of it either.

His Majesty and the Principal seem to know something about the Demon King, did you think they know about this too? But it’s also possible what Linus said is wrong.

「What does that mean… Oh, looks like I’m out of the time. 」

I was trying to ask Linus, but it doesn’t seem we have enough time.

I heard someone was about to break into this restaurant. It sounds like the soldiers from the Balshine Kingdom. That was expected, this kingdom also seems to have their agent shadowing me.

「Out of the time? 」

「Someone is coming into this restaurant. The back door seems to have been guarded. I think you can escape if you walk around the roof from the window. 」

Linus immediately moved when he heard that. And I followed him jumping out of the window.

「Thank you very much. I’ll never forget your kindness and generosity. 」

I still wanted to hear about the Demon King, but I don’t want to see him anymore…

But I realized something. Linus’ question brought me to understand how I felt about him.

I think I like Patrick.

t/n: sorry for the late update! getting sick in this trying times is sux

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