Vol. 1 Chapter 13: The dragon egg

When the long spring break ends, I’ll be in my second grade.

On the first day of the new school term, I’m holding on a big egg as I look around.

「It’s been a while Yumiela, eh… what is that? 」

「This is my child. I gave birth to them. 」

「Uh, with whom… wait, are you joking? 」

After a long time we didn’t see each other, I heard him asking about the dragon egg. He seemed to take my joke seriously for a moment before grabbing my shoulder with his hands and asking the question. I never expected him to be this flustered.

「It’s a dragon egg; I got it a while ago on vacation. 」

「Wait, I don’t think you can get a dragon egg… . Are you going to hatch it? 」

「That’s my plan, I need to talk to his Majesty, though. 」

As for the joke, it’s not wrong saying the egg is my child. Dragon hatched their laid eggs by feeding them with magic.

The more you feed it with magic, the stronger it will be when it finally hatched. The parents ate their food in a perfunctory manner and continued to supply them with magic. Just like what happened in Monford territory, the dragons attacking the livestock, something that they normally didn’t do.

The hatched child will recognize the person who feeds them the most like their parents, even if their parents are from a different race.

In other words, if a human managed to hatch a dragon egg, the hatched child will recognize the human as a parent. Among the monsters that are said to be never get tamed by a human, the only one that had potential been a dragon.

However, it’s challenging to obtain a dragon as a familiar. Even if you can get a dragon egg in your hands, feeding the egg with more magic than the original parents are not something that you can do. The proof is that the Kingdom of Balshine only had two dragons.

In the game, Alicia’s magic influenced the hatched dragon to become a light-type dragon. The dragon will grow up enough to be able to fly with party members.

Yeah, this is the event that I get thrust into; in the RPG, this is an event that brings up familiar transportation modes. I don’t think there will be a restriction that I can only go to the place I’ve been to like in the game, and this sounds very attractive to me.

Also, I want to fly, and it will be useful for traveling, and if anything happens, it will help me to escape.

「Even so, how should I say this… please do it moderately, it feels ominous. 」

Patrick said his impression about the egg, but saying it ominous is awful.

Sure, I worried that the egg would explode when I feed my magic into it, especially when it turns pitch black because of my dark magic, and the surrounding can feel the oppressive air.

「Don’t say nasty things to my child. My child is adorable… 」

I said that as I hugged the egg tightly in my arms.

At first, I thought the dragon would be a useful taxi, but as I carried it around with me during my long break, I gradually become attached to it. This child will be born from my magic, it’s like my child, and I have no intention of mistreating them like a monster.

「Adorable? 」

「Yeah, I’m sure they will be born into an adorable dragon. That’s right; I have to think about their name. 」

「Is that so? Are you attempting to create the world’s strongest dragon? 」

He shrugs off, what is he talking about?

「It’s my child, of course, it will become the world’s strongest dragon. 」

「…Aah, I see. I hope it will hatch safely. 」

He said that with a tired expression on his face before it went away.

It was the expression I often saw on his face when I did something, and he tried to point it out to me. Did I say something with lacking common sense without realizing it?

After that, I was recognized by the freshman as someone dangerous who carried egg around the academy. From time to time, I noticed the egg was moving. I thought it was about time, and perhaps the egg will hatch today or tomorrow.

I called Patrick to share this emotional moment.

「Please come in. Come to think of it; this is the first time I invited someone to my room. 」

「E-excuse me. 」

Patrick entered my room, looking shaken. Are you feeling shy about entering a girl’s room? No, I don’t think I was treated like a girl either.

We watched the egg while chatting about what happened over the break. However, just when I was about to give up the idea that the egg might not hatch today since it was already late, there’s some movement from the egg.

As the egg began to shake, little by little, the shell cracks.

「D-do your best! 」

As I cheered the egg, the movement became intense, and black hands burst out from inside.

「Finally! It’s here, Patrick! 」

I threw a fleeting glance at Patrick; he looks quiet but full of resolution. What makes you look so serious in the birth of my child?

It happened so quickly after I saw the hands. The dragon child broke through the egg and crawled out.

It seemed the child left a deep impression on Patrick when he said this in a worried tone.

「Ah—, I know Yumiela is expecting an adorable dragon, but… not that I’m saying Yumiela’s child is ugly, but it’s cool in a terrifying way. So— 」

Patrick said my child is cool, but for me, it’s…

「Cute! 」

What a lovely child! It’s about the size of a middle-sized dog, with a big mouth and big eyes, there’s even a sense of divinity in their figure. The color of the body is as black as my hair and eyes. A child that resembled their parent.

「If Yumiela thinks it’s cute; then it’s alright… I must admit they look divine. 」

Patrick seemed to say something, but I just gather my child and embrace them. The baby dragon’s face is buried in my chest, purring their throat like a cat.

「Patrick! It’s purring like a cat. 」

「But it sounds like a growl… 」

While stroking the small dragon’s throat gently, I thought about their name. I’ve been trying to find them a name but haven’t found the best one.  

「Your name is… um, Dragon… Ryuu… 」

「Doesn’t Ryuu sounds good? 」

「Eh, Ryuu… is that so? 」

He suggested a good idea. It’s easy naming the dragon Ryuu. There was no word Ryuu in this world, so it must have been what he heard.

I liked how Ryuu sounds. I don’t know how to tell the sex of a dragon, but I felt like he was a boy, so it’s kind of suit him.

「Ryuu… your name is Ryuu. 」

As if he can understand the words I’m saying, Ryuu gave a breath, roaring delightfully. When he aimed the fire breath at my face, I shake it off with my hand. I will harden my heart to train him.

「Ryuu, you can’t breathe fire inside the room, okay? 」

Ryuu roared again, but he didn’t breathe fire from his mouth anymore. What a clever boy! However, a black laser appeared from his eyes, and I twisted my neck, trying to dodge it.

「Hey, you can’t do that. Oh, Patrick, I need to put Ryuu to sleep, so that’s it for today. 」

「Oi, are you going to keep him in your room? 」

Before I noticed, Patrick already shrunk himself to the corner of the room. Is he the type of person who was terrible at interaction with animals?

「Of course, we are going to sleep together until he grows up. 」

Sooner or later, he won’t fit in the room anymore, and I will think about the rest after Ryuu has grown.

「Right. Stay safe, okay? Don’t die. 」

That’s what Patrick said before he left my room.

The next morning, I was awakened from the maid screams. Something happened when we were sleeping, Ryuu has grown bigger since.

They said that children grow up fast, but I never thought this fast…

First of all, I’m delighted with my children’s growth, but I had a hard time getting Ryuu out of my room.

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