Chapter 07: Where is the Basilisk?

Franbel IV POV

「Your Majesty! This is terrible news. 」

I am King Franbel IV.

I am King of Franbel Kingdom.

My subordinate’s soldier came into the chamber with his face losing colors.

「Rude! How dare you came in without knocking! 」

The Minister of Finance next to me scolds the soldier.

I dare say he’s an obstinate man.

Judging from the soldier’s appearance, there’s an emergency that he forgets about manners.

「Good. What just happened? 」

「Hah… According to the adventurer, they encountered the Basilisk in the Franbel Forest! 」

「What did you say?! 」


The legend said that the snake caused the ancient city’s downfall once.

Death for those who saw their reflection in the Basilisk’s eyes.

And saying that kind of monster is in a forest near the capital!

「Are you sure about this information? 」

「Several adventurers died by the power of the snake’s eyes!

And we all can agree on one thing, the Basilisk is a dangerous monster! 」

Everyone here who heard him, including me, turned pale.

If it entered the capital, I can’t even imagine the damage it will cause.

「Hmm……Order an emergency quest from the adventurer’s guild.

We are going on Basilisk subjugation.

The reward is 100 million G (Gold). 」

I prepared the official document sealed with the royal seal and gave it to the soldier.

「I will immediately report to the adventurer guild! 」

Before he leaves, the soldier didn’t forget to convey his gratitude.

「Your Majesty, why not telling the heroes to subjugate the snake? 」

「Minister, I know they are powerful, but they simply didn’t have the combat experience needed in the battle.

I won’t send them to an early death for subjugating the Basilisk. 」

「Right…… 」

The search conducted by the adventurer guild lasted for two days.

However, they couldn’t find the Basilisk when they were looking out in the forest.

Perhaps the snake already went somewhere else. Just in case, let’s warn the towns and villages nearby to be vigilant.

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