Chapter 04: Super elderly

Caution: insectivore.

It’s dark in the forest.

The trees grow in a wild manner and little maintenance.

I wonder if there’s anything to consume.

I climbed up to the tree trunk, looking round.

……my jump is 4m high, even this is unusual for a cat.

Well, well.

Leaving that aside, it’s time to eat.

Is that mugwort grass?

No, it looks like aconite.


『I used 【Appraisal Lv100】 skill 』



Appraisal Results

Name: Dangerous Poisonous Plant

Description: Plants that produce lethal poison in their roots.

There are some cases where an amateur who picked it thinking it was edible wild plants.

It is also used in poisoned arrows.


If I observed the plant, a VR-like display appears in my vision.

Hmm? Skill? What’s that for?

『I used 【Appraisal Lv100】 skill 』

It showed that display.

This user is me, right?

Skill is an ability or skill in Japanese language.

Assuming that I have a skill called 【Appraisal Lv100】.

……I don’t really get what it means.

It says “Lv100”, as if it was a game.

I look at my front paws, trying to get the hang of it.


Appraisal Results

Name: Tomita Minamoto

LV: 1 (20 years old)

Race: Cat

Skill: 【Appraisal Lv100】【Four-dimensional Space Lv100】

【EXP 100x】【Learning Lv100】


HP 1,370/1,370 MP1,020/1,022

ATK231 DEF264 MAT355 MDF240 SPD397 INT256 LUK101

An orange tabby cat that has been transmigrated to another world. He was initially a human.

It has the strength and resistance of a dragon.


My appraisal results came out.

My real name when I was alive is Tomita Minamoto.

It’s written in kanji like 源富太.

And it seems that I’m back in my twenties again.

My original age was 41, and I returned to my youth.

It’s really happened.

……Wait? Isn’t cat living span around ten years?

Am I an elderly cat? Was I going to die soon?


It doesn’t matter, what’s important is that I live.

Specifically, what kind of food will I eat tonight?

My eyes find a grasshopper in the shadow of the grass.


Appraisal Results

Lv: 2 (0 years old)

Race: Lesser Hopper

Skill: None


HP 6/6 MP1/1


An ordinary grasshopper.


Leaping from the trunk, I aimed at the grasshopper.

And bites.

Insects are a staple food for stray cats.

It’s okay for them to eat it.

It tasted like shrimp.

Why don’t humans eat it? Because there is dangerous parasites in raw insects.

If you want to eat it, at least you have to grill it first before eating.

I had eaten about ten grasshoppers before I feel satisfied. After that, I went inside a fallen tree’s hole and curled up.

Good night.

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