Chapter 20: Get out

I was wondering what to do with the forest clearing area and decided to help the boy and girl I had seen at the castle earlier who had been attacked by something.

「Nyaa—(『Shine on darkness. Lightning 』)」


The lightning strikes.

「Ahh~?! 」

The lightning strikes the long-eared blonde girl.

It doesn’t seem to be a very effective one, but that’s okay.

I collected the three of them into my Four-dimensional Space and decided to flee.

「Aaah~! Please wait~! 」

The blonde is going to come after me, but alas, this is my territory.

I used the animal trail, tree tops and under the fallen trees to move freely.

Then we entered the town and sneaked into the castle.

This place has too much security.

I find a place that looks like the Medical Office and put the three of them there.

A man who looks like a medic said, 『Heal him. Lesser Heal. 』

I was chanting, so I’m sure they will manage.

I decided to go back to the forest, cut down some trees and store them in the Four-dimensional Space and return to the treehouse.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

「Welcome home~! 」

「Nyaa—(What are you doing here? )」

Inside my treehouse, I saw the blonde girl from earlier.

「I wasn’t expecting to find Nyanko-san’s house~ 」

I take a piece of wood and process it into a board and write the words, 『Go home』 on it.

「Aaa~ you can understand the letters~!

That’s so wonderful~!

You’re going to be a great souvenir for Maou-sama~ 」

The blonde girl reaches out her hand to secure me.

I avoid her.



A standoff between the two parties ensues.

「Nyanko-san, you can use Four-dimensional Space magic~.

If the humans find out about you, I’m sure people will try to exploit you~ 」


「I’m sure Maou-sama won’t make your life harder~.

To hell with humans~.

Would you like to come with me~? 」

I write 『No』.

「That such a shame~ 」

She rolls to the floor, “Oh dear,” she says.

I pointed out the words 『Go home』 to her.

「It’s already night~

Please let me stay over for the night~ 」

Once again, I pointed at the word 『No』.

But she wouldn’t budge.

I don’t know anymore.

I decided to start building the wall.

Taking out the wood, work it into a board, punch a small hole and thread a string through it and tie it to a post.

I was having a hard time tying up the strings,

「Let me help~ 」

The blonde girl took over the task of tying them up.

Thanks to this, it took less than 30 minutes to build the wall.

Lastly, I cut a large hole in the wall and put the door on.

There is no hinge, so I use a string.

Finished. Oh, this confinement is wonderful.

It’s so much more relaxing~

「It’s totally dark~ 」

「Nyaa—(『Shine on darkness. Light 』)」

I decided to turn on the light.

「Waa~ thank you~ 」

She seemed to be writing something.

I decided to go to sleep.


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