Chapter 19: Raid

Hero’s POV

We were finally allowed to train out in the woods.

My name is Takanashi Yuu.

I have the cheat ability called 【Holy Sword Lv30】.

With that ability I can take the sword of light out of my hand.

I don’t even care if you’re the Demon King or what, but I’m going to use my ability to beat you to a pulp.

Of course, I’ll make a harem on the way!

「What are you grinning about, it’s disgusting. 」

This brown-haired woman is Anzawa Miya.

Her cheat ability is 【Presence Detection Lv20】

She’s real pretty, but it’s disappointing since she’s foul-mouthed.

It’s such a shame that I can’t sway her.

「…You’re both annoying. 」

This small, white-haired man is Katori Shuugo.

I don’t know what he’s thinking.

His cheat ability is 【Hypnotic Magic Lv25】

Which of course, didn’t work on me.

Because I’m a hero.

Think about how I feel about being entrusted with exploring the forest with two people with useless abilities in this battle.

These two guys are small fry. They’re not worth it.

I hope that they die quickly.

Hmm, it looks like we’re deep in the woods.

「This time we’re only going to pick 20 forest herbs, so let’s get this over with. 」

「You’re just a small fry, don’t act like you’re in charge. 」

The reason we’re here deep in the forest is that adventurers have collected the herbs in the shallow areas.

They’re too careless.

They’re an idiot.

「Aww, if only the basilisk had lived, I would have hunted it in all its glory and become the town’s hero. 」

While saying that, I hunted a wild boar that attacked me.

The two guys behind me are really useless.

Despite having teammates with a support-oriented cheat ability, they don’t support me.

They are too incompetent.

「This time the objective isn’t to subjugate them.

What you are doing is going to destroy the ecosystem. 」

「What do you know?

Don’t tell me what to do, you poser. 」

It really pisses me off that I’m being treated like these guys.

I should have been given a bigger role.

Let’s defeat the Demon King soon… eh?

Are there arrows sticking out of my chest?

「Ara~? The heroes aren’t as strong as I thought they were~ 」

I heard a woman’s voice.

It’s coming up from the other side for about 100 meters.

「Weren’t the heroes who defeated the basilisk~? 」

「Who are you?! 」

「…Damn it, the hypnosis spell doesn’t work. 」

The one who appeared was a blonde elf with long ears.

And then she shoots arrows at the two others.

「Well, that’s fine~ let’s take the hero’s corpse to the king as a souvenir~.

It’s a great way to promote the Demon King~ 」

So, she is the Demon King’s subordinate.

What a despicable woman to shoot arrows from a place I didn’t even notice.

The bleeding from where the arrow was shot did not stop.

The other two have already passed out except for me.

I can’t hold out for long either.

「Well, it’s too heavy to bring them all together, so let’s just cut off their heads~ 」

The woman approaches us.

It’s not looking good. I’m losing consciousness.

「Nyaa—(『Shine on the darkness. Lightning 』)」

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Hero’s POV

I woke up in the castle infirmary.

The person who appeared to be a medical officer cast the antidote spell diligently, and when I woke up, he gave me the antidote and a potion to drink.

Those two guys were drinking potions, just like me.

「…What about the woman? 」

I ask the medic.

「Who the hell are you talking about? 」

「She was a fiendish blonde elf who attacked us.

It’s probably the Demon King’s lackey. 」

「What?! Have you fought with the Demon King’s follower?! 」

According to the medic, we showed up in the infirmary out of nowhere.

They were able to treat us in a hurry and we managed to get out of it.

「I’m sure we’ve all been rescued by someone. 」

「…Thanks. 」

「Shut up, you useless bastards. 」

Someone in the woods helped us, huh?

The person who hunted the basilisk may be still in the forest,

Did they save us? ….No way.

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