Chapter 17: New Home

My tent’s skin has been stolen.

But it’s my fault for building a house using something that could be stolen.

Basilisk skin is a good material that would fetch for a good price.

From their perspective, it was probably like finding a fat wallet on the side of the road.

Next time, let’s build a house using less expensive material.

Now, let’s move our base camp.

This place seems to be spotted by humans, so let’s establish a new base deeper in the forest.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

I finished walking around and found the place that looked right when the sun was already setting.

I take the tree out of my Four-dimensional Space.

「Nya—(『Shine on darkness. Light. 』)」

It’s handy to have lighting available.

I had been working on the tree in the light.

There are not enough trees that I have on hand, so I’ll use some that are growing around.

… .

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

This is it!

I built a treehouse.

First, I’m building a covered raft on the ground. After I finished it, I stored it in my Four-dimensional Space then I climbed a tree and took it out. I placed the raft on a thick branch and secured it in place.

This way, however, it won’t be tampered by humans.

The house is somewhat flawed, being exposed to the wind, but that can be improved in the future.

I’m going to curl up in my new home.

Good night.

t/n: also thank you for kittensnips for the huge kofis ;;w;;

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